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Postby Lillorainen » Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:19 am

Report filed at the offices of the MND

February 16, 2021

Operation name: "Operation Grey Basement".
Performed by: MND (Militärnachrichtendienst, 'Military Intelligence Agency).
Target: Domestic terrorists.
Reason: The secret prison of Grönholm Island was established in 1959 to isolate leaders of domestic terrorist groups from the public. It is reserved for those who are supposed to be able to give too valuable information to the authorities to directly apply the death penalty.
Total number of victims: 218, as of 2021.
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[X]Success []Failure [X]Other: The operation is ongoing.
Public statements: None. Grönholm Island is said to be a normal naval base.

Report filed at the offices of te MND

August 7, 2018

Operation name: "Operation Seagull".
Performed by: MND.
Target: Gereon Angerer, Milan Andrei Baciu, Vladislav Oncea, Georgiana Covaci, Jenny Rürup, Maria Dieringer.
Reason: Suspicion of espionage on behalf of the Republic of Stella Dorata.
Total number of victims: 5.
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Success []Failure [X]Other: The operation was successful in parts. Baciu, Covaci, and Rürup, officially considered 'disappeared', could be convinced to cooperate with the MND in order to track other suspects of espionage down. Oncea was killed during a shootout in a forest near Fechenich, Thulia on July 22, 2018. Dieringer's whereabouts remain unknown to the MND. 56 people were interrogated, most famously among them, the Stelladoriani horse racer Francesca Dogaru (who was acquainted with Baciu), and the Lillorainian student and model Janina Bonrath (who was acquainted with Rürup), but this did not bring any useful results.
Public statements: None.

Report filed at the offices of the Einsatzkommando Cobra

September 21, 1995.

Name and surname: Hjalmar Burscheid.
Age: 34 (in 1995).
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Lieutenant Commander in the Federal Army.
Portrait or description: 179 cm, thin, brown hair, blue eyes.
Current status (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Alive [X]Dead []Missing []Other: (please specify)
Crime: Treason, formation of a crime syndicate, most certainly involvement in the assassination of President Marie Seelscheid.
Solution: Neutralized during a "climbing accident" in the Nessauhöhen near Freudenberg, Nessovia.
Public statements: In 1995, it was stated, that Burscheid died in a climbing accident. In 2009, the Federal Ministry of Interior officially admitted, that the EKO Cobra had caused his alleged accident on purpose.
Since Lillorainen's geography is currently being overhauled a 'tiny' bit, most information on it posted before December 12, 2018, is not entirely reliable anymore. Until there's a new, proper factfile, everything you might need to know can be found here. Thank you. #RetconOfDoom (Very late update, 2020/08/30 - it's still going on ...)

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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:49 am

The kidnap in his Argentinean exile of Sinesio Baudilio García Fernandez and forced extraction to our country.

Report filed at the offices of [insert name or acronym of your secret services or secret police]

SIE or foreign intelligence Agency.
Date Month/day/year

March 1st 1956

Name and surname: "Tísner" Avel·lí Artís-Gener under orders of SIE director General Miquel Badia I Capell. "Comandant Collons"
Age: 42 "Tísner" and 49 Badia
Gender: Male both and 4 other agents.
Occupation: SIE head of operations
Portrait or description: (optional) Spy master, resistance fighter, journalist, writer.
Current status (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Alive [X]Dead []Missing []Other: (please specify)
Crime: Kidnap and ilegal Extradition of FAI death Squad leader Sinesio Baudilio Garcia Fernandez in his Argentinean exile, Murders of Various members of the facist collaborationist Government as Juan Antonio Creix (head of the Catalan "Gestapo") in his Spanish retirement.
Solution: (Specify the action your government has taken to hide or punished the crime) Sinesio was judged for war crimes committed by the FAI death squads during ww2 and our civil war. Murdering of Catholics, conservatives and government supporters collaboration with the Facist regime during ww2. He was condemned to various life imprisionements sentences, He died in prison in 1983.
Public statements: (optional: has anything been said to the population?)
The Government Celebrated the Arrest of Sinesio and President Irla admitted having ordered the operation.
the Government congratuled itself by the arrest and prosecution Argentina and Spain complained and caused diplomatic tensions during the 50s 60s. We also helped the Mossad to identify Eismann.
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Postby Hermosamente » Wed Mar 17, 2021 1:17 am


