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Ben Boys Uber Fact book 3.0

Postby The Ben Boys » Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:45 pm

General Information and History
I give credit to many of Nationstates for their ideas on expanding my Factbook
This is a factbook and random facts about the Holy Imperial Republic of the Ben Boys. This is a collection, not a summary, so this isn't very organized. Updateds will be constant. PLEASE!!! CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS ARE ENCOURAGED!!!

General Information and History
Government and Trade
Ruler Information and Bio
Other Sentient Species

General information:
Capital City: Imperial City (pop. 10 million)
Population: 6 billion on Ben Prime, 38 billion in all.
Currency: Ben Coin
Motto: "Through God, all is possible. Long live the Imperium!"
Language: Riffraff
National Animal: Bigfoot
National Flower: Golden Poppy
National Tree: Tanggo (named so for it's great tangy color and taste when seeds are plucked and lightly fried. It is also legal to pick, eat, and sell these abundant flowers.)
Major religion: Biblical Christianity (no particular religious faction of Christianity, though it is called Bible Christianity, for it's straightforward "translation" of the Bible.)
Major City: Ben City (Pop. 60 million)
Original name: The Holy Bens.
Main Ethnic Group: Cherokee, Danish.
Political Beliefs: Conservatism is our Republican beliefs, though we prefer a Holy Imperial Republic
Largest Corporations: Vesuvius Shipyards, Macway
Economy Status: Strong
Exchange Rate: 1 BC = 2 American Dollars
Ruler's Current Title: Holy Emporer

The Galactic Imperium of the Ben Boys supports hundreds of worlds, and 10 core worlds, the main population areas. Imperial law recognizes no different castes or races amongst this population, with the only racial tag known to exist simply being 'Republican' or 'Holy Imperial' or "Benian", though Aaronians are considered a lower race. The population is nearly human, which for obvious reasons has led historians and biologists to assume that despite the lack of historical evidence, Republicans are gene brothers from Earth.

The average age of the Ben citizen is 35, with the average maximum lifespan being 98-104. This 'average' obviously varies between worlds however. With a birthrate of 23 per 1,000 people and a death rate of 16 per 1,000 people the population is varying rapidly, due to diseases, environment, and other factors leading to life and death.
The average height for an Imperial is about 5' 9", but usually no more than 6' 4".

Religion find support in all of the Benian people, though it is a gradually increasing force in other societies. Roughly 1.3% of the population follow a minor religion imported from other countries, with 98.12% of the population following Christianity. Once a week, families take part in church for 3 hours, and 2 more times a week if you are in the military or groups. There is also a separate branch of government dedicated to Christianity and Christian findings.

Riffraff is backwards modified English, and is used in the region as a universal language. It is surprisingly easy to learn. Russian is also mandatory to learn. Most Benians speak over 4 languages at age 17.

Our superpower is famous for having a large territory and goal to conquer as much as we can, although peaceful nations are taken politically and left as independent states. In the past 200 years we have made progress in taking more and more territory, politically and militarily. We have now conquered our world and united a quarter of our galactic sector

History and Statistics
The Ben Boys was founded on November 28, 1811. After a long independence war, Ben Boys grew rapidly. Most of the immigrants are legal, and aliens are sent to labor camps. Some natives are still living, though most have died due to an epidemic in 1882.

60% Originally settled prior to the revolution.
17% Cherokee
1% natives
20% Danish
2% Immigrants

"You can have all your civil rights, but the law tells you your limits."-Ben the Awesome.

Drug standing
Legal: Very Little Alcohol and Caffeine
All others are used for strict medical purposes, and crackdown on drug dealers is left to the Holy Police: Anti-Terror Units.

DEFCON is T.H.R.E.A.T.S. or Total Homeland and Real Emergency Armament or Treaty Status
Threats 5: Peace time
Threats 4: Small civil disorder and moderate crime
Threats 3: Prep for War, major political and militarily rumors of war/cold war
Threats 2: War clean-up, resistance mop-up, national disaster, minor rebellion, or civil disorder
Threats 1: Complete and utter WAR

National Anthem "Independence Road"
Oh I saw off the great cliff
the gallant ruins of the battle
and the gracious skies of independence
bodies littered the ground
crosses hung around
the necks of noble soldiers
and on our great horsers

With nowhere to run
the barrage went on

With lives in my hands
With a death to be grand
I ran with my life
to take all theirs
Charging to my eternal death
My heart pounding my chest
X2, Chorus

(Last bridge)
I fought for my day,
and for no more dismay
I ceased remembering
and walked down the road to independence

Written by Fredrick, Battle of Independence Road, 1814

The currency is the Ben Coin. A picure of Ben the Awesome on a gold coin, Zeus at his feet, and a bible in his hand. It was adopted first by John the third, since then we just change the picture to fit the ruler. We also have bank notes for the equivelent of 100 U.S. Dollars and up with historic pictures.
The capital city is Imperial city.

