M.I.K. of Kommandoria Factbook and National Information

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M.I.K. of Kommandoria Factbook and National Information

Postby Kommandoria » Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:08 pm

Military-Industrial Komplex of Kommandoria Factbook

Relative Location-Large glacier island near Antarctica, a chain of tropical islands southeast of the main island
Absolute Location-60 degrees North, 0 degrees West.
Total Area-14,000,000sq. km.
Comparative Area-Approximately two times the size of Borneo
Bordering Nations-Several Kommandorian colonies in a chain of tropical islands southeast of Kommandoria.
Coastline Length-approx. 800,000km.
Maritime Claims-Technically several kilometers off the coast in all directions

-Cities/Locations of Importance-
Konigzspire - Kapitol City of Kommandoria, 10 miles east of Ironridge
Ironridge - Located on the western coast 10 miles west of Konigzspire, this is the main industrial center and primary port (Commercial and Military) of Kommandoria.
Stobaakin - Medium-sized city nestled in the northern mountains. It is known for its many civilian airports.
Elexesta - Huge, beautiful city located on the east coast of Kommandoria. Renowned for its vast, exotic, and lush gardens.
Skybreak - Small, southern city located atop a tall plateau. It is the main producer of ice tobacco and is surrounded by sprawling fields.
Port-du-Pont - The largest port in the Kommandorian tropical colonies. Virtually all products and cargo from the tropics pass through here.
The Krieg Grid - Primary Military Complex, atop Mount Kaaltyr (intricate web of bunkers deep inside the mountain).

North: Extremely mountainous, with the highest point being Mount Kaaltyr which penetrates the clouds at 23,088 feet.
West: Industry dominates the landscape; this is where most ports and major cities are located, truly an urban jungle. Kommandoria’s kapitol city lies here as well.
East: Icy hills exist in large sprawls here.
South: Here is where most of the middle and lower classes live, mostly flat snow plains with a many ice tobacco fields.
Colonies: Many tropical forests, sugarcane fields, beaches, etc.

Mountains: Freezing year round, the highest recorded temperate in Kommandorian history being -94 degrees Fahrenheit.
Snow Plains and Ice Hills: Almost always freezing, typically ranges from -70 to -40.
Urban Cityscape: Still freezing but warmer than other areas, usually -50 to -30.
Tropical Colonies: Very warm, temperatures of around 80.

-Elevation Extremes-
High: Mount Kaaltyr - 23,088ft above sea level (In colonies: Redpeak [volcano] - 3,147ft above sea level)
Low: Annabelle Ice Shelf - -742ft below sea level (In colonies: Khaki Bay - -4ft below sea level)
Natural Resources - Uranium, coal, oil, iron, steel, ambergris, various gems (In colonies: Fruits, sugarcane, timber)
Land use - 5% farming, 60% industrial, 20% housing, 15% other (In colonies: 65% farming, 10% industrial, 15% housing, 10% other)
Irrigated Land - None
Natural Hazards - Blizzards, Sinkholes, Ice quakes (In colonies: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes)

The Military-Industrial Komplex of Kommandoria uses limited Communism as part of its economical system, particularly in the Arms Manufacturing sector. Businesses with under 50 employees may be privatized, businesses with 51-500 can be some what influenced and regulated by the government, and businesses/corporations/conglomerates with over 501 employees are nationalized.

-GDP (2012 estimate)-
High: 22 trillion Balkenkreuz Tarvakts
Low: 21 trillion Balkenkreuz Tarvakts

-GDP per capita (2012 estimate)-
High: 26,751 Balkenkreuz Tarvakts
Low: 26,564 Balkenkreuz Tarvakts

Population below Poverty Line (citizens who make below 1,000 Balkenkreuz Tarvakts a year)-2%
Unemployment Rate (estimates)-
High: 2%
Low: 1.2%
Income Tax Rate-89%
Government Budget- 20.58 trillion Balkenkreuz Tarvakts
Industries-Arms manufacturing, metal refineries, mining, gambling, ice tobacco
Currency-The Balkenkreuz Tarvakt (BT.)
Exchange Rate-1 Balkenkreuz Tarvakt to 1.5 U.S. dollars

-Top 3 companies of each main industry-
Arms Manufacturing
1. Royal Revolution Korporation (largest Kommandorian Arms Manufacturer and primary military supplier)
2. Ammo Patriots Korporation
3. Grand Army Surplus Depot
Mining and Refining
1. Black Plume Korporation (primary mineral and resource mining/refining company)
2. Geode Korporation
3. Endless Embers Inkorporated
1. Five Aces Korporation (leader of the gambling industry)
2. Der Grand Kasino Korporation
3. Golden Falls Kompany