Operation name: Operation Condor
Performed by: I.S.N., C.I.A, as well as various secret intelligence agencies of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.
Target: Communists, Socialists, basically any leftist
Reason: To help assist some South American countries, as well as the internal affairs of Hermosamente, and to help eliminate the influence of communism.
Total number of victims: Estimated number of 20,000 leftists eliminated in Hermosamente (estimated number during the 1970's, still ongoing today), but higher in countries like Argentina and Chile.
Final result of the operation
[X]Success []Failure [X]Other: (please specify) The Condor Plan ended with the fall of the Berlin wall and also the result of Latin America's dictatorships crumble. But nevertheless, the operation is still ongoing in Hermosamente secretly.
Public statements: Further attempts of the United States to hide and sometimes ignoring/dismissing the atrocities made by the remnants of Operation Condor in Hermosamente, it is made sure to the people of Hermosamente that the sole purpose of the operation is to combat communism and not let the country fall to the reds again.

Formerly a Spanish and an American colony, the nation is under a right-wing benevolent dictatorship as a result of a civil war in 1954 which ended the democratic socialist regime in 1957. The island nation would recover from its past wounds and eventually becoming a 1st world country in Latin America today while still under a right-wing regime which resembled Francoist Spain (1939 - 1975).

The 1957 Constitution

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Postby Thermodolia » Thu Apr 01, 2021 4:53 pm

Report filed at the offices of Thermodolian Secret Service

Date 23/9/1967

Operation name: Project Zeta
Performed by: Thermodolian Institutes of Health
Target: 15 persons who were supposed to be sentenced to death were instead selected for testing under Project Zeta
Reason: Project Zeta involved numerous government agencies but was under the main direction of the Thermodolian Institutes of Health. The project was designed to see what would happen if a human body and brain was subjected to particle beams emitted by the Thermodolian Large Proton Collider. High intensity, medium intensity, and low intensity particle beams where shot at the bodies and heads of the 15 targets at different intervals to determine their effects.

A few subjects received 200,000 röntgen to 300,000 röntgen doses of radiation and subsequently died on the spot. However most lived and where investigated further. A long term program was set up for three individuals which where shot with a high intensity, medium intensity, and low intensity particle beam respectively. Each individual in this program of study received a 30 second shot to the brain and body.

Total number of victims: 15
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Success []Failure [X]Other: Some parts of the project where a success, others not so much as the particle beams did not kill or injure the targets. Three individuals are still under close observation after receiving the particle beam treatments
Public statements: None. All information is highly classified
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Postby Prescottia » Fri Apr 02, 2021 1:12 pm

Report filed at the offices of the National Intelligence Service

Date 30/06/1978

Operation name: Operation Clearcut
Performed by: Prescottian Security Forces
Target: Wongbo Village, Bonduland Province
Reason: Suspected harbouring of ZALF militants.
Total number of victims: 233
Final result of the operation:
[]Success []Failure [X]Other: 233 villagers killed during offensive operation. No militants or evidence of cooperation between the village and ZALF discovered. General Staff deems incident "collateral damage", determines it best details of events remain classified.
Public statements: Public informed of "anti-terrorism operations" taking place in regions along border with Gbana. No further information released.

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Postby Obets » Sun Apr 04, 2021 3:24 pm

Report filed at the offices of The National Federal Secret Intelligence Operations


Operation name: Operation Anti-radical
Performed by: Obets Paramilitary Police
Target: A group of violent extremists known as "The Radicalists"
Reason: The Radicalists had been causing violent public chaos over many incidentes recently
Total number of victims: 52
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Success []Failure [X]Eliminated target, but didn't get rid of the group
Public statements: "We have dealt with the enemy"
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Postby Goviria » Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:57 pm

Report filed at the offices of CIT (Centro de Inteligencia contra el Terrorismo)

