FACTBOOK: The Theocracy of Ultbrechen

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FACTBOOK: The Theocracy of Ultbrechen

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the Theocracy of Ultbrechen! A nation devout and pure! A nation isolated from others for ages! A nation that spied on other nations, that was involved at black markets and which extorted companies to acquire newest technology. A nation controlled by warriors. A nation progressed by scientists. A nation stranger than many others. And a nation that now has awoken... prepared for another great conquest!


A picture says more than a thousand words:
A barren, cold and inhospitable land somewhere in the northern parts of Siberia- perfect to train the hardest and most devout men of all.


The Order of Ultbrechen was powerful and even richer when it settled. Yet it was difficult to extract additional resources from its barren territory. "Self Sufficiency!" was their dictum and thus invested large amounts of money for technologies and advanced methods to secure water, food and other basic resources. The largest part of the market is controlled by the Inner Circle, the government. Compared to other nations the Ultbrechens' economic structures are rather inefficient. Nothing that a few pillages couldn't fix, of course.


***to be continued***
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Every citizen man and female must complete a two year compulsory military service. Both males and females are eligible to serve the Guard and the Knight Order, if knighted.

The Order: [high-end technology Special Forces that have to be knighted]
-15k Knights
-7k Quest Knights (Surgical Strikes, Specialist Squads, Guerilla Warfare)
-4k Templars (Death before Dishonour, Heavy Support)
-1k Knights of the Inner Circle (classified)

The Guard [Professional Soldiers and Militia]
-175k Guardsmen
-35k Squires
-up to 750,000 Militia Forces. Only available for defence and a certain time.

Vehicular equipment:
-5k Battle Bikes (only Knights)
-3k Grünewald Light Tanks, varied versions (Only Knights)
-12k light tanks
-9k varied medium battle tanks
-21 Extinguisher class, Heavy Tanks (Only Knights)
-38 Heavy Tanks

-190 Battle Helicopters
-125 Fighters
-35 Bombers
-960 Hovercopters

-15 Frigates
-6 Destroyers
-4 Battleships
-2 carriers
-1 Superheavy Battlecarrier

-around 3k of robotic or obscure other warmachines
-10 military/spy satellites

9 nuclear warheads
The Ultbrechen territory is branded by trenches, mine fields, hidden outposts and large bunker systems. The Knight order is proud to maintain a massive networl of anti-rocket and anti-aircraft gun-platforms across the country. It is nearly impossible to enter the isolationist nation without them noticing.

News: Due to the Holy Crusade doctrine Ultbrechen now employs a new military sub-group: The Ecclesiastic Guard
-34k Ecclesiastic Guardsmen
-5k Ecclesiastic Hazard Control Police and Strike-Teams (EHCP and EST)
-11k Ecclesiastic Zealots (Elite Force of the EG)
-16k men of armed, independent flagellate cults
the vehicular equipment is proportional to their armed forces.

Government Structure and Political Structure

The Theocracy of Ultbrechen is controlled by the 1000 Knights of the Inner Circle, who are now -per new legislation- re-cloned and trained from child. Although frowned upon, it is allowed for Inner Circle knights to have children. Those "real" children will automatically be trained and knighted (Exceptions possible). The last word and total control has, however, the Master of the Order: Mederius.

Thanks to their technology-trades and their own intricate research-sector, the Order has newest, near-futuristic technology, including AIs and cloning pods. Mederius himself is older than any other in the country- being kept alive by a biocybernetic system; in a cage that refreshes his cells and his cranial glands. Together with a police-state like control and direct man-machine communications with large AI systems Mederius' megalomaniac ideas of a theocratic empire may come true...

Plebeians have no political effects whatsoever.

People and Population

The people of Ultbrechen are devout, hardworking and compassionate. They experience a satisfactory lifestyle of hard work and community, as well as culture and education. Those however who do not want to follow the doctrines of the Knights have it difficult and experience the governing as oppressive and controlled by a psychotic dictator. Many hope to be knighted someday. They love tales of heroic acts.


[still in construction]

-Ultbrechen vassaled parts of Al-Assad
-Ultbrechen declares war to the Dystopian Empire of Japan
-Ultbrechen increases its military forces by instroducing the Holy Crusade doctrines. The Ecclesiastic Guard is now a branch of the military.
-Ultbrechen has around 300,000 armed and trained soldiers ready that are accompanied by a proportionate amount of robotic and vehicular forces.
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