The Military-Industrial Komplex of Kommandoria was founded in 1688 by rebel forces from Italy. Before that, several factions warred over control of Italy during what was known as the Great Italian Civil War (1641-1694). The strongest faction, which resided in Sicily, was lead by the Vespucci family, as well as their allied families. The Vespucci faction was extremely successful in its early campaigns due to their invention of primitive steampunkesque tanks, zeppelins, and artillery. However, the other rebel factions realized that their was no hope of stopping the Vespucci advance unless they joined forces. And so the Vespucci faction began suffering defeat after defeat, despite inflicting catastrophic losses to the now-allied enemy factions. Eventually the Vespucci faction was forced back into Sicily, but the allied factions continued to press on. With nowhere else to retreat to, the Vespucci faction and all of its allies created a massive fleet in order to evacuate and find a new home. After the Vespucci faction left, the other rebel factions turned on eachother and fought on for another six bloody years before peace was made. Meanwhile, the Vespucci fleet sailed thousands of miles to the south but became lost and failed to find land for three long months. Due to their location near the bottom of the world, it was difficult to navigate using constellations and other astronomical bodies. Not only that, but it was constantly dark due to the angle of their position with the Sun. One night, Leonardo de Vespucci, the first leader of the Vespucci faction, received a message from Yahweh (Roman Catholic God) and guided the fleet to their new home (every Vespucci leader that succeeded the previous would receive a dream at some point in their life where they could experience the message that the first Vespucci received from Yahweh). It was a gigantic glacier island they named Kommandoria, and they were joined shortly after settling there by Russian, Irish, and German immigrants who were also escaping the troubles in their homelands. Initially, the Kommandorians suffered a great number of hardships. Due to the lack of farming, mass breeding of livestock was imperative. Several distant island nations offered food and other exports, but they frequently betrayed Kommandoria and attempted invasions (none of which were successful). It was this frequent betrayal and warring that prompted strong anti-foreigner feelings in Kommandoria, feelings that would live on for the rest of Kommandoria's days. As time went on, Kommandoria became stable and began focusing heavily on industry and war. On July 25, 1888, Royal Kyzar Leonardo de Vespucci XIII reformed the country on its 200th anniversary, leading to an industrial revolution that would echo across the world. Kommandoria is now known for its incredible military and industrial might. Decades later, Kommandoria created tropical colonies that allowed it to finally begin the creation of an agricultural sector.

Branches-National Militia, Kolonial Frontier Guard, Grand Army, Grand Navy, Grand Sky Fleet (Air Force), Royal Guard (and elite sub-branch Celestial Royal Guard of Kommandoria)
Total-130.101 million
National Militia-(all civilians are considered militia)
Kolonial Frontier Guard-5 million
Grand Army-70 million
Grand Navy-35 million
Grand Sky Fleet-20 million
Royal Guard-0.1 million
CRGK-0.001 million
Percentage of Population-100%
Military Budget-486.45 billion Balkenkreuz Tarvakts

*Interesting military fact: Kommandorian deployment techniques are unique. Rather than simply deploy troops via ships to a beach, Kommandorian forces can be air-dropped via pods from zeppelins. This allows faster deployment and voids the need for a beachhead.

**Interesting military fact: Kommandorian officers are assigned to positions not just by skill, but by nationality. Those of Russian ancestry typically lead the main army, especially basic infantry grunts. Germans and Irish descendants usually lead more skilled troops. And those of Italian ancestry usually lead the most elite soldiers.

People & Demographics
Total Population-1.509 billion
Age Structure
0-14: 18%
15-60: 68%
61+: 4%
Life expectancy (male and female)-104 years
Nationality-Kommandorian (as well as German, Russian, Irish, and Italian immigrants)
Languages-Official: German-Russian mix (spoken by lower and middle class), English (spoken by lower and middle class), Irish (spoken by lower and middle class), Italian (spoken by the upper class), and Latin (only spoken by The Royal Family and The Royal Guard, as well as the Celestial Royal Guard)
Literacy Rate-99.9%


Roman Catholic-90%
Other Christians-6%
*The official religion of the Military-Industrial Komplex of Kommandoria is Roman Catholicism

-Common phrases-
"S'vas delah!"------------"Foreign dog!"
"Heil der Kyzar"---------"Hail the Kyzar"
"Pravaak de terrio?"----"How are you?"

