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Hamilay Embassy Program

Postby Hamilay » Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:03 am

Please only apply here if you roleplay on the II forums. Roleplaying well on the II forums would also be a plus.


For the purpose of establishing peaceful international relations with the world community, the Federal Republic of Hamilay, after a long hiatus, is revitalising its official embassy exchange program. All nations are invited to establish embassies in Hamilay, and we ask if we may reciprocate in kind by establishing Hamilayan embassies in your capital.

Embassies will be established in our capital of Sayenna, the largest and arguably the most vibrant city in the Federal Republic. In the geographical and cultural heart of Hamilay, and with a growing population of over 120 million people, the capital offers innumerable services for foreign diplomats (and tourists), with two international airports, as well as three more airports for domestic flights only. In the Government District, where Embassy Row and other foreign embassies are located, the Presidential Palace, Houses of Parliament and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are within walking distance, as well as extensive public transport and area security provided by the most elite unit in Hamilay, the 1st Rifle Division (President's Guards). The main Central Business District of Sayenna directly borders the Government District to the north, with the foreshore of the Sayen River to the south.

A map of the embassy area and plot numbers of embassies is shown below. Buildings of note are in blue, public transportation (subways) in red and grassed areas and water features in green and light blue respectively. Note there is also a monorail line running through the Ministry of Health tower at the north edge of the map, which goes through the CBD and areas of Sayenna north of the river. The Parliament-Chancellery building is located to the west.


The following terms and conditions apply;

1. All standard rights of diplomatic immunity for ambassadors and embassy personnel will be granted as outlined in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

2. As per general international consensus, embassies remain sovereign territory of their home country, although are subject to the terms outlined here.

3. The ratio of non-combat embassy staff to embassy security personnel is to be no lower than 4:3. The maximum number of security personnel permitted is 40.

4. (i) Security personnel are permitted to be armed with a sidearm, a service or ceremonial rifle, a ceremonial melee weapon and a submachine gun/personal defence weapon per person.

(ii) With regards to heavier equipment, only rifle grenade launchers and light machine guns (of no greater than standard rifle calibre) are permitted, the total number of which is not to exceed 5. No other heavy weapons are permitted.

(iii) Explosives are prohibited other than grenades designed either for throwing or to be fired out of a rifle grenade launcher.

(iv) The total number of firearms on embassy grounds is not to exceed the number of embassy personnel.

5. The number of vehicles maintained by the embassy is restricted to four ground vehicles which may be armoured and armed with machine guns or grenade launchers, and two transport helicopters, which may both be armed with machine guns only. In addition, one fixed-wing aircraft may be maintained at Sayenna International Airport. The maximum strength of armour on embassy vehicles is not to be able to stop 20mm cannon rounds or heavier weapons. There are no restrictions on the number of unmodified civilian vehicles maintained by the embassy save by local parking regulations.

6. The Federal Republic reserves the right to alter restrictions on nations deemed a security threat to Hamilay by the Federal Intelligence and Security Directorates.

Each standard embassy plot includes a walled six-level complex with automatic gates, underground parking for up to 20 vehicles, a roof garden and helipad, four elevators (two standard, one VIP elevator and one service elevator) and a private hangar at the Diplomatic Terminal of Sayenna International Airport. Nations may either opt to have the empty building and design the interior layout themselves, or have the embassy fully planned and furnished by Hamilay. If the latter is the case, the embassy will be designed as per the standard layout of Hamilayan embassies;

Roof: Helipad, rooftop garden
Fifth Floor: Office and living quarters for ambassador and family
Fourth Floor: Offices and/or living quarters for other high-ranking embassy staff
Third Floor: Offices
Second Floor: Offices and communal dining area for staff
First Floor: Barracks and armoury for security personnel
Ground Floor: Lobby area and reception
Basement: Mantainance and parking area

Embassies have been architect-designed and are furnished with the finest timber furniture in Hamilay, in addition to state-of-the-art electronic equipment. An example embassy is shown below.


All nations wishing to establish an embassy could please include the following details:

Full title of nation -
Name of ambassador -
Short biography of ambassador (optional) -
Government system -
National cultural background (optional) -
Embassy staff -
Security detail -
Equipment -
Location of embassy -
Previous relations with the Federal Republic of Hamilay -
Do you wish to have the embassy planned and furnished for you? (Y/N) -
Special requests -

All Hamilayan embassies consist of the following, and are built to the standards as outlined above.

