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Galonican Military

Postby Galonica » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:41 am

Theme Song: Galonica Forever
The armed forces of the Confederacy of Galonica are massive, intimidating, efficient, and dedicated to the security of Galonica. We have 5 branches: Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Luftwaffe, and Commandos. The Marines are another part of the Navy.

Theme Song: And the Army Goes Rolling Along
Head of Army: Field Marshal Cabot York
Manpower: 6,583,645
MBT: Fitzugh Tank
Main Medium Tank: TAM
Main Light Tank: PT-76
Other Tanks Used: M60 Patton, Stug III Tank Destroyer
Primary Rifle: M-14
Primary Sidearm: Walther P-38
Primary LMG: PKP Pecheneg
Primary HMG: Killroy-98
Primary Scout Vehicle: 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara (Hardtop)
Primary Personell Carrier: 7 ton MTBR, BTR 90
Primary Artillery:
-Gun: Lee 14 cm
-Mortar: M120
-Howitzer: Flak 88
Primary Transport Helicopter: Mil Mi-8
Primary Sniper Rifle: SVD Dragunov

Theme Song: In The Air Again
Head of Luftwaffe: Air Marshal Manfred Klink
Manpower: 2,378,325
Primary Fighter: P-51 Mustang
Primary Bomber: Phoenix M1997
Primary AA Weapon (also applies to army): Type 96 25 mm AT/AA gun
Primary Attack Chopper: Mil Mi-24 (AKA: Hind)
Primary Support Chopper: Blackhawk
Primary Paratrooper Weapon: FG-42

The Golden Willow Tree
Head of Navy: Grand Admiral Susan Barone
Manpower: 951,330
First Ship: GCS Golden Willow Tree
Flagship: GCS Arouj
Pride: GCS Red Moon
Air-to-Sea Rescue Plane: Catalina Flying Boat

Coast Guard
Head of Coast Guard: Commodore Robert Yashinov
Primary Gunboat: Yashinov-class gunboat
Manpower: 321,450


Delfino Guard

Wars Involved In
First Postlethwaiti War: 1856-1857; Galonican victory
Second Postletwaiti War: 1863-1867; Resolved peacefully
Galonican Revolution: 1958-1963; Galonican defeat
Traillopian War: 1990-1994; Legion of Freedom victory
Adamasan Civil War: 1997; ALA victory
Gearrian Revolution: 1998; Gearrian victory (Galonica first to recognize Gearrian independence)
Gearrian Civil War: 2002-2003; Ended in 3 separate Gearrias
Second Gearrian Civil War: 2005; Resolved peacefully
Third Gearrian Civil War: 2007-2008; Anti-Cole victory
Fourth Gearrian Civil War: 2011-2012; Resolved peacefully

Phoenix bomber en route to Southern Gearria
Yes, it's a B-24 Liberator
The Delfino Guard on parade, 14 January 2001
ME 109 flying over Galonica
Battle of Fort Galonica
Galonican soldiers at the Battle of Kiessil
A squad Fitzugh Tanks on exercise in Galonica
Galonican ships at the Battle of Newport Harbor
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Galonica, a temperate paradise and military power.
Chairman: Vo Ludwig Arouj I
Chief of Staff: Leo McGarry
Minister of War: Edward Murriets
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Bill Glencoe
Minister of Commerce: Rênn Smithson
Minister of Internal Affairs: Fritz Gαlzburg
Minister of Agriculture: Judah Ben-Hur
Minister of Education: Charles Burchfield
Minister of Industry: Andre Junocev
Attorney General: Atticus Finch
Pro Tempore: Sen. Richard Lugar (R-DF)
Speaker: Rep. Carl Sandburg (S-PL)
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Postby Naurobia » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:47 am

The military Naurobia consists of 5 branches (Naurobia Army Land Forces, Naurobia Army Air Force, Naurobia Army Navy (includes the Coast Guard and Marine Corps) Naurobia Army 2nd Artillery Division (In charge of our ICBM's), and the Naurobia National Militia. Our military was recently formed and is still growing and in development but have proven effective in our recent war against the Revolutionary Socialist Front rebels.
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Postby The Grand World Order » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:59 am

Galonica wrote:Manpower: 4,145,212,012

You don't even have that many people in your country, silly goose. It looks like you just mashed your hand on the numpad and inserted some commas every three digits to get that.
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