-Typical Garb-
Commoners: Thick fur coats, fur boots, and fur hats.
Upper class: Leather trench coats with thick fur collars, leather boots with fur rim, fedoras
Government officials: Same as upperclass, but the leather is pitch black and the fur is white, some wear top hats

Government & Politics
Type of Government - Royal Militaristic Confederation
Leader - The Most High Royal Kyzar Leonardo de Vespucci XVI
Lord of War - Superior High General Klaus von Auberwitz
Lord of Intelligence - Director Vasili Truschev
Lady of The People - Lady Alice du Pont
Vice Lord of The People - Lord Brock Stauzen
Lord of Economics - Industrial Titan Ryan von Heizenstein
Lord of Foreign Affairs - High Ambassador Konrad Duvalle
Vice Lord of Foreign Affairs - Ambassador Tobias Rudolph
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"I will scorch the very grass from your land in a blaze of glory.
I will salt the soil and destroy all hope of recovery.
I will make your nation into a desolate wasteland, a hellish desert of despair.
I will end you, and your very name will be lost from history
--The Most High Royal Kyzar, Leonardo de Vespucci XVI

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Experimental Projects Division (XPD)

This post discloses our various weapons projects that are considered prototypes or still in the experimental stage.

Project Antares - a mega-thermonuclear ICBM with immense power. In the event of its detonation, its minimum blast radius would envelop an area about the size of Rhode Island. Given the proper weather conditions, its maximum blast radius would swallow up an area about the size of the entire New England area. The shockwave alone literally vibrates objects until they are broken down to a molecular level. Following the shockwave is a ball of flame that is easily visible from space. At 24,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it leaves the landscape resembling molten, radioactive hell. Its final effect, radiation of course, is equally overpowered. The radiation levels created by the Antares are so high that most Geiger Counters are incapable of registering them. Organisms struck by these radiation waves have been observed to melt into a fluorescent green liquid. The crater created by this abomination of a weapon would be approximately two miles deep, and a few hundreds of miles in diameter.
Weapon classification.......................Cataclysm Device
Number stockpiled...........................1
Protocol required to authorize use.........Zulu

R.K.S. Blood Ruby - the pride of the Kommandorian Grand Navy, the R.K.S. Blood Ruby is a one-of-a-kind ship. Classified as a TPD (Triple-Purpose Dreadnought), it is a massive submersible aircraft carrier capable of manufacturing submarines and aircraft within the ship's internal factories, as well as being able to provide long-range artillery support. It can carry over a thousand aircraft and a hundred submarines at once. Several 300mm guns adorn each side of the Blood Ruby, but the most powerful is a colossal railgun mounted on the stern which has pinpoint accuracy at ranges of up to 80 miles. The R.K.S. Blood Ruby serves as the flagship of the Kommandorian Grand Navy's Omega Fleet.
Weapon classification.......................Triple-Purpose Dreadnought
Number stockpiled...........................1
Protocol required to authorize use.........None

R.K.S. Hephaestus - by far the largest submarine in the Kommandorian Grand Navy, the R.K.S. Hephaestus is about half the size of the R.K.S. Blood Ruby. It serves as a mobile missile base for long-range attacks. Due to its slow speed, the Hephaestus is usually escorted by the Omega Fleet. Regardless of this, it has multiple nuclear reactors powering its massive engines. This enormous machine is capable of launching anything from thousands of 120mm rockets to several trios of thermonuclear ICBM's. To prevent flooding, the Hephaestus has hundreds of 3 inch thick water-tight blast doors adorning all of its rooms and halls. Automatic fire extinguishers are also in every room.
Weapon classification........................Nuclear Mega-Submarine
Number stockpiled............................1
Protocol required to authorize use..........Oscar to Yankee

Kraken Charges - the use of an extremely powerful seismic charge deep underwater near the shore of a city in order to create a tsunami. The advantage of a city struck by a tsunami is that the movement of enemy ground troops is severely hindered.
Weapon classification.......................Natural Disaster Imitator
Number stockpiled...........................15
Protocol required to authorize use.........Foxtrot

RIDM-X2 "Albatross" - the experimental Type-2 Rapid Infantry Deployment Missile is the first vehicle of its kind (besides the cancelled Type-1, which failed nearly half of its tests due to massive combustion shortly after takeoff). The "Albatross" is essentially a long (60 feet) and heavily-armored hollow missile with enough capacity that a team of about twelve soldiers (often jokingly referred to as "sky cowboys") can fit comfortably inside it. Being a vertical-takeoff vehicle, the team must go through low-gravity simulations before boarding, as they will be at extremely high altitudes when in flight. The team is seated near the center of the missile; this is because the front of the missile consists of a small warhead while the rear of the missile is made up of large thrusters. The "Albatross", once loaded, is launched towards its target from a faraway facility. Upon reaching the appropriate (near orbit) altitude, the "Albatross" levels out and soars horizontally in the direction of the target area. Though flying at supersonic speeds, the passengers of an "Albatross" feel little to nothing due to simulation training and a decompressed cabin. Once in range, the "Albatross" begins to dive towards its target. About sixty seconds from contact, the "Albatross" then fires its reverse thrusters, slowing the missile down to high non-sonic speeds. Just before the missile makes contact with its target, the warhead on the tip of the "Albatross" detonates, concussing the impact shock of the missile. This allows extremely quick deployment of infantry to distant battlefields without the danger of being shot down by aircraft or ground forces. Due to the fact that the vehicle is also a missile, it is not piloted. Rather, its coordinates are preset by the crew of the launch facility. The "Albatross" strikes its target area with pinpoint precision nearly 95% of the time. However, due to extreme production costs and the fact that they are "one-time" vehicles, very few RIDM-X2's have been assembled. Thus, they are only used to deploy elite infantry on special missions.
Weapon classification.........................Infantry Deployment Prototype
Number stockpiled.............................20
Protocol required to authorize use...........Oscar