Major cities and populations:
Ben City: 60 million
Imperial City: 10 million
Amber: 54 million
Rumbersk: 51 million
Smole: 46 million
Holm: 43 million
Republic City: 40 million (on sister planet Ronia).
Ben Minor: 36 million (On our moon)

These are our cities, and this should show you how we live
]We live in houses like this in our vast wild areas.
We prefer a humble lifestyle with God.

Bill of Rights
Our nation's Human and Sentient Rights (Bill of Rights) are:

1. Imperials have the right to live, breathe, and breed.

2. Abuse of any being, Sentient or otherwise, will result in strict punishment, abolishing your rights.

3. Have the right to vote.

4. Have the right to have a child, though will be taken if abuse or extreme conditions call for it.

5. Complete civil rights, though private homo relationships.

6. No racism in any way.

7. Imperials have the right to protest on 'protesting grounds'.

8. Imperials have the right of birth, meaning your life isn't decided by your birth.

The Ben Boys secret police are the elite Holy Police. Here is a photo taken from the Ben City hostage incident. No casualties with eight prisoners to question.Image

Here is a Holy agent picured in a movie, on the famous Operation Kunning.

The basic divisions are:
the Civil Police, dealing with basic robbery and murders at the most.
the Internal Agency, the "conspiracy artists" that uncover conspiracies and creates them in other countries.
the Anti-Terror units, dealing with SWAT-like situations
The only terrorist and organized crime threat is the Homo bibs.

Nations leaders since the end of the Revolution in 1816
1816 Leader John Lomone (Died 1846)
1835 King George Lomone (Died 1885)
1876 King Delmon Lomone (Assassinated 1881)
1881 King George Lomone (He took his son's place till he died in 1885)
1885 Queen Gloria Turner (Changed her name from the royal name Lomone to the family name Turner, Died 1922).
1898 Pastor John Turner "II" (Considered the second. Died 1948)
1934 Holy Emperor Ungerd Turner (still alive)
1968 Holy Emperor Han Turner (Still alive, ruled at 16).
1995 Holy Emporer Benjamin Turner (Still alive)
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"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:03 am


"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:38 am

Culture and technology

This is the Tower of Prayer, was completed on August, 3rd 2009 , it stands three miles high, and is a stepping stone to the world's first space elevator. It is to be home to commercial use till the 110th floor. Then it is be used for military and intelligence offices till the 242nd floor when the scientists take over and will stop. On the last three floors, is the royal family's suites and safe house. It is made so that the last three floors will be half plane,detaching and flying 2,000 miles to a sake destination for commanders and the Royal family to plan and be safe. The Tower of Prayer is also our patron saint.

The plane (Named the HOPE II).

When a child is born, there are many names to choose from that a pastor sees in the child. These are some random ones
Ben in Benian terms means right hand man of Him (GOD). 8)
Shala means daughter and beautiful :kiss:
Sala is the low and core, meaning that he is low in economic class, yet even kings look to them. ;)
Gafan (gay-fon) the one that is a follower, in an honorable way. :hug:
Han(le, depending on the gender.) a follower of God. :bow:

Historic Flags
This was the original flag from 1811 to 1940.Image

In 1940, we changed to the Danish flag.Image

In 1993 the Ben Boys changed to the original Republican Circle.

Some of the Ben Boys legends is the Devil's Minotaur. It is popularly said in the more rural region's that the devil's minotaur, will come to you if you are alone after dark. it will run at you, fangs foaming with the blood of other victims. But then, if you pray, a bigfoot (which actually is just a large, humanoid bear) will come and rescue you in a battle that will last days. they duke it out in a cat and mouse war game. whoever wins gets you as a slave, lunch, or dubbed a servant of God forever. :)
Another one is if you let your pet minotaur out, he will run away, only to be found years later starving and will kill you if you don't apologize and give it love.
other folklore is forbidden to say, or at least those ones from Aaronia.

