Factbook of the Federal Republic of Rocksania

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Factbook of the Federal Republic of Rocksania

Postby Rocksania » Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:15 pm

Above: A map of Africa with Rocksania highlighted in green
Basic Information
Country Name
conventional long form Federal Republic of Rocksania
conventional short form Rocksania
abbreviation FRR
demonym Rocksanian
World Assembly
status Member
category Left-Leaning Varsity State
economy Very Strong
civil rights Superb
political freedoms Excellent
Other Basic Information
capital city Atha
motto "Unity in Diversity"
official language English
drives on the Left
time zone RST (UTC+2.5)
National Symbols
national animal Striped Kudu
national bird Wandering Albatross
national fish Zambezi Shark
national flower Leopard Protea
national tree Forest Baobab
national emblem
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The Federal Republic of Rocksania
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