VYCM-X88 Inferno - a significantly larger version of the FGM-148 Javelin. It is easily recognized by its trademark black paint with flames also painted along the barrel. This launcher uses the same "top-attack" style of lock-on system as the Javelin, although it is capable of striking targets from a considerably longer range. Due to the immense weight of the weapon and its ammunitions, the Inferno is only carried by the strongest, largest soldiers in the Celestial Royal Guard of Kommandoria. As expected by its name, the Inferno uses highly explosive, highly incendiary warheads that rival the power of some battleship cannons. However, the Inferno can also use high velocity rockets in order to shoot down particularly fast aircraft. Several tests show that a single Inferno warhead can tear down most four-story buildings. Few Infernos have been produced, due to the extreme cost of assembly and materials.
Weapon classification.......................Multi-purpose Rocket Launcher
Number stockpiled...........................100
Protocol required to authorize use.........None

Thermite-Based Weaponry - due to the destructive nature of the Kommandorian Military, there has always been a search for an infantry weapon that could tear through any surface. The answer to that search was Thermite-based weaponry. Despite the expensive costs of assembly and materials, several thousand Thermite weapons have been produced. However, only Hazard Kompany Krusaders and the Celestial Royal Guard of Kommandoria are permitted to use these devices. The most common Thermite-based weapon is the TR-42, an assault rifle that uses superheated Thermite in its ammunition. The benefits of Thermite-based weaponry are quite simple. Thermite burns through all but the thickest alloy. That being said, a single Thermite round is capable of passing through 15 separate walls of concrete, the equivalent of a small office building. The downside to Thermite-based weaponry is the somewhat slow rate of fire due to the size of the ammunition. In order to prevent an enemy from capturing a weapon and learning about it, all Thermite-based weapons are designed to disintegrate upon the user's death.
Weapon classification........................Ammunition Prototype
Number stockpiled............................20,000
Protocol required to authorize use..........(Rank-specific)

LMT-1 Dark Bishop (FT only) - a 6-foot tall modified Protectron mech imported from Kommandoria's allies. Its armor thickness has been increased from 2 inches to 3 and a half. On each wrist are two 32. caliber machine guns, and on each shoulder is a single 25mm cannon. Their weaknesses lie in individuality. A single Dark Bishop can be easily overtaken by a well-trained squad of soldiers. However, they are usually deployed in groups of 20 to escort lone Steel Knights. This provides mutual defense. They are much less expensive and quick to assemble since they are imported from Kommandoria's allies.
Weapon classification.........................Light Mech/Escort
Number stockpiled.............................500,000
Protocol required to authorize use...........Delta

HMT-1 Steel Knight (FT only) - a 15-foot tall mech with 8-inch thick armor made of reinforced solid steel. Each shoulder has two 88mm cannons mounted on them. These can fire three ammuntion type: concussion, incendiary, and high explosive. On its back are two long-range SAM launchers for AA capabilities. On each wrist is a single 45. caliber machine gun, and each palm hides a flamethrower inside the wrist. Each finger of the hands is a 25mm dumb-fired rocket. The Steel Knight has little to no weaknesses besides incredibly slow walking and sprinting speed, though they are usually protected by a Dark Bishop escort. Steel Knights are expensive and take some time to assemble.
Weapon classification.........................Heavy Mech
Number stockpiled.............................1,000
Protocol required to authorize use...........Golf

UHMT-1 Behemoth (FT only) - the largest and most powerful mech designed yet, the Behemoth lives up to its name. At 30 feet tall, it is the most massive machine in the Kommandorian Grand Army. Its armor is virtually indestructable at an astounding 16 inches of reinforced solid steel coated in platinum. Each wrist of the Behemoth has a bracelet of six 50. caliber machine guns. The fingers of each hand are an upgraded version of the Steel Knight's finger-rockets. Each finger is a dumb-fired, 50mm rocket. The palms of its hands are also an upgrade of the Steel Knight's design. Each palm slides open to reveal a revolving, 3-barreled flamethrower. Mounted on the Behemoth's back are four long-range SAM launchers that use anti-air and anti-missile rockets. On each shoulder of the Behemother are three 88mm cannons that can use standard shells, or concussion, incendiary, and high explosive shells. It's speed is far worse than the Steel Knight's and requires a very large escort while it is mobile. Very few Behemoths have been constructed due to extravagant assembly and material costs.
Weapon classification.........................Ultra-Heavy Mech
Number stockpiled.............................10
Protocol required to authorize use...........India

