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Factbook: Han-Jagan Corporation

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A. Introduction

"To make this stuff as concrete as possible, we purchase all of the products from the factories that we're talking about. This shirt sells for $14.99, and the women who made this shirt got paid $0.03. Corgofire jackets, made in El Salvador. The jackets cost $178 dollars, and the workers were paid $0.74 for every jacket they made. Alpine car stereos, $0.31 an hour. It's not just sneakers. It's not just apparel. It's everything. Let's look at it from a different point of view. Let's look at from the point of view of the people of Bangladesh who are starving to death. The people in China who are starving to death, and the only thing that they have to offer to anybody that is worth anything is their low cost labour. And, in effect, what they're saying to the world is they have this big flag that says, 'Come over and hire us. We will work for $0.10 an hour. Because $0.10 an hour will buy us the rice that we need not to starve. And come and rescue us from our circumstance.' And so when Hun-Jagan Corporation comes in they are regarded by everybody in the community as an enormous godsend. " CEO Michael Bile, Hun-Jagan Corp.

Ladies and gentlemen! Please look at those statistics over there. That's right: 387,871% more profits than last year. You ask us how we did it. I answer: efficient management! Love for our top-quality products. Love towards the customer! The more profit we generate the cheaper we can offer them. The more we sell, the more we can research. The more we research the more we can offer. Ladies and gentlemen: Han-Jagan understood how to take another step in economic evolution. We have 5 million employees, offer 1,451,963 different products and have 3,190 scientific projects running. Han-Jagan is stable, growing and independent from any national laws. Han-Jagan is efficient. Han-Jagan is your friend!


"Geography? Geography! Ha! Of course we have our headquarters somewhere. But we'd be weak if we didn't have embassies and centers all around the world. We'd be stupid if we couldn't offer Arabs the finest sand, or Eskimos the newest ice, right were they are. Our network is vast, incorporating many states and growing! Growing, my dear customer: growing. Growing right into your door to provide you with quality-products! Maybe you are even lucky enough to work for us! Our security guards are still recruiting... yes... right there you sign. And there. And there. Welcome at Han-Jagan, officer!" Elrond Flember, Human Resources


"One day in the Dominican Republic we found a big pile of Han-Jagans' internal pricing documents. Han-Jagan assigns a timeframe to each operation. They don't talk about minutes. They break the timeframe into ten thousandths of a second. You get to the bottom of all 22 operations; they give the workers 6.6 minutes to make the hovertank. It's $0.70 an hour in the Dominican Republic. 6.6 minutes equals $0.08. These are Han-Jagan's documents. That means the wages come to six tenths of one percent of the retail price. This is the reality. It's the science of exploitation." some dim-wit concerned sociology-guy working for some communistic backward government.

Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.

Ambrose Bierce


Found in 2031 by the families Han and Jagan.
Still growing in 2056...


"Its not like we have a military... we just are concerned about the safety of our employees! You see? We need security-guards. Sign here to become one... right there, sir." Elrond Flember, Human Resources


-360 bodyguards
-3k Special Forces
-15k Han-Jagan Corps
-20k "Militia" (contracted mercenaries)
-35k Military Police (mainly for Foreign Affairs)
-130k Security personnel

-9k light tanks
-4k medium tanks
-500 heavy tanks

-1k battle helicopters
-130 fighters
-20 bombers

-several security drones

around 1k other supporting vehicles

Han-Jagans security is 2/3 robotic:
-Flying Saucers
-anti-aircraft/anti-rocket/anti-tank/anti-employ...*cough*soldier systems


In the grim dark future of the wall street... there is a near omniscient, omnipotent, interstellar empire. A business empire. Han-Jagan, after developing inter-stellar warpdrivers secured a strong position in the conquest of stars. Its priority, true to their culture: PROFITS
-1st Interstellar Strike-Force
-2nd Interstellar Strike-Force
-3rd Interstellar Strike-Force
-4th Interstellar Strike-Force
-5th Interstellar Strike-Force

-Znundi Armada
-Jagan Armada
-Hun Armada
-Cenit Armada
-Opus Ipsum Armada
-Ferinehghi Armada

Complete List of Starships (Classes larger than corvettes)
-3x Worldships
-14x Star Usurper
-150 Battleships
-500 Frigates and corvettes

Several hundred space-stations
Hundreds of thousands of mechs, near indefinite amounts of soldiers, tanks, aircrafts,...
It is a vast, decentralized empire... and it needs YOUR money!

And tomorrow YOU!

Government Structure and Political Structure

A corporation is organized as a system - it has this department, that department, that department... they don't have any meaning separately; they only can function together. And also the body is a system. Society is a system in some sense. And so on.
David Bohm

People and Population

"We're predators. It about competition, it's about market share, it's about being aggressive, it's about shareholder value. What is your stock at today? If you're a CEO, do you think your shareholders really care whether you're Billy Buttercup or not? Do you think that they really would prefer you to be a nice guy? Over having money in their pocket? I don't think so. I think people want money. That's the bottom line. " Tzunden Ho, Director of Internal Affairs


Newest products and internal happenings:

[OOC: a puppet nation of Nexodus Calx, yet ingame independent- they don't even know of each others existence]
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Factbook: you are interested- I think the satiric factbook is quite condensed and worth a read

"Do whatever you have to do, set fire to some more oil wells, because the price is going to go higher."

Recently regarding the daily issues: "(...)Hun-Jagan Corporation should take a more active, and by 'active' I mean 'hostile', role in international politics! This ethnic squabbling will be over when the war is over, and WE can end that war and purge the impure! Producing more sophisticated products today!! Sieg Hun-Jagan Corporation!"lolwat?

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