Minrozian Imperial Military (In progress)

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Minrozian Imperial Military (In progress)

Postby Minroz » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:23 am

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Imperial Military Flag

Ancient Imperial Minrozian Army

Minrozian Imperial Territorial Armed Forces
For Emperor, God and Country, Minroz Victor

Chinese: 蒙英帝國領土部隊 (Méngyīng dìguó lǐngtǔ bùduì)
Russian: имперская территориальной Вооруженных войска (Imperskaya territorialʹnoĭ Vooruzhennyh voĭska)
Arabic: الإمبراطورية الإقليمية القوات المسلحة (alambratwryة alaqlymyة alqwat almslhة )


Fundamentally the MITF is the All-volunteer professional army which used to be the conscripted military. Historically, most native Minrozians were once nomadic warriors till early modern times to cope with industrialisation. Despite modernization effort, the importance of old warrior traditions is prevalent widespread in the Imperial society. Minrozian soldiers were reputed to be superb sharpshooters and self-restraint reflected in their ancestral warrior culture. Conditioned to be tough people, for the reason that the continental mainland and its inhospitable territories always teeming with deadly predators of various sizes to defend from.

Although military service is compulsory for the nobility and urban-born Marmarrians, in theory, for all men who attain the age of 15; women may register for duty in the medical, veterinary, and other technical services at ages as young as 14. However, a draft in Minroz has never been enforced due to huge numbers of volunteers from Minroz's tremendous population. Demobilized servicemen are carried in a ready reserve, which is reinforced by a standby reserve of veterans and by the militia.
A Imperial instructor training militias

The recruits undergo rigorous training in any environment which is dangerous than most battlefields, remarkably all recruits survive due to careful consideration of trainers and limits of the training. Its emphasis is on practiced sharpshooting, horsemanship, individual martial arts, unit tactics, formations and rotations; maintained by hard, but not overly harsh or unreasonable, discipline. However all members had to be unconditionally loyal to each other and to their superiors, and especially to their Holy Emperor and his dominions. If one soldier ran from danger in the battle, then he and his comrades from the same squad would face harsh penalty together.

Imperial soldiers undergoes CQB training

Discipline was inculcated during a traditional hunt. These hunts were the equivalent to small unit actions. Minrozian recruits would spread out everywhere, surround an entire region then drive all of the animals of all manners within that area together. The goal was to let none of the animals escape and to slaughter them all on the commanders’ order as well as practicing their combat skills and tactics. If any soldier kills any creature before the appointed time, if one allowed an animal to escape from the ring, they will be punished altogether. Thus the Minrozians were able to train, enjoy the recreation of hunting, and gather food for massive feasts all at once.
H-74 Xīniú (Rhino) MBT - staple of Minrozian battle tanks

The core principles are based on speed, flexibility and opportunism. All military campaigns were preceded by careful planning, reconnaissance and gathering of sensitive information relating to enemy territories and forces. When invading an area, the Minrozians would do all that was necessary to completely conquer/occupy the settlements.

Being spiritual descendants of their warrior ancestors, they’re expected to invoke the old glory days as the formidable Nomadic warrior empire. Citizens with military records are held in high regard in Minrozian culture, and families and clans with a long history of military service elevate themselves within Minroz society. The Minrozian Imperial Army overall is extremely highly discipline. Failure to maintain equipment and desertion without good reason in battle were punishable by lashing or court-marshalled depends on how serious the penalties are, in the past it’s punishable by death. The MITF service men and women are highly dutiful and responsible, as well as pragmatic soldiers.

All military personnel are sworn in with this common oath.
In the name of the Heavens, the all-merciful ones, Praise be to God, sovereign and master of the universe, the merciful.
My courage, loyalty, and self-sacrificing is unbounded.
My second loyalty is to the nation, my first to His Holiness the Emperor.
I vow to serve my Holy Motherland, no matter what the purpose and no matter what the cost and live the warrior values.
To serve my Emperor, is to protect the people, and to protect my comrades, His Royal subjects, no matter who they are or what they believe.
I shall love all men and women, no matter who they are or what they believe.
The enemy is the enemies of the Minrozian World Empire, by the grace of the Heavens. My enemy is my Emperor's enemy. I stand ready to vanquish them in combat.
I am a guardian of Liberty and Imperial way of life as well as faithful servant of the Heavens.
Through space and time, with God’s blessings, I am a Minrozian soldier.

Strategy and Tactics

Minrozian typical doctrine is Combined arms tactics making use of network-centric warfare and extensive support preparation in defensive and offensive warfare, the use of a proficient combat engineering branch to both set up obstacles and field fortifications in the defensive and breach such on the offensive, combines manoeuvre warfare and rapid-construction field fortification.

H-101 Battlemasters - Minroz's premier MBTs

The army are organized into strong decimal system, with a commander elected by troops. Forces under the command of the Minrozian Empire were generally highly trained, organized, and equipped for mobility and speed. Military tactics were rehearsed well in preparation and each warrior/soldier was expected to know precisely what to do from the signals or orders of the commanders, which took form in telepathy, coloured flares, hand signals, Morse code, drums, and banners. Whenever possible, Imperial commanders found the highest ground available or uses of advanced holo-technology in mobile bunkers, from which they could make tactical decisions based on the best view of the battlefield as events unfolded. In addition, keeping the high command on high ground or secret location made them easier to defend.