Punisher (FT only) - the Punisher is a 10-foot tall black pillar with a vertical, blue electric current dividing the center. When its control lever is pulled, the current releases a rhythmic, low-frequency pulse that causes any nearby electronics to shut down. Mechs remain disabled unless manually reactivated. This allows soldiers to hack and reprogram enemy mechs. The sound of the pulse can be heard for miles, but is not overbearingly loud. A side-effect of the Punisher's pulse causes extreme nausea, vomiting, and disorientation in organics. (Note: The hum of the Punisher could be compared to a "Wahhhm" sound. Organics can prevent sickness by covering their ears.)
Weapon classification..........................Electronic Disabler
Number stockpiled..............................100
Protocol required to authorize use............Golf
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"I will scorch the very grass from your land in a blaze of glory.
I will salt the soil and destroy all hope of recovery.
I will make your nation into a desolate wasteland, a hellish desert of despair.
I will end you, and your very name will be lost from history
--The Most High Royal Kyzar, Leonardo de Vespucci XVI

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Military Unit Descriptions

Grand Army Infantry Types

Standard Infantry:
The typical SI soldier is armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, an M9 pistol, and four M-67 Frag Grenades, however other soldiers are equipped differently depending on their role (i.e. demolition, stealth, etc.). They are the backbone of the Grand Army and, despite being the most basic infantry type, have boundless courage in combat and are difficult to demoralize. They are very quick to adapt to changing environments and circumstances. Utilizing impressive teamwork skills, they easily overtake lesser-trained infantry and even light vehicles.
SI Kommander: High General Dimitri Ravashka

Specialized Infantry:
Most SZI soldiers were originally SI soldiers who, after proving themselves in battle, received additional training and better equipment (G36C, USP. 45). These troops are even more suited to adapting to new changes on the battlefield. SZI soldiers have been known to create crude weapons such as IED's while in the heat of battle. In some instances, SZI troops have been used (when actual Spec Ops were unavailable) for sabotage behind enemy lines due to their proficiency with explosives.
SZI Kommander: High General Charles O'Bryan

Hazard Kompany:
HK soldiers are the most elite troops of the Grand Army branch. They are hardened soldiers who transferred up from the SZI troops, and thus, received even better training and equipment (FN F2000, Desert Eagle). Masters of adaptation, they fight to the death, using anything at their disposal. No Hazard Kompany soldier has ever retreated. The best HK soldiers are part of a special division known as the "Krusaders". The Krusaders are the most devastating, lethal troops in Hazard Kompany. Krusaders are the only soldiers in the Kommandorian military to use Thermite-based weapons, albeit rarely, other than the Celestial Royal Guard of Kommandoria, who use it frequently.
HK Kommander: High General Antonio de Corleone

The Deus-V are a handpicked squad of the five best soldiers in the CRGK. They are, by far, the best Kommandoria has to offer. The members are fearless and lack nearly all negative emotions. Each member is wears a massive, near-invulnerable suit of armor and a complex gas mask. All of them carry thermite weapons suited to their distinct role in the squad. The Deus-V are often sent on seemingly-suicidal missions given by the Ministry of Intelligence or the Royal Kyzar himself. They are a jack of all trades, as their duties include special operations, standard military service, homeland security, and being the Royal Kyzar's bodyguards. Due to their high status and importance, they are not secretive and are openly known. These five soldiers true identities are not known, as they are named after mythological gods.
Members and their roles:
Oranos - Male, leader, armed with a thermite FN2000 and a thermite Desert Eagle
Anubis - Male, support gunner, armed with a thermite M249 SAW and a thermite G18
Shiva - Female, sniper, armed with a thermite Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle and a thermite MP412 revolver
Loki - Male, demolitionist, armed with a VYCM-X88 Inferno and a thermite M1911
Hades - Male, mobile assault platform, armed with a thermite Vulcan minigun and an automatic grenade launcher

Kommandorian Defense Forces

National Militia:
During a state of emergency, all civilians are armed by the government. Weapons given to civilians are usually basic and easy to use, such as AK-47's and M-9's. They receive minimal, if any training, but their love of their country gives them surprising morale. The most common tactic used by the National Militia is guerilla warfare.
NM Kommander: None

Kolonial Frontier Guard:
The KFG are the defense force in the Kommandorian tropical colonies. They are soldiers that have been trained specifically in tropical environments. Due to the nature of their territory, they often adopt guerilla tactics. They have fairly moderate morale and are well-armed. Though they cannot withstand a full invasion, they are more than capable of halting smaller attacks and even small invasions. They tend to carry AK-47's, some shotguns, M9's, and M67 grenades. They lack heavy vehicles, but they make good use of LR-25 "Speedwagons."