The Ben Boys is currently experimenting with holograms, railguns, and supersuits.

The holograms are now in the development stage, though require 1,000 volts.

The railguns are now being manufactured and put on space stations and ships. in development is one that can be fitteted as a mobile attack platform.

The supersuits are being slowly fielded. The Mark II armor is in it's infancy but hope for it is great. It is also a spacesuit.

The Ben Boys uses the regular universal calender. Additional holidays and events on the calender are:
Bible Day: Where people read bibles and discuss them.
Service Day: Where citizens embark on massive service projects.
Day of November: Where people appreciate and mourn those of our past.

This is Republic Palace, massive 200 floor buildings housing all of the government offices. There is over 2,000 security personnel. They also have fifty gunships each, and giant G-r55 cargo planes that carry 400 people each, and are launched from a giant "railgun" that accelerated the planes to Mach 1.2. Also over 10,000 people are employed. The tower will also self destruct critical floors that blow the building in case of attack. Also built in turrets.


Popular celebrities are:

Ronald Reagan-is considered the most important man in the Soviet downfall.

James Garner-is on many Benian shows.

Cary Grant

Tyson Gay-is now running for the Ben Boys.

Howard Hughes-is considered a genius.

Mel Brooks

Jesse Owens

Lebron James-is transferring to Benian Basketball League
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"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:43 am

Government and Trade

The Galactic Imperium of the Ben Boys, also know as the Ben Star Empire or, in a more universal context, simply Holy Star Republic/Empire, is a massive and economic powerhouse FT nation, 200,000 lightyears from the Sol system, in the galaxy of Romeria. An industrial Superpower, the Holy Star Empire is also home to several galaxy-renowned schools, research centers, and development programs, and is renowned for its religious conservatism. The nation has a long and cultured history stretching back more than 1200 years, though its exact origins are somewhat, but vaguely, certain as records are somewhat clear, though ancestors are completely unknown. Holy Star Empire claimed territorial borders encompass several hundred systems (280 systems exactly); eleven of which are in the the home system, 210 with permanent population centers and 79 with large populations. There are artificial wormholes that connect the far reaches of the empire and beyond. Colonization is under strict order of the Department of Imperial Expansion.

Republic Branch: The Republican Advisory Committee of the Holy Empire is a 412 member body called the Imperial Representative Senate. The Senators are each elected from four hundred districts, comprising all sectors of Star Empire, divided based on population every two standard years. All advisory legislatives passed in the Senate requires a 2/3rds majority, and is immediately processed to the Holy Emperor and his close advisors for examination, but laws may be overturned that are deemed irresponsible decisions.

Imperial Branch: The Emperor himself is always present at government meetings, though public appearances are rare. He "screens" the laws and submits them to the Imperial Representative Senate and then the Pastors, then is made into a law.

Pastors: Previously unmentioned, the pastors are judges and leaders, not to mention the closest advisors to the Emperor. They check the laws and see if they contradict the Bible, then are submitted for final voting/vetoing and editing.

42 States/Star Systems: Mark, Psalms, North Genesis, Nebula Major, Nebula Minor, Zurich, Anthony, Luke, Central Ben Prime, Ben Prime, Ten Power, Zues Prime, South Ben Boys, Border Aaroonia, Ruth, Exodus, Leviticus Prime, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Acts, John, Corinthians, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Proverbs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Titus.

Ben the Awesome now rules the nation, with a small republican government, mostly as advisors. A true Imperial Republic, ruled by Biblical principals.

Republican Branch Positions (cabinet)
Department of Economics (Handles economic finances)
Department of Imperial Expansion (Handles all military affairs and expansion/colonization)
Department of Legal Affairs (Handles legal matters)
Department of the Secretaries (Handles federal land, inspections on almost anything)
Department of Commerce (Handles businesses and censuses)
Department of Holy Police (Handles police and security concerns)
Department of Cultural Expansion (Handles broadcast, the arts, museums, libraries, archeology, cultural conservation)
Department of Reports and Research (Handles scientific research and education)
Department of Religion (Handles health care, veteran affairs and housing, community projects, and religion)
Department of Transportation (Handles public transportation, manages private transportation).
Department of Energy Conservation and Creation (Handles matters of energy and fuels)

Age: 18

Elected Advisory and Representative Parties:
Parties: Imperial Party, Republican Party, Biblical Party, Conservationalist Party

203 Representatives elected from 42 States of the Ben Boys

Court of the State (Elected Judiciary Branch):
High judge,Hanle Gimle
Assistant Judge, Ferdinand Dyna
Elected Juries that serve six months each, and are randomly assigned cases.
The other juries find evidence of the said crime and bring it to court.