Minrozian soldiers under early Qing Dynasty Era

In matters of conquests, the Minrozians prefer using psychological warfare in many of their battles to inspire fear and terror to their foes, providing opportunity for the enemy to surrender and pay tribute, instead of having countries destroyed. Minrozians often practiced the feigned retreat in any forms, in order to lure the enemy to favourable positions and isolated areas; only to pivot when the enemy was drawn out, destroying them at their own leisure. Once this feigned retreat became known to the enemy, the Minrozians would extend the feigned retreat for days or weeks, to falsely convince the chasers that they were defeated and only to charge back once the enemy has their guards down or retreated back to join their main formation.

Every commanders and officers are highly trained and perform better than their regular counterparts, their strategy are usually based on teamwork and are quite well read with a thorough understanding of history and maps, with a calm demeanour, even to last minute detail. The Minrozian battlefield tactics were a combination of masterful training with excellent communication and discipline in the chaos of combat. They trained for virtually every possibility, so when it occurred, they could react accordingly, their training and discipline allowed them to fight without the need for constant supervision or rallying, which often placed commanders in dangerous positions. The Minrozians carefully scouted out and spied on their enemies or potential foe in advance.

The commanders made well-educated guesses as to the willingness of each nation/groups to aid the others, and their ability to resist alone or together. When Minrozians started conquering other people, they included former enemies to their armies if they only surrendered willingly or under a threat to be destroyed otherwise. Therefore as they expanded into other areas, their troop numbers can increase as other people are included in their conquests, which included many diverse people and species fighting under Minrozian leader.
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Every personnel receive the same training as their fellow soldiers as they’re expected to defend themselves till help arrives. Minrozian information technology being amongst the greatest providing advance communication equipment which is extremely difficult to hack or block, if their communication fails, they’ll send courier in any form such as nanobot’ messenger, anyone who is good at running and carrier birds.
Assisted by robotic technology to help the organizations’ logistics capabilities, the Minrozian armies travelled very light, and were able to live largely off the land. Their equipment included fish hooks and other tools meant to make each warrior/soldier independent of any fixed supply source. The most common food rations of the Minrozians were dried and ground meat, instant soups and curries, yak cheese and sausages. The main logistical factor limiting their advance was finding enough food and water for their provisions.

Overall Imperial logistics are professionally adequate and amplified by large supplies of emergency stockpiles.

Army departments
-Veteran Affairs
-Logistics & Acquisitions
-Combat Operations Command

Infantry Unit Size
5men - Fire team (junior NCO)
10men - 2 Fireteams - Squad (NCO)
40men - 4 Squads - Platoon (NCO/junior officer)
200men - 5 Platoons - Company (Captain)
1000men - 5 Companies - Battalion(Major)
10,000men - 10 Battalions - Regiment

Armour Unit Size
4 tanks - Platoon
20 tanks- 5 Platoon - Company
60 tanks - 3 Company - Battalion
600 tanks - 10 Companies - Regiment

5 Artillery pieces - Fire team
15 Artillery pieces- 3 Fire teams - Battery
45 Artillery pieces - 3 Platoons - Battalion
270 Artillery pieces - 6 Battalions – Regiment

6 Fighters = 1 flight
12 fighters = 2 flight = 1 squadron
72 fighters = 6 squadrons= 1 wing

6 Bombers = 1 Flight
24 Bombers = 4 Flights = 1 Squadron
48 bombers = 2 Squadrons = 1 Wing
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H-118 'Talakhulgere' (Land Raider) MBT - Upgraded S-98 Myht Fumv (Land Wolf) Main Battle Tank (DPR)
H-103 ‘Velterge’ (Wolve) Tank-LY7 Rottweiler Medium Tank (DPR)
H-104 ‘Märäl’ (Mountain Deer) Tank–LY7A1 ‘ Rottweiler’ Medium tank(DPR)
H-101 Battle Master- Improved Type-99
ZTZ-125 ‘Dà xīniú'(Big Rhino) –National Designation of AY2-1G 'Panthera Tigris' Main Battle Tank(DPR)
ZTZ-140 Gāng Chuí (Steel Hammer) MBT - License-produce of Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1M Main Battle Tank
H-74 ‘Xīniú’(Rhino) Main battle tank
Type-62G Light tank


152mm 2S19 MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer
MR-80 Yalagdakh- Copy of BM-21 WR-40 Langusta
[url=]S-300/SA series[/url]-Modified LY6 Werewolf(DPR)
AY2-E1 Armoured Howitzer (DPR)
Pnidym Cdnega (Brutal Strike) 155mm SPG(DPR)
TAC-12 155mm 45 calibre Towed Gun(DPR)
Panzerhaubitze 2E Armoured Howitzer(DPR)
KV-21 Aoyuan Self-propelled Howitzers
A4-155mm ‘Curved bow’ Self-propelled Artillery– upgraded G6-52 Rhino
Gra54 ‘Sura’ (Snowstorm)- Local-produce of LY300 Manticore MRS(DPR)


LAV-25 MGS Jeban (DPR)
AT-110 APC (DPR)
PINDAD APS-3-Fully Amphibious upgrade
AY151C Missile Ordnance Vehicle (DPR)
Bumalyd (Polecat) (DPR)
Pylg Cdyp (Back Stab) MMLS(DPR)
ZYJ-112 Tarakan
WZ-710 Yunpao APC – Improved and better protected version of the Patria AMV equipped with BMP-3 turret


Vino (Fury) Type 3 SPAAG (DPR)
LY7/222 King Shepherd AA System (DPR)

Jeeps, HMMWV, Scout Vehicle & Utility Vehicle

H14 Cargo Truck (DPR)
H18 Cargo Truck (DPR)
FS 42 Tank Hauler(DPR)
TR-02 Aykma(DPR)
GAZ-3937 Vodnik
Dnyglan LMV (DPR)
Pseudonaja Protected Mobility Vehicle
Bergepanzer 2E Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Badger Bridging Vehicle (DPR)
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Minrozian Army recruits undergo winter training