Royal Guard:
The Royal Guard is the third most elite force in the Kommandorian Military. They are surpassed only by The Krusaders and the Celestial Royal Guard of Kommandoria. The Royal Guard is in charge of defending Kommandoria alongside the National Militia. They are equipped with some of the best the Kommandorian arsenal has to offer. Their training and bravery is nearly unmatched, as is their adaptive skills.
RG Kommander: Lorenzo de Venezia

Celestial Royal Guard of Kommandoria:
The CRGK is the absolute, most powerful branch of the entire Kommandorian Military. They have been trained since birth and are equipped with the best, most high-tech gear ever designed by Kommandoria, including thermite weaponry. They are the last line of defense in the Fatherland. Their duty is to defend Konigzspire, but most importantly, the Royal Kyzar's Palazzo. Due to their elite status, they have access to all prototype devices and are given orders directly from the Royal Kyzar himself. They are fanatically disciplined and will use unorthodox, unethical methods to defend the Royal Kyzar and his Palazzo if necessary. No CRGK soldier has ever been killed, or even injured. They are completely taken care of by the government. Housing and necessities are completely free, and they receive a 35,000 BT check each month to spend on anything they choose. The top five CRGK soldiers are part of a squad known as the Deus-5.
CRKG Kommander: Royal Kyzar Leonardo de Vespucci XVI

Kommandorian Armored Vehicles

LR-25 "Speedwagon"
Description: The Type-25 light recon vehicle, "Speedwagon", has proven how fitting its name is time and time again. It is a lightly armored (15mm) Humvee-style vehicle capable of zipping around the battle field at off-roads speed of up to 60 miles per hour. The Speedwagon is very useful in any terrain and does not easily get bogged down in mud. Though it is not meant for combat, it does carry a 30. caliber machine gun mounted on its roof as a self-defense weapon.

LRA-63 "Witchfire"
Description: The Type-63 Light Rocket Artillery vehicle is appropriately named. It is famous for the visible and audible effects caused by the launching of its many rockets. The Witchfire is the Kommandorian version of a modern Katyusha. It is a technical truck covered in 15mm armor plating. Mounted atop the Witchfire is a multidecked rack of sixty 130mm high-explosive incendiary rockets. These rockets, when launched in unison with other LRA-63's, make the horizon appear to light on fire. As for audible effect, the deafening screech of the rockets resembles that of fabled witches. Because of this, many Witchfire crews wear earplugs and flash-resistant goggles. Advantages of the Witchfire include very long-range support (up to 2 miles) and extremely devastating damage, while also being very cheap and fast. Disadvantages include lack of a self-defense weapon, light armor, and that it gives its location away when firing.

T-41 "Boomchild"
Description: The Type-41 "Boomchild" tank is the standard tank of the Kommandorian Grand Army. It replaced the aging Type-39 "Boomdaddy" tank after the T-39 began falling prey to more modern enemy tanks. The T-41 is protected by standard Kommandorian heavy armor (80mm) and uses a unique steam-engine that allows it to travel at speeds of up to 23 miles per hour. The main gun of the Boomchild is a 165mm kannon. As an anti-personnel countermeasure, there is a 50. caliber machine gun mounted on the right side of the main gun. The primary weakness of the Boomchild is that it has a somewhat slow turret rotation speed.

MPT-95 "Blackheart"
Description: The Type-95 multi-purpose tank is a rare type of tank. It is one of the few tanks in its category but is extremely practical in nearly every situation. It has standard Kommandorian heavy armor (80mm) and is powered by a unique steam-engine that allows it to travel at speeds of about 20 miles per hour; this is very fast considering its armor and loadout. The Blackheart has a 150mm kannon for its main gun, as well as dual Vulcan miniguns (one on each side of the main kannon). Besides these weapons, the signature armament of the "Blackheart" is its specially-designed flamethrower mounted on the top of the tank. The flamethrower (accurate at ranges of up to 100m) spews superheated, flaming tar (hence the nickname "Blackheart") at its target and is capable of rotating 360 degrees. Its final weapon is a 25mm AA kannon mounted on the rear of the tank. This array of weapons allows the Blackheart to take on nearly any kind of hostile. However, the MPT-95 is still rather painfully slow and must be escorted to reach its full potential.