Embassy staff - 30
Security detail - 18
Equipment - P90 PDW standard armament, AMI G128 assault rifles, FN Five-SeveN sidearm, dress swords, one armoured limousine, two LY83 Fox light utility vehicles, one UH-96 transport helicopter

Embassy Locations:
Plot 1 (1 Embassy Row) - The United Island States of AHSCA, Ambassador Azuka Namaku
Plot 2 (3 Embassy Row) - The Unified Native Commonwealth of Ok-La-Ho-Ma, Ambassador Henry Cochise
Plot 3 (5 Embassy Row) - The Free Republic of Lamoni, Ambassador Naomi Crew
Plot 4 (7 Embassy Row) - The Republic of The Indonesian states, Ambassador Calvin van der Baek
Plot 5 (9 Embassy Row) - The Federal Republic of Ustio North, Ambassador Zane Edwards
Plot 6 (11 Embassy Row) - The Republic of Ruccola, Ambassador Silvio Questanoce
Plot 7 (13 Embassy Row) - The United States of Allanea, Ambassador Josaiah Smith
Plot 8 (15 Embassy Row) - The Unitary Technocracy of Etoile Arcture, Dr. Takechiyo Koizumi
Plot 9 (17 Embassy Row) - The Kingdom of Phillippanoa, Ambassador Gustavus Läpson
Plot 10 (19 Embassy Row) - The Republic of Feiti, Ambassador Delo Ganji
Plot 11 (2 Blackwood St) - The Neo Federation of Megalithon, Ambassador Daniel Guzman
Plot 12 (4 Blackwood St) -
Plot 13 (6 Blackwood St) -
Plot 14 (8 Blackwood St) -
Plot 15 (10 Blackwood St) - The Empire of Miamoria, Ambassador Kate Hammelson
Plot 16 (12 Blackwood St) -
Plot 17 (14 Blackwood St) -
Plot 18 (16 Blackwood St) -
Plot 19 (18 Blackwood St) -
Plot 20 (20 Blackwood St) -
Plot 21 (6 Embassy Row) -
Plot 22 (4 Embassy Row) -
Plot 23 (2 Embassy Row) - The Plutocratic Shahdom of Parthia, Lord Fereydoun Foroughi
Plot 24 (5 Military Circle) - The Capitalist Paradise of McPsychoville, Brother-Captain Tomas Dellenbrant
Plot 25 (3 Ward St) - The Anarchist Confederacy of Third Spanish States, Ambassador Francisco Trent Herrera
Plot 26 (5 Ward St) -
Plot 27 (19 Ashdown Av) -
Plot 28 (44 Republic Av) -
Plot 29 (46 Republic Av) -
Plot 30 (44 Republic Av) - The United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden, Ambassador Pancrazio Oddone
Plot 31 (10 Embassy Row) -
Plot 32 (12 Embassy Row) -
Plot 33 (14 Embassy Row) -
Plot 34 (16 Embassy Row) -
Plot 35 (18 Embassy Row) -
Plot 36 (48 Republic Av) - The Principality of Northern Rangeria, Ambassador Sebó Ryti
Plot 37 (20 Ashdown Av) -
Plot 38 (22 Ashdown Av) -
Plot 39 (24 Ashdown Av) -
Plot 40 (26 Ashdown Av) -

Other areas on the attached map may be provided on request. Nations are also welcome to establish consulates in other Hamilayan cities. A basic map of the Federal Republic can be found here.

The Federal Republic of Hamilay has embassies in the following nations:
The Republic of Kanami
The Empire of Isochronous
The Principality of Northern Rangeria, Ambassador Caroline Adams
The United Island States of AHSCA, Ambassador David Marsden
The Empire of Miamoria, Ambassador Sergei Maryukhin
The Free Republic of Lamoni, Ambassador Gregory Moore
The Republic of The Indonesian states, Ambassador Emilia Lazarev
The United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden, Ambassador Edward Sereno
The Republic of Zinaire, Ambassador Jonathan Marks
The Republic of Ruccola, Ambassador James Weisel
The Federal Republic of Ustio North, Ambassador Sandra Ritter
The Unitary Technocracy of Etoile Arcture, Ambassador Michael King
The Plutocratic Shahdom of Parthia, Ambassador Peter Braun

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you in Hamilay.

The Rt. Hon. Matthew Garnett
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Federal Republic of Hamilay
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Re: Hamilay Embassy Program

Postby Feiti » Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:58 am

Full title of nation - The Republic of Feiti
Name of ambassador - Delo Ganji
Short biography of ambassador (optional) - Mr. Delo Ganji grew up on the Western Isles of Feiti with his father [professor at The Quadrant Academy] and now deceased mother [key figure in the drafting of Feitian Law]; Ganji gained 13 A grades in the High School Examination, 3 A grades in Academy Entrance Exams in Politics, Diplomacy and Government Theory, then graduated at The Academy for Diplomacy in St. Arthur's City. Ganji is currently working on diplomatic projects with minority groups in Feiti.
Government system - Democratic Socialists
National cultural background (optional) - Ganji is of human descent, raised on the Western Isles west of Feiti mainland. Speaks Feitian and fluent English.
Embassy staff - 3 Academy for Diplomacy graduates
Security detail - 2 First Academy graduates
Equipment - Security: Stunning devices, non-fatal Feiti-grade handheld tranquilizer guns
Location of embassy - No preferance
Previous relations with the Federal Republic of Hamilay - None as of yet
Do you wish to have the embassy planned and furnished for you? (Y/N) - Yes
Special requests - A Hamilayan embassy in Feiti [please see our embassy application thread]