Controlled resources:
Tritanium A
Titanium A
Titanium B
Titanium AAA
Natural Hydrogen Gas
Natural Nuclear Gas
Natural Hydrogen Gel
Updates will be frequent

World Assembly Member?

Stances on...
Communism: Neutral
Capitalism: Good
Socialism: OK
Fascism: Bad
Anarchy: Bad
Democracy: Nuetral
Dictatorship: Bad
Republic: The way out
Empire: The other way out
Technological developments: Surpasses all
Militarism: Nuetral
Education and Science: Promotes
World Assembly: Good.

The economy of Galactic Empire is a powerful and largely stable one, gifting the nation with a high gross domestic product of
$400, 345, 899,001,334.453 as well as a reasonably high GDP per capita of $29,678.7. Although the majority of the population is employed in the Commercial sector, thanks to high degrees of automation the economy actually derives a great deal of its size from other sectors. The Imperial government has traditionally adopted a policy of you earn what you are towards the economy in general, believing that capitalism (second to religion) is the lifeline of the Benian people. Corporate tax remains low, legislation in such fields as environmental law or labour law is nil. Benian Mining, Shipyards, and resource collection are the major corporations purpose.

Terraforming is a complete mess if not done right, but Go Terra is the most reliable in this area. Though expensive, any environmental problems can easily be controlled, regardless of population. This provides useful against the low atmosphere planets.
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"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:43 am

Updated to V2.0

"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby Democratic Federation » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:04 pm

((OOC: Are you FT or wut?))
The Federal States of Eastern America
Federal States Factbook - Federal States Embassy Programme - Federal States Military Factbook

1 2 3 4 5

Democratic Federation is ranked 1st in the region and 1,462nd in the world for Most Armed.

Democratic Federation is ranked 1st in the region and 4,440th in the world for Largest Defense Forces (per capita).

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:49 pm

Yah, i'm FT.

"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:52 pm

Ruler information and Bio

The Office of the Ruler
The Holy Imperial Republic of the Ben Boys

The Holy Emporer's Profile
Ben Turner, Holy Emporer

His Holy Majesty Emperor Ben of Ben City, Holy Emperor of the Ben Boys.

Day of Birth
December 2, 1982

Biblical Christian

Married with two kids

* Graduate in the Study of Business at Holy World University (Very Honorable)
* One of the first pilots in the Ben Space Force, Marine Captain
* Head of State after retirement of his father.
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"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:01 pm

Holy Star Empire Armed Forces
Our official military motto is: For God, For Country, For Family, For Brotherhood.

Current defense budget: (Approxamently) 2.4 trillion Ben Coins as of August 12th 2009 ($4.8 trillion US$)

Now, the Ben Boys military training, you must be able to survive 20 days independently in the wilderness, followed by a shooting accuracy of 40%. Then you must have the ability to drive any vehicle, clean any weapons, have a mile time of 7:00. Then have a 100 yards dash time of 12 seconds. And finally you move to advanced training were you learn bodyguarding, lifesaving, medical prep, go on rigerous war exercises. You also must be able to complete HALO and HAHO jumps. Plus basic martial arts. You are also trained in jumping from upper atmosphere. The men also put up the training camp for the next training class. Eventually the camp will be large and modern. The process takes a year and a half.

This is the standard Imperial trooper armor. It is complete with a massive computer system. It is capable of being dropped from low orbit, and crash to the surface , having the trooper a 20.3445% chance of survival. The targeting computer allows them to target vital parts of the beings they are facing, and to either destroy the or incapacitate them. There is a chip implanted in the body, allowing for better communication between the system and the Armor. The armor itself makes the men only 4 inches taller, and 150 pounds heavier. The suit is worth 600,000 Ben Coins, and are very handy in conflicts.

And here's our main weapon, the Rifle blaster. 150 Rounds per minute, a range of 1500 yards, it is a valuable and light weapo at 36 pounds. It is the Main weapon of the Star Armed Forces. THis weapon is used by the human race of the Ben Boys.

