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Postby Kyrusia » Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:38 pm

For further information, please direct your attention to the current discussion thread regarding this topic. Please, also, see the below:

Reploid Productions wrote:The tricky part is we want to have at least some guidelines hammered out backstage; we're all kinda flying by the seat of our pants here. Obviously we want to avoid overreach given this unconventional temporary expansion of "what we can smack people for." For example, the mortality rate: that's something that you could easily have a very valid discussion and debate about (risk for different age groups, mortality rate variance given access to medical care, etc), OR could troll with dangerous misinformation about ("Young people don't have to worry it's only 0.02% mortality rate for them!")

Given how rapidly the situation is developing, there should definitely be leeway built in for "posting outdated information" versus "posting blatant misinformation." Likewise, there should be some leeway as this is a radical departure from our usual enforcement guidelines and it will take some time to circulate through the NS general public.

Again, we're still thrashing out "How the hell do we go about enforcing this from Max's edict?!" backstage. Kinda reminds me of the bad old days in 2003 when me and the other original mods were trying to thrash out how to enforce everything from Max's very broad list of things in the FAQ. ^^;

We are currently working on a detailed global announcement, and appreciate your patience at this time. We'll have it out to everyone as soon as possible.
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