Imperial Minrozian Army/ Ground Forces of the Minrozian Empire (帝國蒙英軍隊, Dìguó Méngyīng jūnduì / 蒙英帝國地面部隊, Méngyīng dìguó dìmiàn bùduì)

Motto: “Honour and sacrifice”

Recruits undergoing sharpshooting training

Imperial Minrozian Regular Infantrymen

Territorial Regular Guardsmen in Urban Camo

Minrozian soldiers in their desert camo-uniform, posing for photo

Commonly referred as the Territorial Army or Imperial regulars, they constitute the offensive arm and the most common fighting unit in the I.T.F. The Imperial Regulars are mainstream professional combat troops in the Imperial Army account for the overwhelming majority of MITF personnel, performing their duties with pride. However their equipment is a mixture of old and new to compensate for budget savings allocated into more military technological advances, nevertheless in excellent condition the weapons they carry and well-equipped troops.

The Territorial Guards is the Defensive arm of the military charged with defending the Empire from external or internal threats and also deterrence from foreign invasions. The Territorial Guards constitute the rapid-mobilisation pool of the Imperial military. Whilst the bulk of the Regular Guards are intended to mirror and assist the Territorial Army, some specialized units serve as a reserve for the Nanjianli.

Internal Security and Quarantine Forces (內部安全和檢疫力量, Nèibù ānquán hé jiǎnyì lìliàng)
The Internal Security and Quarantine Forces or the Nanjianli is the Security and Occupational forces in the Imperial Army. They specialize in pacifying the warzone, anti-guerrilla warfare, control of civilian populations, protecting vital infrastructure and supply lines. For this purpose, the Nanjianli field specialised security divisions. They surbordinate to Khevtuul, Kheshig's State Security and Foreign Intelligence Division.

Tank Divisions

The Minrozian Tank Divisions are the pride and strength of the Imperial Army. Such divisions are heavily weighted towards tanks, with the bulk of their strength comprising main battle tanks such as the H-98 Iron Scorpion and Rhino Tank, with support from artillery elements, combat engineering vehicles and lighter vehicles to back the tanks up. Typically, Tank Divisions are used to spearhead Imperial assaults, as was the case in First and Second Iclamian War, smashing the enemy aside with their heavy armor and weapons, while the support elements and infantry come up behind the tanks, mopping up any stragglers. The strength commanded by the Minrozian tank divisions have led them to become extremely feared by soldiers of other Iclamian powers, and it is usually a great morale booster to Minrozian infantry to operate in support of an Imperial tank division, since they know that the tanks will smash any opposition out of the way.

Minrozian tank divisions can be divided into three categories; Class A divisions, which are typically the most elite divisions and spearheaders of the assault, mainly comprised of advanced H-125 “Elder Rhino” or H-118 ‘Land Raider’. These divisions, the smallest in number, are the best Minroz has to offer, crewed by the best trained and battle hardened men and women, and are at the highest level of combat readiness. Behind these are the Class B divisions, which comprise the majority of the Union's armored forces. These divisions consist primarily of H-74 Rhinos, H-98 Iron Scorpion and H-101 Battle Master with a few Land Raider tanks thrown in for good measure. When the Class A division has made the breakthrough, the Class B divisions will move to exploit it. Finally, there are the Class C divisions, which are considered the reserve. For the most part, Class C divisions are made up of outdated vehicles such as the T-72s or T-55s, and the personnel of these units are typically inexperienced servicemen with little experience in driving a vehicle.

Heavy Tank Regiment

Sometimes, the Minrozians find that even a Tank Division isn't enough. When this happens, they more often than not decide to call up a Heavy Tank Regiment, presuming such a formation is available. If one is, however, then it is one of a Minrozian commander's greatest assets.

This is illustrated in their composition; Heavy Tank Regiments are led by the mighty BG-4 Apocalypse Tanks, which with their ability to absorb ridiculous amounts of damage and keep on going symbolize the philosophy of the Heavy Tank Regiments. More so than any other formation of the Imperial Army, Heavy Tank Regiments focus on dishing out and absorbing massive shocks.
On the offensive, Heavy Tank Regiments specialize in swift and devastating frontal attacks that overwhelm with sheer firepower. Heavy armoured companies, led by Apocalypse tanks and backed up with H-118s or H-74s are often at the forefront of the assault, with the lighter vehicles and infantry elements moving up behind to support the tanks and exploit vulnerabilities in the enemy's defenses. These attacks are supported by heavy artillery support, which provide intense round the clock bombardment guided in by spotters. Well executed, such an attack will usually leave the enemy forces shattered in its wake and easy pickings for any units following behind.

Befitting their nature as elite units, Heavy Tank Regiments are crewed by the toughest, most grizzled, and experienced men and women in the Imperial Territorial Army. The commanding officers of such formations have a reputation for being extremely tough, competent commanders and are greatly respected.

One of a Heavy Tank Regiment's greatest weapons, however, is its psychological value. The sight of a house sized tank is one that can strike fear into the most professional of soldiers, and enemy commanders have sometimes overestimated the impact of such units. Having built up a formidable reputation among friends and foes alike as being invincible, Heavy Tank Regiments are known for their effects on morale, greatly disproportionate to their actual size. In one famous case, 2 entire Omaskan Armoured Divisions surrendered to the 5th Heavy Tank Regiment, during the Minroz invasion of North Omaska.

