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Basketweaving Monkeys: Factbook (OPEN)

Postby Basketweaving Monkeys » Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:45 am

Democratic Republic of Basketweaving Monkeys Factbook

Full name: The Democratic Republic of Basketweaving Monkeys
Short name: Basketweaving Monkeys
Acronyms: RBWM, RBM, BWM
Motto: Post hoc ergo propter hoc

System of Government: Democratic republic
President: Lee Gustafen
Vice President: John Jameston
Secretary of Defense: Margaret McDowell
Secretary of State: Janet Smith

Population 6.508 billion
Language: No official language, languages spoken include English, Latin, Japanese, Thai, French, Spanish

Time zone(s): Basketweaver Standard Time (BST)

Economic system: Capitalism
Currency: BWM Cryptoid
Currency abbreviation: BMC
GDP Per Capita: 22,133.75 BMC
Total GDP: 144,046,456,004,290 BMC
Unemployment Rate: 3.65%

Religion: No state religion, religious breakdown is as follows:
    Monkeyism: 100%
    Other: Outlawed

    Offensive/Defensive: 23,922,900 (0.57% of population)
    30% Airforce
    30% Navy
    40% Army
    - 80% Standard Service
    - 7% Special Branch
    - 13% Other

    Defensive Only (100% of population)
    Trained Civil Defense Force - 100% of population between ages of 18 and 60

Feel free to comment or ask questions, The staff at the Presidential Palace is always open to suggestions on which information interests other nations and should be added to the public guide

Economic statistics from Absolution Tracker and NS Economy, where the statistics conflicted the average was used.
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