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Re: Hamilay Embassy Program

Postby The Parthians » Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:27 am

Full title of nation - The Plutocratic Shahdom of Parthia
Name of ambassador - Lord Fereydoun Foroughi
Short biography of ambassador (optional) -

Lord Foroughi is a member of the Parthian lower aristocracy, like many other ambassadors. Born in Esfahan Parthia in 1973, he studied in the Esfahan International School, learning English, Latin, French, and graduated in 1991 with a diploma specializing in humanities. He studied afterwards at the University of Esfahan, majoring in Political Sciences and Economics, before joining the foreign services. After a brief stint as the vice-ambassador to Doomingsland, he was promoted and is to be reassigned to Hamilay as full ambassador. Lord Foroughi is currently married with three daughters.

Government system - Absolute Monarchy

National cultural background (optional) -

The majority of Parthia is Persian, as is the official language. The most commonly practiced religion is Zoroastrianism, which is also the religion of the state, but only to the extent that the Shah of Parthia is the head of the organization.

Embassy staff -

45 staffers

Security detail -

10 Foreign Ministry Armed Personnel.

Equipment -

Ten DR-83 assault rifles without grenade launchers are to be stored on embassy grounds, in case of emergency, however, all armed personnel will be issued a handgun, which will serve as their primary armament. Further security is seen as mostly irrelevant given the fact that Hamilay is considered a friendly state. Transportation will consist of two cars, and one armored car which will be used for VIP transport. In addition, there will be one helicopter for transportation.

Location of embassy -

Preferably plot 23.

Previous relations with the Federal Republic of Hamilay -

Yes, Parthia is currently a part of Gholgoth, however, no direct relations up to this point.

Do you wish to have the embassy planned and furnished for you? (Y/N) -


Special requests -

None necessary. We would like to offer grounds for an embassy in Parthia's capital of Persepolis for the construction of a Hamilayan Embassy.
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Re: Hamilay Embassy Program

Postby Phillippanoa » Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:02 am

Full title of nation - Kingdom of Phillippanoa
Name of ambassador - Gustavus Läpson
Short biography of ambassador (optional) -
Government system - Monarchy
National cultural background (optional) - Scandigreek
Embassy staff - 20
Security detail - 15
Equipment - Jericho 941, FN SCAR, tasers, pepper spray
Vehicles - 1 Eurcopter Dauphin, 5 Renault Velsatis, 4 Land Rover Wolf,
Location of embassy - Plot 9 (17 Embassy Row)
Previous relations with the Federal Republic of Hamilay - none
Do you wish to have the embassy planned and furnished for you? (Y/N) - yes
Special requests - none

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Re: Hamilay Embassy Program

Postby Hamilay » Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:51 am


To all past, current and future applicants for an embassy in the Federal Republic, please note that we have made some small changes to our security policies and others to better reflect a changing global climate and lessons learned in safeguarding the well-being of all residents of the Government District over the years. These policies will not be applied retroactively, but we would nonetheless appreciate it if all nations with embassies in the Republic cooperated with them. There is no need to inform us through these official channels on any changes you subsequently make to your security arrangements; on-site Foreign Ministry personnel will handle this. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Plutocratic Shahdom's application is gratefully accepted. We welcome the chance to strengthen relations with our Gothic friends and allies and look forward to a prosperous and friendly relationship for many years to come. An embassy will be established in Persepolis at the earliest possible opportunity. Dr. Peter Braun (PhD, Linguistics, Nat. Univ. of Hamilay) has been selected for the post of ambassador. Dr. Braun was born in Sayenna in 1963 and has served in numerous government posts, including a short time as Acting Foreign Minister during recent cabinet reshuffles. He is married, no children. We hope his appointment will be received positively in Parthia.

The Republic of Feiti's application is accepted; your embassy has been placed in plot #10, at 19 Embassy Row. Please provide a link to the proper Feitian embassy documentation so we may go about establishing a Hamilayan embassy in the Republic. We look forward to many years of friendly relations between our nations.

The Kingdom of Phillippanoa's application is accepted. We welcome Ambassador Läpson to Hamilay and are confident that the relationship between our nations will be a positive one.

The Rt. Hon. Matthew Garnett
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Federal Republic of Hamilay

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