Such formations have drawbacks, however. Despite their massive propaganda value and not inconsiderable power on the battlefield, Heavy Tank Regiments cost a fortune in maintenance and gobble up fuel and ammunition. They are not numerous like their MBT cousins, and casualties from the last war have taken their toll. However, there is a large-scale program to produce a sizable army of heavy tanks.
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Minrozian Air Force (蒙英空軍, Méngyīng kōngjūn)/Minrozian Imperial Air Fleet (蒙英皇家空軍艦隊, Méngyīng huáng jiā kōngjūn jiànduì)
Motto: “Glory under the heavenly skies.”

A patrol fleet of Ifrit-class Air Cruiser

Minrozian Imperial J-27 Multirole Fighter Aircraft - National designation for local-produced Sukhoi Su-35

The Imperial Territorial Air Fleet is the aviation arm of the Imperial Military. ITAF consists of airships; fighter aircrafts, robotic drone aircrafts and island-size floating sky fortresses and etc. Minroz have many battle airships with uses of magical and scientific properties. The Minrozian Imperial Army relies heavily on the firepower of fleet of airships during their invasions and campaigns. Each fleet consists of several airships of all shapes and sizes, and is usually led by a Dreadnought Class ship. Distinctively, the Imperial Air Fleet employs the use of airborne mages, aerial witches and Jetpack troopers division, nevertheless, due to miracles of magic and science. The proud Air Fleet constantly patrol the Imperial air space willing to crush any those dare to intrude.

Storm Shadow B-1 (DPR)
Tupolev Tu-160

Fighter aircraft
Valkyrie IDS (DPR)
Z-85 Xiāohuǐ (DPR)
T-24 ‘Rajawali’ (Eagle) -Minrozian modified versions of F-22
HAD S34 “Venom''
T-27 ‘Kura’- Minrozian designation of Mikoyan MiG-35
LY910 Shadowhawk (50 units)
T-28 Keriyen (Crow) ATF– Local produces of Chimera ATF (DPR)
J-27– Minrozian modified versions of Sukhoi Su-35
J-30 ‘Mangghud’ Fighter Air Supremacy Fighter- Minrozian modified versions of YA42 'Corsaire' Air Supremacy Fighter(DPR)

Ground attack aircraft
Ba-43U - Copies of AC-130U spooky
O-20 Seresi- Local-produce A-10 Thunderbolt II
F-117 Night-hawk
S30 Sylrada (Machete) Ground Support Aerocraft

MK-27 Crocodile A/D -Local –produce of Mi-24 Hind A/D
WZ-65 Orca– Local-produced of AH-64 Apache
MK-30 Locust – Local-produce of upgraded Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter
Yu-10– Local-produced of Mi-8 Hip E
AH-3 Archangel (DPR)
MK-80 Tarantula– Local-produced of Bnatydun (Predator) Gunship Helicopter
QVO-85 Anging Attack Helicopter
QVO-64 Sparrow– Local-produce of K45A2 ‘Vandal Light Utility Helicopter’

C-7 titan (DPR)
C-9 Atlas (DPR)
Mi-17 hip
Ba-120 Tulam- Local-produce of Lockheed Martin C-130J super Hercules
Ba-115 Khorjin – Local-produce of Antonov An-225 Mriya
Balbagoshi Ba-44- local produce of C-5M Galaxy
TH-400 Celestial

Typical Airborne Guards Paratroopers

Imperial Airborne Guards Regiment
Motto: “No one, but us”

The Imperial Airborne Guards are the premiere airborne forces and Elite units of the Minrozian Empire, also known as ‘Blue hats’. With a fierce reputation for being one of the best Special Forces units in Iclamia alongside the Kheshig (with respect) and for the harshness of their training program, the Imperial Paratroopers are meant to drop behind enemy lines and act as strategic airborne infantry, conducting special operations meant to disrupt the enemy's forces. For this reason, they always use lightweight equipment such as bullpup rifles and carry more rations than the average soldier. In order to save weight, much of their equipment and vehicles are modified. They are extensively trained for paratrooper operations, and typically drop from Imperial bombers when called in.

OOC Warning: FanT

Imperial Strike Witch - Captain Amira Choybalsan of the Northern Air Fleet, Minrozian Strike Witches Division

Captain Lyuba Kozhedub of the Eastern Air Fleet

Motto: “We bear the wrath of the Heavens and we are the mercy of the gods”

Sky Guardians of the Motherland, the Witches of Minroz’s Aerial Shock Troops are the vanguards of the Imperial Air force. Famed for their tenacity and skill in the field of combat, they’ve proved their worth over the skies of the Minrozian heartlands during the Second Iclamian War, inflicting massive casualties against enemy forces as they duelled to the death against their counterparts of Xoraine and Omaska.
Fearless, valiant and indomitable, these Iron Phoenixes would stop at nothing to defeat the enemies of the Empire, even under the direst of circumstances. The Holy Motherland would not forget the debt they owed to these girls that even the Emperor Altanmurr himself awarded those who earned it, and should war break out once again, these brave witches will take up arms as they seek to defend the skies of Minroz yet again and to fulfill their Sacred duties to the Holy Motherland, without hesitation.
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Minrozian Navy (蒙英海軍/Méngyīng hǎijūn)/ Minrozian Imperial Naval Forces (蒙英皇家海軍, Méngyīng huáng jiā hǎijūn)
Motto: “May the Water Spirits be auspicious unto us.”

