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Ardicio Factbook

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Ardicio World Factbook

The Second National Banner of Ardicio

Founded: Thursday, May 12, 2066.
Founded (realtime): Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Title of Nation: The Republic of Ardicio
Current year: 2066
Region: The DeathFire Association
Current Leader: "Clyde M."
Unoffical National Leader Approval Rating: 81%
Highest Leader Approval Rating Record: 90%
Lowest Leader Approval Rating Record: 71%

Area - Total: 45,851.1 square miles.
Area - % Water: 11.2%
Capital City: Ananator
Largest City: Ananator
Current Population: ~175,000,000 (As of June 20 2066)
89.4% Ardician
4.3% Lyrisian
2.0% Aegethornian
4.3% Other

Official Language: English, many residents have secondary languages.

Primary Interest: Progress through advancing Education.

National Currency: Ardi (ARC)
Currency Symbol: A$
Income Tax Rate: 30%
Major Industry: Door-to-door Insurance Sales

Timezone: Ardician Monolinearity Time (Equivalent to EST.)
National Stance on Spirituality: Atheist/Tolerant

National Animal: Raven
Demonym: Ardician

Internet TLD: .adn
Calling code: +412

General Civil Rights Tendencies: Moderate Rating
General Economy Tendencies: Moderately Good Rating
General Political Freedoms Tendencies: Outlawed

General Information

The self-labeled "progressive state" Ardicio is driven by its need to maintain a progressive outlook on all fronts, and by its lack of interest in developing defense or any other systems. Science and education are the primary interests of the nation and are given the greatest amount of government funding with the exception of welfare - which is being cut back steadily.


The Ardician people hold dear to them the concept of progress, in the interest of advancing their nation. This is typically manifest in being on the cutting edge of technology and the sciences, but is also manifest in the people themselves. Children are placed in schools as soon as they are declared competent for learning, and are admitted to colleges immediately after leaving high school. The children have this decision made for them to ensure they are being given the greatest possible chance to contribute to the advancement and future of the nation and its ideals.

This document, short in nature, explains the intentions of the nation and gives reason to the strict actions taken on legislation that do not adhere directly to the ideals of the nation. This particular document is given to children at the elementary school level (in an abridged version), again at the high school level (in its full form), and once more at the college level, for ingraining the concepts thereof into the minds of the nation's people.
The document has undergone revision and was released to the public on May 17th, 2066.

Financial Direction

Ardicio as a nation has long held a firm belief in the strengthening of educational programs, and points much of its funding toward advancing and developing educational pursuits. The ideology of the nation states that it must remain progressive, that advancement of its people and its neighbours is at the forefront of its concerns. For this reason, other sectors get reduced funding to compensate for the heavy spending on education.

Spiritual & Religious Policies

Ardicio is an outspoken atheist state, both in public opinion and governmental tendency, though there are no policies that prevent tolerance of religious orientation. 'Atheist Pride' parades are occasionally held which are supported and partially sponsored by the national staff. It currently has no national religion, and has very few restrictions on marriage couplings.

Legislative Policy

The Republic of Ardicio has compiled a publicly-available document detailing the legislative tendencies of the leader and national staff. This document can be downloaded and viewed in both its original form, and compatibility form - some terminals have had trouble viewing the former.
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The National Staff of Ardicio has commissioned the following stamp of approval to be placed in the lower right hand corner of the primary page of any government document made for the purpose of official matters.




This is a sample of the stamp of approval the National Staff is to use on any and all official documents issued from the government, for any purpose. The appropriate syntax of its use is to stamp the lower right corner of the primary page of each government-issued document, and is to sit next to signatures where applicable. Where this stamp is missing, the document shall not be recognized as being approved by the national staff, and should be added by an approved member of the national staff as soon as reasonably possible.
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