16 million men and women serving
400,000 in the Holy Guard (commandos)
3 million in the Imperial Marines (Marines)
5,600,000 million in the Republican Naval Force (Space Navy)
8 million in the Imperial Army (Army)

20 million in reserve (not paid until on the field)
10 million in the Republican Guard (National Guard/volunteers, not paid until in the field)
1 million in private research and development
10 million ground vehicles
5 million satellites, inccluding beacons
1,405 other space vehicles, including star ships.

Military ranks

Imperial Army (Army), Imperial Marine (Marines), Holy Guard (Commandos)

Imperial Grunt 3rd Class [ Private (Private in training)
Imperial Grunt 2nd Class [ Private First Class
Imperial Grunt 1st Class [ Corporal
Specialist [ Specialist
Holy Grunt 2nd Class [ Sarge
Holy Grunt 1st Class [ Master Sarge
Command Grunt [ Sarge major of the Army

2nd Lieutenant [ 2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant [1st Lieutenant
Captain [ Captain
Field Commander [ Major
Commander [ Colonel
Field General [ Brigadier
Republic General [ Luet. General
Command General [ Major General
General [ General
Ruler [ Commander in Chief

Regular Space Navy ranks

We are proud to present the B-43 Holy. This is the attack model, though there are also transport models.
Gunship model
Space and air capability
4 railguns and 2 chin chainguns, 1 door gun
845 mph
60 tons
Transport model
Space and air capability
1 chingun, 2 door guns on both sides
24 troopers
51 tons
900 mph

This is the Ben Boys current battle tank, capable of 120mph, and has two rapid fire 150mm cannons. The cannons can fire any type of ammunition. Transports 6 troopers, and can have 7 more on the outer hull. Goes 200 mph.

Standard Imperial Army Battalion

2200 Imperial Troopers

Rifle Blasters Ben Model
Spear Smart Bazooka
Silver Warrior (Ben blaster)
Timothy .50 cal mobile gatling gun
Vipress body armor system

Small Unit Organization:
Fireteam: 4
Squad: 12
Platoon: 36
Company: 144

Armor Battalions

Tank Battalion
12 tanks per company
120 per battalion
All are upgraded with twin gatlings guns

Marine Raiding Battalion
12 ARVs (cross between a HUMVEE and a Warthog)
Only primary armament of machine gun
Allows for the transport and escort of 2 platoons and anti-infantry support

Our standard starships, the Avenger-class cruiser is an upgrade from the previous Republic-class. 550 yards long, with 320 crew members it's main functions are patrolling, exploration, escort, and colonization. Very flexible craft that can be adopted to almost any use. 36 marines are aboard at all times, and has a pricetag of 12 billion Ben Coins (BC), like it's previous brother.

Six Medium Turrets
Eleven Light Turrets
Six Missile Tubes
Three Nukes

Here are our standard transport/deep exploration ships, Endeavor Class. 950 yards. They are currently mapping out our unexplored areas. Crew of 80. 20 Imperial Marines, 50 naval personnel, 10 civilian specialists. Can carry 6,000 troops 20 billion BC

We how have our battleships, the Imperial class. 1245 yards. With a crew in excess of 500 Marines or Imperial Troopers and 700 naval personnel, it is the most potent of it's kind. 34 billion BC

Here is the Genesis-class Mothership. We are currently working on making massive space docks to fit this benemoth. We also are securing the resources on planet Grandike. 12,000 yards wide 10,000 long. Crew of 10000, 2500 Imperial Troopers, 7500 naval personnel. Room for 120 additional ships under 1000 yards, and 15,000 additional personnel. 120 billion BC

More ships that have been added to the Ben fleet. This is a Talon-Class fighter. 25 yards. 23 million BC

This is the Ben Military Operations Command and Control Center (MOCCC), the Holy Bible. 16,000 yards tall, 20,000 long. Based at the Ben Boys far sister planet, Dimon. 400 billion BC

This is the 30 mile high, 34 mile wide station Revelation. It can hold a half of our entire fleet if we took out all the rooms and made it empty. It resisdes in our home system, Ben Prime In orbit over our second planet Psalms. It's primary role is as a trade center, repair station, scientific station, reserve capital, and is home to the Holy Palace. It is also surprisingly mobile, and can make in-system jumps. Revelation also holds a massive church. 1 trillion BC

This is a marine dropship. It was used to squash a rebellion on Tyloth. 20 million BC

This is a civilian colonial ship used widely. It is manufactured by the Follion Spacedocks.