Portrait of Imperial Naval officer

Minrozian Typhoon-Class Ballistic Submarine

Defenders of seas of Minroz, the Minrozian Imperial Territorial Naval Forces are the navy component of the Imperial Territorial Forces; they represent the Imperial interests, adventurism and naval defence. The Imperial Territorial Naval Force is tasked with safeguarding of Imperial waters from any hostile attacks from the oceans. Equipped with latest and efficient technological wonders could afford and possessing the largest submarine fleet in Iclamia. Since the invention of the airship, Minroz’s navy has decreased in size but significant enough for the Minrozian military. The Minrozian blue-water navy is a force to be reckoned with, capable of operating anywhere in the world, against any opponent in addition engaging in forward areas during peacetime, and rapidly respond to regional crises, making it an active player in Imperial foreign and defense policy. Nevertheless, it still vigilantly guards Minroz's naval territories from those who would dare try to enter and have a force to crush enemy invasions before any of it touches the Minrozian shores.

Naval Infantrymen-in-action
Imperial Minrozian Naval Infantry (IMNI)
Motto: “Always Faithful”

The Imperial Minrozian Naval Infantry (IMNI) also known as the Imperial Marines is the Empire’s “go anywhere” Elite amphibious force and a key component of the Imperial government’s Rapid Reaction Force. As such, they are required to be trained to work in different terrains and environments, from the cold, mountainous conditions in Northern Tidurria, to the hot arid and blistering deserts of Ishvarr and to the dense savage tropical jungles of Southern Archipelagos. The IMNI serves as a versatile combat element, adapted to a wide variety of combat situations.
Since its inception, the Naval Infantry has been recognized for combat prowess, and the IMNI’s role has been expanded significantly. Currently, the Naval Infantry’s primary wartime missions would be to seize and hold strategic straits or islands and to make seaborne tactical landings behind enemy lines.
The Imperial Minrozian Naval Infantry are proud of their position in the forefront of amphibious landing operations and are inculcated with a strong belief in their chain of command and the importance of esprit de corps, a spirit of enthusiasm and pride in themselves and the IMNI, they have a proud history and unique traditions, and they have so many battle honours that “Iclamia itself” has become the symbol of the IMNI. Many are excellent swimmers that many gold-medallists are former Naval Infantrymen.
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Members of Imperial Paramilitary Forces

Imperial Paramilitary Forces (帝國準軍事部隊, Dìguó zhǔn jūnshì bùduì)

Territorial Militia

Universaly Known as Militia (Militsiya); the Territorial Militia's role are as gendarmeries policing the whole Empire widely cooperating with Territorial Army. Though receiving same training as their Regular counter-parts, they mostly wield old but plentiful weapons ranging from 20th to 21st century.
Their duty is including supporting Regular Army units in defending the Empire’s territory from any threats during wartime. The Territorial Defence Guards is split between two components with yearly transfer, Inner Territory Guards and Outer Territory Guards. The Inner Territory Guards responsibility is civilian policing and fire rescue duties while the Outer Territory Guards act as frontier police and border guards.
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Special Forces

Postby Minroz » Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:29 pm

Kheshig Official Emblem

Kheshig-Special Forces of the Khaganate

The Kheshig (Favoured or Blessed) were once the Imperial Guard for Minrozian Royalties in the Minrozian World Empire, their primary purpose was as body guards for the emperors and rulers and to protect them during the day and night. They were originally divided into 2 areas, the day guard, Torguud and the night guard, Khevtuul. Now in the modern Iclamian era they’re evolved into premier Special Forces of the Minrozian war machine, comprised of the finest and brightest fighters of the Minrozian military, the Kheshig remains a force to reckon with.

Elite Guards-Torguud
Members of the Fifth Spezmuk "Bears" Division

Spezmuk Guard Corps
Motto: “Any mission, anytime, anywhere”

After suffering casualties of losing many best warriors and soldiers in wars and the famous Yeni-zeris and the Olans were relatively few in numbers, Minroz recognized the need for highly trained specialized shock troops to complement the Regular military divisions that had been the main fighting force of the army. Modelled after Russian Spetsnaz, the Spezmuk are highly-trained shock troops forming the elite force that is a typical Special Forces regiment. They’re trained to carry out special operations such as deep strike assaults, reconnaissance and infiltration beyond enemy lines.

Spezmuks are the very best warriors the Imperial Territorial Forces has to offer, being trained to the peak of sentient perfection, their combat skills are unmatched within the ranks of ordinary Imperial Territorial Forces. The regiment made up of soldiers from worlds/dimensions throughout the Holy Empire. With up to ten thousand men under arms at any one time, the regiment is also larger than most other Special Forces detachment. Generally they were ordinary pure-blooded soldiers of their respective species, but some were undergo gene therapy, hormone treatment and cybernetic enhancements in order to better performances of the Spezmuk and to fill the gaps easily.
However this large force does not fight at a single place; individual companies or battalions are instead sent to war zones, and from there, individual Spezmuk squads are spread among the other regiments as required.

Tesla Trooper in action

Tesla Trooper[b]
[b]Motto: “Let the joules flow”

Tesla troopers are special advanced anti-armour infantry, started as troops armed with Tesla gun to today’s nightmarish power armour. They‘re suited in form of robotic armour bionics, in short a practical powered combat suit; a hunched, heavily armoured device complete with it’s own miniature high-performance Tesla reactor and on board targeting computers ensuring the user’s lightning bolts could be thrown with deadly pin-point accuracy at both tanks and infantries. They’re organized in Divisions, widely used in Imperial campaigns.

Moreover, their bionic suits also protected all of the wearers’ vitals, making them immune to the biting of animals such as dogs, wolf and bears. The Armour is bulky and tough enough to grant total protection against the crushing power of the tank treads and very impervious to small-arms fire; armed with Tesla Discharge device in which are diode claw gauntlets capable of throwing lightning and inbuilt EMP disruption device. Capable of twenty four hours combat operations, its batteries ran through the suits systems. The suit is notable for its ability to operate in extreme conditions and the ability to carry more armour, one of the most advantages is that the Tesla Trooper’s leg actuators are so strong that they can keep a Tesla Trooper upright even when strongly pushed; meaning any tank that tries to push them over will be pushed back. The pressured-sealed Tesla suit, with its own batteries and air supply, is perfectly capable of moving along the sea bed of its own power. Though incapable of harming anyone underwater, a surprise attack on the beach by these tough suits is hard to follow up, due to not using the internal combustion engine is that Tesla Ksatriya no longer need air to operate.