Kommandorian Aircraft

M3 Kombat Zeppelin
Description: The Model-3 Kombat Zeppelin is a very expensive and massive aircraft suitable for many types of roles. It is mainly used as an alternative method of deploying troops. It is also typically used for very heavy support of ground forces. Before each mission, a Kombat Zeppelin is outfitted according to what role it will play, such as smothering it in armor plating and turrets for support, or fitting it with drop pods in order to quickly deploy teams of infantry. They are very durable and dangerous, but they are also extremely expensive and take quite a while to assemble. Not only that, but they are rather slow due to their loads.

Noteworthy Kombat Zeppelins and their Fleets:

17th Kombat Zeppelin Fleet
R.K.Z. Eternal Pride
R.K.Z. Unending Glory
R.K.Z. Limitless Renown

33rd Kombat Zeppeling Fleet
R.K.Z. Faithful Reverend
R.K.Z. Pious Inquisitor
R.K.Z. Devout Bishop

V-37 "Antithesis"
Description: Essentially a more advanced version of the V-22 "Osprey", the Antithesis is used both for transport and close air support. It can carry light vehicles, troops, and/or supplies. Troops sit inside the cabin, while vehicles and supplies are attached to the underside of the aircraft. The V-37 is armed with a 40mm kannon (mounted underneath the nose of the aircraft) and two .50 caliber machine guns (one mounted on each side of the chassis). The Antithesis is also quick and agile due to its dual-helix rotors, However it is next to helpless against fighters and heavy anti-air weapons.

HV-15 "Paradox"
Description: The HV-15 is the larger, modified big brother of the Antithesis. The Paradox is a massive, yet swift, aircraft capable of carrying heavy vehicles and large of amounts of troops or supplies into battle. Unlike the Antithesis, all cargo is stored inside the huge cabin of the Paradox. The HV-15 is armed with two 60mm kannons (one on each side of the nose), six .50 caliber machine guns (three on each side of the chassis), and one quad missile laucher mounted on the belly of the aircraft. The Paradox soars through the air with ease due to its large four wings and quad-helix rotors. A significant downside is how loud it is when flying, as well as the fact that it is quite a big target.

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"I will scorch the very grass from your land in a blaze of glory.
I will salt the soil and destroy all hope of recovery.
I will make your nation into a desolate wasteland, a hellish desert of despair.
I will end you, and your very name will be lost from history
--The Most High Royal Kyzar, Leonardo de Vespucci XVI

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Alice du Pont
Position..........Lady of the People
Bio................Alice du Pont was elected to her honorable position at the relatively early age of 30. Her skills in sociology and economics proved extremely useful when hired to take charge of the Kommandorian educational system, police force, medical system, and so on. She continues to be an invaluable asset to the government and as an advisor to The Royal Kyzar.

Ryan von Heizenstein
Position..........Lord of Economics/Industrial Titan
Bio................Ryan von Heizenstein showed an extreme talent for mathematics as well as mechanical design at an age as early as 7. In high school, no other student came close to his genius and thus, he was admitted into the most prestigious university in Kommandoria at the age of only 14. Upon graduation, he still remained at the top of his class in all subjects, particularly every subject involving mathematics, economics, and design. Needless to say, this attracted the attention of The Royal Kyzar, who immediately put him in control of the entire economy, as well as making him a personal advisor. Ever since Ryan took charge, the Kommandorian economy skyrocketed and never came back down. He continues to personally design nearly 80% of all civilian and military equipment.

Vasili Truschev
Position...........Lord of Intelligence (Foreign & Internal)
Bio.................Director Vasili Truschev is the first and only Lord/Director of Kommandoria's intelligence department. He has led it since its relatively recent founding 40 years ago. Vasili has been involved in countless interrogations, spy missions, assassinations, coups, and other black operations ever since he began leading the department at the age of 24. Having been the Director of the department for so long, he has perfected his art. Vasili is a sick, twisted, and dark individual. However, this is through no fault of his own. He has seen thousands of Kommandorians die at the hands of the enemy simply because he couldn't get the information he wanted out of prisoners. Soon, he began experimenting with torture that haunts the minds of any who happen to spectate his interrogations. His actions are so very gruesome and demented, but effective, that the military has a "don't ask/don't tell" policy towards him. So long as he gets the information they desire, they don't want to know what happened to the prisoner. He does not exist in any records whatsoever. Those who have seen his victims or claim to have seen him refer to Vasili as "The Blood Baron."

Konrad Duvalle
Position...........Lord of Foreign Affairs
Bio.................High Ambassador Konrad Duvalle is an odd choice for a diplomat. He specializes in psychology, speech, and foreign relations, which makes him an excellent choice for an ambassador. However, his great love and patriotism for his country still causes him to be somewhat intolerant of other nations and their cultures. His tactics in diplomacy usually consist of flattery and a vast amount of knowledge of other countries.