The fastest of it's class, is the ship to ship shuttle.

Army and Marine Equipment and Drills

Combat drill exercises consisted of actual wars, with paintballs that freeze your suit, acting as you were dead or wounded. Tanks are replaced by old ones that shoot 150mm paintballs. Guns are issued .35 caliber paintballs to simulate the fighting. Soldiers find cover by ducking when on open ground or blocking the blows like they would in combat. Other training exercises teach the soldier to obey commands and assume battle Positions to fit the environment.

A soldier typically carries around 64 pounds of body armor, weapons, and equipment. This load consists of small steel knife (in they're wrist that push out when your brain that's implemented in the armor tells it), Light titanium assault rifles, pistols, food and water, emergency blanket, papers, small survival shovel, a wrist mounted GPS/specialized PDA.


Holy Republican logistics is generated over hundreds of campaigns. Heavy equipment and material (tents, armor, extra ordinance and equipment etc.) are moved by a Hydrogen Powered Transportation Unit (or HPTU) , while troops carry weighty individual packs with them or on an extra HPTU unit.

Construction of camps. Divisions on a campaign typically establish a strong field HQ, complete with Dirt mounds and remote operated mines, providing a basis for supply storage guarded by a company, troop marshaling and defense. Field HQs typically stay till the campaign ends. There are always four gateways, connected by two main criss-crossing make shift paths, with the intersection at a concentration of command tents in the center and a guard tower. Space is also made for the all the battalions pastors and religious gathering area. Since there are many terrains and planets, most is just lightly followed. Mostly it is standardized to the duties of officers who were to set up sentries. Construction could take between 2 to 5 days depending on the terrain and climate. With part of the army laboring, mostly engineers, while the rest stood guard, depending on the tactical situation. The shape of the camp was generally quadrilateral, but could vary based on the terrain or tactical situation. A distance of about 60 meters is left clear between the entrenchments and the first row of troop tents surrounded by motion sensors.

Intelligence. Intelligence is left to the naval commanders, who do not hesitate to exploit useful intelligence, particularly where a siege situation or impending rebellion is brewing. Armed Reconnaissance Vehicles provide invaluable information. During gaps between battles, raids, recon patrols, and general harassment of the enemy are in progress.

Ben Galactic Military Commands:

Imperial Border Command (BORCOM): Manages Border security and civil uprisings in said sectors and coordinates. Collects defense assets for the the Holy Empire, as well as coordinating the defense of any allies within their responsible territory. BORHCOM is current headquartered at Tylon moon station.

Ben Central Command (BCCOM): Primarily responsible for interests within the Inner Colonies, as well as coordinating any military action within their area. The central colonies are not extensibly colonized toward the "south". They are headquartered, along with most of the service branches, at the Holy Bible station.

Imperial Sea Command (ISCOM): ISCOM focuses on primarily sea naval and Sea Marine forces, and is the only Command to not have an Space Navy nor Army attached as one of it's assets. The 4nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, 12th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Second Sea Fleet, Fourth Sea Fleet, and Sixth Sea Fleet are the last naval fleets left since the Ben Boys went to space. It's officially headquartered at Holy Bible Station.

Imperial Eastern Command (EACOM): EACOM's primary responsibility is that of Mark and Hope areas, and any colonial activity within their sphere of influence. They are headquartered at the Mark 2 Colony.
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"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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Re: Ben Boys Uber Fact book.

Postby The Ben Boys » Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:26 pm


One of the Alliances the Ben Boys is involved in is the Alliance of Galactic Species, a religious alliance of sentient species, founded and controlled by the Ben Boys.

The requirements are:
*You must be in some religious sway, but not a cult.
*Be a space faring faction.
*Some form of democracy/constitutional monarchy.
*Other factors are to be reviewed...

Though roughly 65% of the Population is human, other species have been spared because of their peaceful ways. These include the Fullumbros, Polliums, and Rommuty. These species are very respected and liked, for they too arre mostly under the sway of Christianity.

The Fullumbros have a quiet history, with wars only against terrorist. But these forces are a force to be reckoned with, as their commanders are as tough as the men they command. In tactics training, it is an impressive task to surpass these remarkably intelligent beings. They join in the Star Empire's war and religious machine as very respective aliens.

(other bios coming soon)
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"Both Religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations"-Max Planck

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