Although their arc guns require a brief charge up, the resulting blast of electricity can rattle and heavily damage tanks, slag a light vehicle or fry multiple infantry with arc lightning. Nowadays, with recent advances in the military; Tesla Troopers’ arc weapons are more deadly and require less charging. Its EMP disruption device stop enemy vehicles in their tracks, leaving them at the mercy of other Minrozian forces when activated but requires the tesla suit to stop moving in order to remain stable.

Another unexpected benefit of eliminating the reliance on the internal combustion engine is that Tesla Troopers no longer need air to operate, allowing them to stomp along the sea floor without consequence.

State Security and Foreign Intelligence-Khevtuul

Apsara assassin
Apsara-Khevtuul Black Ops Unit
The Apsara are the All-female Elite Assasin and saboteur units, trained in the art of espionage and assassination. They’re quite excelled in subterfuge, speed and evasion. Thus being able to infiltrate well guarded military bases, destroy their target, and escape without anyone realizing that they were there. They generally work in teams of 4-8.

MSTG Task Force Zero – Captain Dunya Akhari(Centre), Sergeant Dmitri Mikhailov (Left), Sergeant Sarai Domogjin(Right) and Corporal Boris Ukuntei (Upper Centre)

MSTG Operative

Minrozian Special Tasks Group
Motto: “Who dares wins?”

The oldest Special Forces arm of the Minrozian military, also known as Spetsgruppa; they are tasked with actions involving small teams usually between 2 and 10 men for counter-terrorism in peace-time and special operations in War-time. They’re trained to be deployed from land, sea, and the air. The MSTG are known to being very versatile soldiers, working well at long ranges, and in CQB, but are often more aggressive than the other Minrozian Special Forces except the Spezmuks and the Black Hand. The failure rate for entry into the Special Tasks Group is 85%. The MSTG are also known for including considerable small numbers of Minroz’s magic-adept fighters.

Ongtsgoi Acolyte
Motto: “The Path of Honour”

The Ongtsgoi are the oldest special unit of the Minrozian armed forces dedicated to the performance of clandestine operations for the state. It is comprised of young men who are trained in a brutal fashion in the role of warrior monks. They are elite soldiers who are taught to yearn for, but not seek, death in battle. Surrender for a monk would be virtually unthinkable. Although they are technically Ajarist Monks and are very devout, they regard the act of killing as an art in itself. In this way they circumvent the non-violence of their creed; taking up the act as a form of expression rather than outright brutality. As the word Ongtsgoi (special) implies, these soldiers clearly distinguish themselves from any other grunt or spy. Each one could potentially fight upwards of 50 men on his own, and many develop a kill count that can range in the hundreds. Famed for a lack of empathy that borders on the psychopathic, these monks are quite a force to be reckoned with.

Black Hand of Khumaak
Motto: “None shall hide from the Black Hand of Khumaak”

At first warrior-cultists of the underworld/judge god now feared heavy shock troops clad in heavy power armour, synthetic fire-proof monk robes to mask their thermal signatures and helmets with three horizontal visors. The Black Hand of Khumaak is an organization originally founded as a dedicated cult of Khumaak that enforced the teachings of Prophetess Murrni and was responsible for Minrozs’ Imperialist wet work. The cult has grown into an acceptable powerful and influential group that operates in secret. Built as among the absolute loyal elite combat forces to the Holy Emperors themselves; it became more than a simple cult, they’re deployed as a most fanatical shock troops ever encountered.

The organization also served as a type of religious police within the Holy Empire, as the Black Hand was considered part-elite force and part-priesthood. Despite the rigid lifestyle and harsh discipline, many Minrozian soldiers wanted to join the organization.
Before being accepted into its ranks, initiates were indoctrinated thoroughly with Ajarist's pseudo-religious teachings, and those that succeeded, became zealots placing unfaltering faith in Dewa and the Holy Emperor himself. Once the process was completed, the Black Hand initiates were further trained in the arts of war and once they become full-fledge members resulting in highly lethal zealots, completely devoted to the service of Minroz.

They’re a company of Elite soldiers who are pinnacle of close-combat alongside the Spezmuk. They’re armed with the advanced napalm flamethrowers which remarkably did not harm their health due to their fire-proof armour. Although despite wearing a power armour suit, it does not protect them from being run over by heavier vehicles. Known for their urban combat skills, they were extremely loyal, chosen brethren of Ajarists cults and sects alike, whose excellent training and inhuman stamina allow them to decimate enemy infantry squads, burn down buildings and clear garrisons with little difficulty. They are usually deployed in squads of six and they can also use “holy water” grenade to create a volatile vapor cloud which they can detonate with a single flame. Their ruthlessness and lack of mercy also make them amongst the most feared infantry in Iclamia.

Khorchin-Imperial Guards
A squad of Yeni-zeris

Yeni-zeri mage

Yeni-zeris (New soldiers)

Motto: “The shield of the divine”

The Yeni-zeris are comprised all-female infantry units that formed the Holy Minrozian Emperor’s household troops and bodyguards; furthermore they’re modelled after Ottoman Janissaries. The theocratic empire had encountered many nations ranging from the fractured Neolithic tribes to industrial behemoths and incorporating them in the growing empire. Though their contacts with other societies sometimes do not go well; ended up with clash of civilizations. As always, Minroz emerged victorious in the end in many ways thanks to experienced diplomacy and its military juggernaut.