April 2, 1965 - ONGOING

Operation name:Operation Red River
Performed by: New National Front (paramilitary)
Target: Frente Marxista Revolucionario (FRM), Movimiento Revolucionario: Comunista (MRC), Alianza de Marxistas y Socialistas (AMS), other left-wing guerilla groups
Reason: Ideological differences - the New National Front (NNF) is a well-financed far-right paramilitary organization founded following the kidnapping and murder of a wealthy landowner after his family was unable to make the ransom; his sons began financing nationalist paramilitary groups which later merged into the NNF. It is an open secret that the NNF will raze guerilla encampments and massacre villages under guerilla control. Govirian authorities have secretly tolerated NNF activities due to their own inability to weed out far-left revolutionary groups, especially as their focus has been on drug cartels and narcoterrorism.
Total number of victims: 200 (official), 3500 (NGO estimates)
Final result of the operation
[]Success []Failure [X]Other: Although guerilla and paramilitary activity is greatly reduced in Goviria following police and military crackdowns over the past two decades, sporadic violence is still reported.
Public statements: The government of Goviria strongly condemns guerilla and paramilitary activity and does not tolerate violence.
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Postby Zhouran » Tue Apr 13, 2021 1:04 am

Report filed at the offices of the 33rd Strategic Battle GroupImage


Operation name: Project Five-Eyed Zulibuta 77-101
Performed by: SpecOps operators from Combat Assault Group Headhunter 3-5, SBG-33
Target: Anomalous Object ███████; Union of Dark Ascension superhardliners
Reason: To hunt down, secure and retrieve Anomalous Object ███████ onboard a cargo ship off the coast of ████ ████ as well as sink said cargo ship and eliminate superhardliners from the UDA who seek to get hold of Anomalous Object ███████ first
Total number of victims: ██
Final result of the operation:
[X]Success []Failure []Other:
Public statements: Warships from the Zhouranese People's Army Navy conducted live-fire exercise in the █████ █████ Sea involving the firing of anti-ship missiles towards a target ship

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Postby Free Stalliongrad » Tue Jul 06, 2021 7:11 am


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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Tue Jul 06, 2021 3:25 pm

Operation name: Operation Tango 2012-2015

Performed by: Elements of the SIE, Special Forces command and exmembres of my special Forces
Target: Train, advise and equip the FNAB anticommunist separatist guerrillas. Deploy air controllers and Special Forces. Build an Humint network to support our
Total number of victims: indirect.
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[X]Success []Failure [x]Other: (please specify)Partial success of the FNAB, it frees part of their home nation. Our, task Force opened a second front in the 2nd ACSN UCS war. The UCS regime collapsed.
Public statements: (optional: has anything been said to the population?)We recognized diplomatically the FNAB.

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The Imagination Animals
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Postby The Imagination Animals » Tue Jul 06, 2021 4:08 pm

Report filed at the offices of the Crossoverian Intelligence Unit


Name and surname: Zeeter Saldivar
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Occupation: Terrorist
Portrait or description: (optional)
Current status (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Alive []Dead [*]Missing []Other: (please specify)
Crime: Crimes Against Humanity
Solution: Sentence Ms. Saldivar to be hanged, which will be shown on State TV
Public statements: She needs to be punished for her terrible actions against my children.
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Postby Awesome Imperium » Tue Jul 06, 2021 6:32 pm

Report filed at the offices of [insert name or acronym of your secret services or secret police]

Date Month/day/year

Operation name: Listener
Performed by: Imperial Police Force (name of the military/paramilitary/secret organization and/or its leader)
Target: criminals and suspicious persons
Reason: Massive criminal actions in the capitol.
Total number of victims: estimated around 100
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[x]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: (optional: has anything been said to the population?)

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Postby Menschlicher Sternenstaat » Tue Jul 06, 2021 8:11 pm


04| 06 | 791 SA

Operation Name:
Operation Spinnelilie-σ

Performed by:
Staatsschutz (SS)
  • Forschungs-und-Entwicklungsbüro - Staatsschutz (FuE-SS)
    • Stillerberg-Forschungsabteilung 104; research
  • National-Staatsschutz (National-SS)
    • SS-Oberschnitt Schoenau; security and manpower

Various selected genetically transhuman civilians that resided within the recently formed Staatskommissariat Schoenau. The operation was undertaken independent of Staatswehr command and approval.

