Factbook of the Republic of Maropeng (No Posting)

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Factbook of the Republic of Maropeng (No Posting)

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Above: An orthographic projection of the world with Maropeng highlighted in green.
Basic Information
Country Name
conventional long form The Republic of Maropeng
conventional short form Maropeng
abbreviation RM
demonym Bamaropeng
adjective Maropengian
Capital City
executive capital Tshwane
geographic coordinates 25°45′S 28°11′E
legislative capital Cape Town
geographic coordinates 33°55′S 18°25′E
judicial capital Mangaung
geographic coordinates 29°06′S 26°13′E
World Assembly
status Member
category Scandinavian Liberal Paradise
economy Reasonable
civil rights Superb
political freedoms Excellent
Other Basic Information
largest city Johannesburg
geographic coordinates 26°12′S 28°02′E
motto "ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke" (ǀXam language — official version)
english translation "Unity in Diversity"
official languages
1. Afrikaans
2. English
3. Ndebele
4. Pedi
5. Sotho
6. Swazi
7. Tsonga
8. Tswana
9. Venda
10. Xhosa
11. Zulu
drives on the Left
time zone SAST (UTC+2)
National Symbols
national animal Kudu
national bird Blue Crane
national fish Zambezi Shark
national flower King Protea
national tree Real Yellowwood
coat of arms
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~Information Courtesy of the Government of the Republic of Maropeng

The Republic of Maropeng
ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke
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