After deep insights on what to gain from incorporated territories for their imperial war machine, realising they can gain great warriors from even stratified societies. The root of Yeni-zeris lies in societies where women are valued as mere tools or unwanted; that’s the idea where the Elite women warriors came in. Recruited from patriarchal societies, by means of offering chances of greater worth to compete equally with men, gathering female orphans, girls sold to recruiters by their parents, etc. once entered the Imperial War Monasteries; they’re not allowed to contact their families and friends till matured and old enough; men having no roles in the Yeni-zeris’ lives other than that of husband. Trained to be fanatical, disciplined and master sharpshooters, extremely effective warriors and policewomen half their lives, gaining prestige as a standing army to be a force reckoned with.

The origins of the women warriors rooted in the era of the Namarrid Caliphate which was also employed as Elite soldiers serving the Holy Namarrid Emperors. The first Yeni-zeris units are created by Abdallah the Mighty to replace most of his army that contains tribal warriors whose loyalty and morale was not always guaranteed. They earned him countless victories through the battlefields in short periods.

The Yeni-zeris idea were reinstated by the Third Qing Emperor Osman Yogyakarr, because he believed that male dominated military forces were essentially predatory and would turn against civilian population in the absence of external enemies, whereas a female one would tame and calm.

Motto: “For the son of heaven”

-coming soon-
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Imperial Inventory

Postby Minroz » Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:18 am

QVO-85 Anging Attack Helicopter

Key Data

Crew: 2
Service year: 2012


Length: 14.97m
Width: 5.23m
Height: 4.95m


Maximum speed: 310 km/h
Maximum range: 1,900 km
Rate-of-climb: 736m/min
Service ceiling: 4000m

1 x 25mm autocannon
2 x 75mm rocket pod
2 x 130mm laser-guided anti-tank missile sighting

Gasoline Turboshaft engine (synthetic fuel mixture)


The QVO-85 Anging Attack Helicopter is a further indigenous improvement on the Ka-50, taking it back into a more traditional gunship design with a two-man crew instead of the Ka-50's one-man crew. It goes back to a 2 seat design, utilizing a classic attack helo layout, with pilot and gunner seated in tandem positions (pilot above and behind, gunner forward), to minimize the aircraft’s profile when seen from in front.
The model in service with Minroz uses a powerful 25mm autocannon in its forward turret mount instead of the 23mm or 30mm found in other aircraft. It has four pod mountings which can handle a variety of different armaments. The wing tips each also have one air to air missile equipped.
The QVO-85 has been very successful in Heljmenistan and performed better than the other Minrozian attack helicopters in service. There is serious consideration being given to replacing the other Attack helicopters with the Anging as the mainstream Imperial gunship.
The threat alert system enhances both inter-vehicle communications and threat detection and awareness by providing target designation abilities between primary and secondary positions and is capable of easily destroying even the most heavily armoured targets.

4S-Telkerpa SPAAG

Entered service: 2011
Crew: 3 men
Manufacturer: Minroz North Industries Corporation

Dimensions and weight
Weight: 22.5 tons
Length: 6.71m
Width: 3.3m
Height: 4.8m


Main armanent: 4 x 27mm quad auto-cannon; 130mm long fire-and-forget Air defense missiles
Maximum firing range: 58-67 Km
Maximum rate of fire:16 rpm
Armour: Alloyed Composite Armour
Traverse range: 360 degrees

Engine: 800HP Tesla-diesel hybrid engine
Engine power: 800HP
Maximum road speed: 87km/h
Range: 800km


The 4S-Telkerpa SPAAG is Minroz’s primary tactical air defence vehicle. The Telkerpa supports four 27mm auto cannons, mounted in a quad configuration and extremely high rate of fire. Multiple guided air defence missiles which uses a combination of radar and infrared guidance, and are fired in a self-homing manner are included. These weapons are arrayed in a single, remotely-operated main turret.
As such this weapon platform imposes a fearsome array of firepower against opposing aircraft and aerial drones. Also the 4S-Telkerpa acting as infantry support vehicle since its four 27mm quad auto-cannons are well-suited to providing suppressive fire for ground troops.

Karanlik-class battle cruiser

Role: Nuclear powered cruiser
Crew: 650 with AI module
Displacement: 68,000 tonnes (full load)
Length: 245m

Armament :

18 x 13inch Rail Guns in 6x3barreled turrets
5 x ICBM
15 x Cluster Missiles
4 x Torpedo tubes (420 torpedoes)

10 x twin-gun turrets

Designed as a complement and support to the Imperial battleships, this class was designed primarily for gun bombardment and lacks the missile support of its battleship cousins. However, due to the lack of missiles, it is considerably cheaper to produce than the rest of battleship classes. The Artificial intelligence system onboard assists with navigation and targeting of the weapons systems same as the rest of the Imperial navy ships. The vessel has a multihull, catamaran design and relies heavily on its guns. Secondary armament consists of five sponsor-mounted twin-gun turrets on each flank. Five VLS tubes are located forward of the forward main battery.
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Imperial Mechanized Walkers

Postby Minroz » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:46 am


When the widespread climatic changes severely altered the Iclamia's landscape due to millennia of nuclear warfare, the Minrozian military developed an assault vehicle to handle these new diverse conditions by employing a more versatile anthropoid structure. Later duplicated by the Omaskan forces in the form of the L5 Gigante, the Minrozian T-39 Baghatur Battlewalker changed the face of Iclamian warfare forever. The T-39 Baghatur is the most recent adaptation, shielded with full-coated, high-impact armor and an embedded Advance Defense System (Advanced countermeasures in the form of force-field) and supplied with an assortment of attack options, counting radar-guided, high-damage impulse rockets and a pair of heavy-duty auto-cannons. Like most Minrozian-designed vehicles, mass-producable and reliable.