To test the possibility of retroactively editing the somatic and gametic genomes and anatomical structures of transhumans into baseline humans; utilizing a combination of nanomachines, surgery, and organic chemotherapies in order to induce both a newfound baseline human and future baseline humans through gametic progeny.

Total number of victims:
10,375 males and 13,084 females.

Final result of the operation:
MIXED. Failure to yield baseline humans through retroactive editing of genomes and surgical practices due to the rigors of the process; most subjects died from these trials within the surgical and genetic conversions. Success to yield baseline human progeny through the editing of gametic cells in genetic transhumans. This was accomplished through forced insemination of retroactively edited transhuman ova or baseline human ova utilizing retroactively edited transhuman spermatazoa or normal baseline human spermatazoa.

Public statements:
None; top secret.

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Postby The Hazar Amisnery » Tue Jul 06, 2021 8:32 pm

Հատուկ գործողությունների գրասենյակ ներկայացված զեկույցը Հատուկ գործողությունների գրասենյակ
Report filed at the Special Operations Office


Operation name: «Սեւ արշալույս» գործողություն | Operation "Black Dawn"
Performed by: Հատուկ գործողությունների միավոր 12 | Special Operations Unit 12
Target: HMS սեւ արշալույսի | HMS Waaberi Madow
Reason: Orովահենների հիմնական միացություն | Major pirate compound
Total number of victims: 115
Final result of the operation:
[X]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: ոչինչ | None
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Postby The Piratini Republic » Fri Jul 09, 2021 8:47 am

Report filed at the offices of the Internal Affairs Board


Operation name: Housecleaner
Performed by: Internal Affairs Board (DAI), under command of Guilherme Reinheimer.
Target: Drug users
Reason: Increased crime rates, which were blamed on drug users.
Total number of victims: 572
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[X]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: The operation was covered by the Internal Affairs Board. The drug users were taken out from the streets or their homes and supposedly sent to rehabilitation centers. However, their true fate was execution in the Santa Maria Prison. Their bodies were incinerated. Two years later, the operation still remains a secret, although their families asking about their whereabouts is still a pain in the ass. The occasional response is "they did not survive the treatment due to their poor state from years of substance abuse."

Report filed at the offices of the National Integrity Cabinet


Operation name: Bloody Fairy
Performed by: National Integrity Cabinet (GIN), under command of Tatiana Novakovskaya.
Target: People associated with the Free Piratini Movement, both nationals and foreigners
Reason: "Subversive activities"
Total number of victims: 89
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[X]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: The operation was covered by the National Integrity Cabinet. The operation took place in five different locations: Porto Alegre, Pelotas, Passo Fundo, Uruguaiana, and Laguna (Juliana Republic). The places where the criminals were hiding or meeting were raided simultaneously. The operation ended with 56 deaths, with another 33 people being taken as prisoners. The prisoners were tortured and after the needed information was taken from them, they were executed. While the Free Piratini Movement is well aware of what we do, they are ineffective at telling it to the public, especially since Tatiana's crew leaves no traces behind.
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Postby Mirum » Fri Jul 23, 2021 7:53 am

Report filed at the offices of The Mirian Ministry of Defense and War, Sector 15

Operation name: Operation Silent Annihilator
Performed by: The Mirian Navy / The Mirian Army
Target: N/A (Experiment)
Reason: A demonstration of a prototype 'death bomb' that could wipe out all life in a city without any damage.
Total number of victims: 1,200 Accidental Casualties, 0 intended

Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[ ]Success [X]Failure [ ]Other: (please specify)
Note: Bomb lost in transit, crew killed by accidental detonation at sea.