Tobias Rudolph
Position............Vice Lord of Foreign Affairs
Bio..................Ambassador Tobias Rudolph is a much older diplomat than Konrad Duvalle. One might think that with age should come experience. However, as experienced as Tobias is with diplomacy, he is just as prideful as Konrad. He also was repeatedly forced to drop out of school due to his family's financial problems, which delayed his ascent to his position. It is generally believe that Tobias is a far better diplomat than Konrad, but according to various laws, Konrad will remain the primary Lord until he resigns, dies, or is impeached. Tobias has a great love of ice tobacco (he is frequently seen smoking it from his trademark ivory pipe, which is sculpted in the shape of an old Kommandorian frigate). Because of this love for smoking the plant, he has minor difficulty breathing and has rare coughing fits.


Dimitri Ravashka
Position..........High General of all SI forces
Bio................Dimitri Ravashka came to Kommandoria as an immigrant from Eastern Russia as a young teenager. Fiercely patriotic to his new home, he volunteered to join the Kommandorian Grand Army as soon as he was of age and was placed in the SI Division. Showing above-average leadership skills in combat, he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a High General at the age of 35. This is rare, as he is one of the few soldiers in Kommandorian history to become a High General without attending the Kommandorian Royal Military Academy (KRMA, or "Karma"). He continues to lead the Grand Army SI Divison and is on a personal level with most of his subordinate officers, but has little to no relationship with any of the actual soldiers. Due to his rough nature, he is somewhat less professional than other High Generals.

Charles O'Bryan
Position..........High General of all SZI forces
Bio................Charles O'Bryan immigrated to Kommandoria from Ireland at the age of 21. He joined the Kommandoria Royal Military Academy at the age of 25 and graduated at the age of 31. During his time in the KRMA, he proved to be very adept in advanced infantry tactics and was placed at the rank of High General after only a year out of the Academy. He continues serve to the Grand Army SZI Division and is much more professional than most other officers.

Antonio de Corleone
Position..........High General of all HK forces
Bio................Antonio de Corleone is a direct descendent of some of the first Italians to settle Kommandoria. That being said, the Corleone family is known by all but the newest citizens. His fame as a Corleone was what got him into the KRMA at the early age of 16. During his 8 year stay at KRMA (the second longest stay in KRMA history), his talent for leadership grew exponentially and he was put in charge of Kommandoria's most elite invasionary forces, Hazard Company. While he is criticized frequently for being so young, his skills as a High General cannot be disputed. He is very professional, as well as honorable, when it come to war.

Felipe Donahue
Position..........Oberlieutenant of The Krusaders
Bio................Felipe is a native-born Kommandorian who has been in over 15 different wars since he joined the Grand Army. His endless patriotism and mastery of combat and leadership lead him to become the leader of the second most elite force in the Kommandorian military, The Krusaders. Although many of his superiors have suggested he retire, he always quietly turns them down. Despite his age, he is no less of a fighting machine than he was as a young man. Felipe is a completely loyal and unquestioning soldier who has never failed any mission assigned to him and his company. He rarely speaks unless necessary and his men do not question the orders he gives them. Over the course of his service to Kommandoria, he has been shot 8 times and stabbed with a bayonet twice.

Vito DiBartolo
Position...........High Admiral of the Omega Fleet
Bio.................Vito DiBartolo is a direct descendent of some of the first Italians to settle Kommandoria. His family, like the other founding families of Kommandoria, is very well known throughout the country. He excelled in his studies of naval tactics at KRMA, and thus was a natural candidate to lead the most powerful fleet in the Grand Navy. He is very honorable and, though very proud, does not underestimate his opponents.

Lars Pritchard
Position............High Aerokaptain of the Grand Sky Fleet
Bio..................Lars Pritchard earned his place in the Grand Sky Fleet through vigorous military academic studies and brutal campaigns. He, like many of his colleagues in the other branches, was a brilliant graduate from KRMA. His talents for commanding aircraft put him in charge of the prestiged and famous 33rd Kombat Zeppelin Fleet, and later, the 17th Kombat Zeppelin Fleet as well. He is not only well-known for his skill in controlling the skies, but also for his mastery of adaptation. He is difficult to intimidate and frequently finds ways to deceive and outwit his opponents. After much consideration, the Kommandorian military bestowed upon him the title of High Aerokaptain, thus making him the highest ranking officer in the Grand Sky Fleet.

More Coming Soon...
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"I will scorch the very grass from your land in a blaze of glory.
I will salt the soil and destroy all hope of recovery.
I will make your nation into a desolate wasteland, a hellish desert of despair.
I will end you, and your very name will be lost from history
--The Most High Royal Kyzar, Leonardo de Vespucci XVI

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