The Baghatur is arguably more powerful in terms of weaponry than the Gigante, with its high powered plasma auto-cannons. However, the rate of fire of the Gigante gatling guns make up for the loss of brute force.



• Two Heavy Duty Plasma Auto-Cannons (100mm shells)
• Two Radar Guided Impulse Rocket Racks (with 80 rockets)
• One Top Mounted AA/Support High Caliber MG
• Two Thermal Guided EMP AA Missile Tubes
• Full Coated- High Impact Composite Armour Defences


• One Pilot
• One Gunner


• One High Powered Drive Engine
• Two Pistol Hydraulic Armoured Traversal Legs

Motor Golem

Motorgolems are general classification of mechs in Iclamia. Rooted from the idea is advanced fire-support platform in order to support regular infantries and tank units, where in places requiring armoured supports. They’re part of national reformation programs to enhance military capabilities. Motorgolems are huge and tall robots are used primarily by military forces in Iclamia, most especially by Minroz, Xoraine and Omaska. Mogol is the short term for Motorgolems.

RK-92 Yěmán (野蛮) ‘Savage’

Height: 8.1 meters
Weight: 12.5 tons
Top Speed: 130 km/h
Operational Duration: 230 hours
Power Source: Gas turbine engine
Standard Armaments: 14.5mm machine gun (x2 head mount), Longdai BK-540 37mm Rifle

The RK-92 Yěmán (野蛮) ‘Savage’ is a mass produced Mogol from the Minrozian World Empire. It is the most ubiquitous mech amongst modern Iclamian nations and has also seen use by terrorist and crime organizations. The Savage has less armour than many Xoran and Omaska Mogols, but makes up with increased manoeuvrability. The earlier RK-91 model housed a diesel piston engine, the newer Rk-92 has adopted the gas turbine engine. The best features of the Savage are without a doubt its low cost and high availability relative to other Iclamian mechs. It’s quite a versatile mech and noted for their high reliability including able to withstand severe environmental conditions. The Savage models are continued to be employed as a Frontline Minrozian Army unit, alongside T-39 Baghaturs.

Default Zy-98 Shadow

Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Top Speed: Unknown
Operational Duration: Unknown
Power Source: Palladium reactor
Standard Armaments: Anti-Armour Gatling Cannon AK-87

The Zy-98 Yǐng ( 影) ‘Shadow’ is the next generation of Motorgolems, it was developed as an answer to Omaska's M9 Gernsback and to replace the old Savage series. The Shadow has all the advantages of the M9 and some units have even been equipped with Electronic Concealment Systems (ECS) optical camouflage. In other words, it is highly maneuverable and is very versatile in deployment and weapon configuration.

Zy-105 Веном (Venom)

Height: 9.1 meters
Weight: 10.8 tons
Top Speed: Unknown
Operational Duration: Unknown
Power Source: Palladium reactor, Chi Driver
Standard Armaments: MGK 35mm rifle, IAI "Dark Edge" Monomolecular cutter

The Zy-105 Venom is a third generation Mogol operated by elite imperial pilots. It is based from Zy-98s and is known to be the first to utilize Chi Driver, a device used to generate tremendous forces from the impulses of the pilot in order to defend as well as attack. Specific design data on the Venom are not known, but in combat it has outclassed most Mogols in both speed and agility even without using the Lambda Driver. The Venom’s limbs were modelled after feline and insect legs giving it added mobility and jump distance. Its most distinctive feature is the pony-tail like attachment on its head is the device serves as scrambler for enemy radars and targeting systems.
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Military Ranks

Minroz's military ranking systems are determined by merits. A mere Infantryman can easily rised up to sergeant ranks if he/she killed enough enemy soldiers and survive dozen conflicts. The ranks loosely derived from the old German and Russian model, during periods of Western-style reforms.

Imperial Territorial Army (Ground Force branch)


-Lieutenant Colonel
-General Major
-General Lieutenant
-General Colonel
-General of the Army
-Field Marshal
-Grand Marshal


-Senior Infantryman
-Junior Sergeant
-Sergeant Third Class
-Sergeant Second Class
-Sergeant First Class
-Chief Sergeant
-Chief Sergeant Major

Warrant Officers

-Warrant Officer Third Class
-Warrant Officer Second Class
-Warrant Officer First Class
-Chief Warrant Officer

Imperial Naval Fleet (Navy branch)


-Chief Lieutenant
-Lieutenant Commander
-Captain Third Class
-Captain Second Class
-Captain First Class
-Counter Admiral
-Vice Admiral
-Grand Admiral
-Fleet Admiral


-Junior Sailor
-Chief Sailor
-Junior Petty Officer
-Petty Officer Third Class
-Petty Officer Second Class
-Petty Officer First Class
-Senior Petty Officer
-Chief Petty Officer
-Senior Chief Petty Officer

Imperial Sky Fleet (Air force branch)


- Lieutenant
-Lieutenant Commander
-Captain Third Class
-Captain Second Class
-Captain First Class
-Counter Admiral
-Vice Admiral
-Admiral Colonel
-Grand Admiral
-Sky Admiral


-Junior Airman
-Chief Sailor
-Junior Sergeant
-Sergeant Third Class
-Sergeant Second Class
-Sergeant First Class
-Warrant Officer First class
-Chief Warrant Officer
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