Public statements: Cruiser disappeared, unknown cause, reappeared without crew. 'Death Bomb' does not exist.
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Postby Free Stalliongrad » Wed Oct 06, 2021 12:36 pm


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Postby GreatOceania » Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:45 am

Report filed at the offices of The Civil Protection


Operation name: Operation Cleanout: Pest Control
Performed by: Civil Protection
Target: Ghettos housing uncooperative citizens
Reason:to reduce the amount the of Uncooperatives and prevent uprisings
Total number of victims: 320,000 Dead
Final result of the operation:
[X]Success []Failure []Other:
Public statements: none
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Postby Celestial American Republic » Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:50 am

Report filed at the offices of Shadow Corps


Operation name: Operation Sandstone
Performed by: United States Navy/Centralian Space Defense Force
Target: Rixki System, Yuzhongia
Reason: Critical supplying system for Vong fleets
Total number of victims: 5 billion
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[X]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: According to the public's knowledge, there were no non-combatants on the planet Rixqo
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Imperial States of Duotona
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Postby Imperial States of Duotona » Thu Oct 07, 2021 1:52 pm

Report filed at the offices of the Duotonan Intelligence and Spy Network (DISN)

Date: 06/22/1997

NOTE: Burn this document immediately after reading. If no fire is available, dispose of this in a way in which it would be unrecognizable to those who stumble upon it.

Operation name: Silenced Hawk
Performed by: 25th Duotonan Armed Forces Div
Target: Left Wing protesters in St Hubert
Reason: Unruly behaviour which could lead to uprisings
Total number of victims: 255
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[x]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: Public told that situation is under control, families of dead to be told that they were sent to "re-education"
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Postby Canvalland » Fri Oct 08, 2021 2:50 pm

Report filed at the offices of National Security Agency

Date October/6th/2021

Operation name: Vodka Cake
Performed by: NSA agent "Nemesis"
N-Group, a notorious Novogardian drug dealer cartel who were in New Stockholm City, undercover identity as German Businesspersons.
-Leonaardt "Vodka" [Redacted], A former FCSR Agent and current drug dealer, leader of N-Group.
-Natasha [Redacted], Leonaardt's wife or lover, general-contactor in Canvalland, N-Group high level managers
-Emmanuel Constantine, French Mercenary leader, Security Leader of "Vodka" and N-Group
Reason: Too risky to arrest
Total number of victims: 3 main targets, 39 related personnel and 1 civilian who was a prostitute in Vodka's room
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[]Success []Failure [X]Other: One innocent civilian unit was killed.
Public statements: Fire Department Chief Resigned after Tragic Gas Explosion in New Stockholm Killed 43

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Postby Pirusavia » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:55 am


Report filed at the offices of PETARUN

16 February 1952

Operation name:
Operation 691 "Angel Claws"
Performed by:
PETARUN agents and the Reserve Motorized Brigade of Gvardija (PETNARGAR).
Prostitution service providers, whorehouses, escorts, and sex workers.
To protect the dignity of the Pirusavian workers and people, reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), crackdown of trafficking, and protect the revolutionary peoples of Pirusavia from the corruptive libertine beliefs of the antisocial, parasitic reactionary groups.
Total number of victims:
1857 prostitutes and sex workers arrested, 20 died from violence, 150 souteneurs arrested, and 8 souteneurs executed by secret trial due to evidences of forced labour and trafficking.
Final result of the operation:
[X]Success []Failure - Local informants reported the decrease in sex business.
Public statements:
No - this information is strictly confidential.
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Postby Neo-Western East Korea » Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:17 pm

Report filed at the offices of the CIS


Operation name: PAYBACK
Performed by: Pyoyter Nakiovich’s CIS, several Penal Battalions.
Target: Former members of the South and North Korean regimes.
Reason: The Prevention of possible revolution by former members of governance
Total number of victims: 250
Final result of the operation
[X] Other: All former governmental leaders (The Kim Family, in particular) killed, several lesser communist and democratic members able to escape to Japan, agents sent on search that turned out fruitless, still at large.
Public statements: Minor speech given on elimination of the old tyrants, no major political successes gained from this event, may have bolstered morale.
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Postby Solshime » Wed Oct 27, 2021 3:27 pm

Report filed at the offices of the RSSS

Date November/3rd/1942

Operation name: bloody sand
Performed by: (name of the military/paramilitary/secret organization and/or its leader) death troopers
Target: Indian civilians
Reason: resistance to occupation
Total number of victims: 600,000-100,000,0
Final result of the operation (mark one of the following options with an X):
[x]Success []Failure []Other: (please specify)
Public statements: (optional: has anything been said to the population?)



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