[NS Parliament] Republic

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[NS Parliament] Republic

Postby Republik Sankt-Hilda » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:39 pm

Republik | République | Republiek
“Laying The Foundations of a Proud Republic”

Founded in 2005 by an alliance of left-wing seperatists, Republic is a left-wing party that prioritises democratic socialism, republicanism, environmentalism and civic action.

Author(s): Dormill and Stiura, Crylante
Date: 6 June 2019

The Republic Party (or simply, “Republic”) is a democratic socialist and republican party that seeks to establish an environmentally conscious and proud Republic for Saint Hilda. We accept any who believes in our cause into our fold and we are above petty squabbling to set aside our differences with our parliamentary opponents to work for policies for the betterment of Saint Hilda, her workers, and her people. To that end, we declare our Manifesto and our Platform to be:

  1. Holding a referendum on whether to retain the Swedish monarch as the head of state of St Hilda.
  2. Establishing the fundamental right of workers under capitalism to organise into unions to campaign for better wages, the protection of strikes and mandatory negotiations between employers and unions.
  3. Working to established co-operative businesses, with the goal of reforming businesses to establish workers' ownership.
  4. Encouraging regional development and investment projects, encouraging co-operative business in emerging sectors in deprived and declining regions of St. Hilda.
  5. Establishing a well-funded, efficient, universal healthcare service run without involvement from the private sector.
  6. Establishing an education system based on encouraging critical thinking and ensuring our citizens have both the knowledge and skills to succeed in life, as well as one that promotes egalitarianism among students and social mobility.
  7. Abolishing student tuition fees at St Hilda University to guarantee that further education is open to all.
  8. Moving towards a total reduction in carbon emissions by 2035 through the creation of a state-owned renewable energy company to provide affordable, clean energy to all in St Hilda.
  9. Building a heavily progressive taxation system based on personal income and redistributive efforts to shift wealth from the richest to the poorest.
  10. Creating an efficient public transport system run in the common interest that covers the entire nation.
  11. Creating a system of social housing with the goal of ending homelessness and ensuring all citizens have a place they can call home.
  12. Ensuring high-speed fibre-optic internet connections across the island.
  13. Establishing a system of support for the unemployed that does not penalise those at the receiving end of labour shortages.
  14. Creating an open and transparent legislature free from special interests and lobbying.
  15. Fixing the wages of members of parliament, ministers, the Prime Minister and the President to the national median wage.
  16. Enshrining the right for constituents to recall their MP if they do not represent their views and concerns adequately.
  17. Creating a system of popular initiatives aimed at encouraging civic participation among the populace.
  18. Lowering the voting age to 16 to encourage youth participation in politics.
  19. Opening an enquiry into differences in pay with regards to gender, ethnicity, sexuality and background with the goal of reducing any and all such pay gaps.
  20. Promoting legislation to protect racial minorities and LGBTI individuals from hate crimes and discrimination.
  21. Enshrining the rights and equality of LGBTI individuals in terms of gender recognition, marriage, employment, pay and security.
  22. Supporting a woman’s right to abortion in her first 24 weeks of pregnancy.
  23. The legalisation, taxation and regulation of marijuana and other soft drugs.
  24. The defence of the civil liberties of the St Hildan people against those that wish to take them away.
  25. Establishing a positive position in the world for the benefit of all.


Draft 1
Dormill and Stiura, Crylante
Date: 6 June 2019

Republic believes that in order to make a strong and stable presence in the Parliament, we must be efficiently organized while also adhering to our core values and ideals. This Constitution shall serve as the bedrock for the function of Republic in all settings.

We are here resolved to establish a fair system of governance for Republic, to establish ourselves as an effective organization, and to advance and promote our Manifesto and Platform across Saint Hilda, we therefore establish;

The Party Parliamentary Group

  1. The Party Parliamentary Group shall be composed of all members of the party who shall also be Members of Parliament
  2. The Parliamentary Group shall appoint all ministers of the party in Government, the Chief Whip and all other Whips of the party, and Chairperson of the Legislation Committee
  3. That if the majority of the Parliamentary Group believes that any member of the Central Committee or the Legislation Committee, or any other MP, has failed to adequately perform their duties, that the party can call for a Vote of No Confidence in the abilities of the specific person
  4. That in order for such a member to be removed through a Vote of No Confidence, a two-thirds majority must be reached by the Parliamentary Group

The Party Central Committee

  1. The Central Committee shall be composed of the core leadership of the party, including all ministers of all classes, the chief party whip, the Chairperson of the Legislation Committee, and at least five (5) non-minister MPs as applicable
  2. The Central Committee shall have the right to expel any member of the party if it comes to a consensus that the member has violated the Party Manifesto or other party by-law
  3. The Central Committee shall have the right to negotiate on the behalf of the party where necessary, so long as the decision of the Central Committee is brought to a vote before the remainder of the party Parliamentary Group

The Party Legislation Committee

  1. The Legislation Committee shall set the standard at which all legislation the party submits to Parliament shall meet
  2. The Legislation Committee shall be led by a Chairperson selected from the Central Committee and confirmed through election by secret ballot of the Parliamentary Group
  3. The Legislation Committee and its chairperson shall be granted the power to endorse party legislation that meets the established standards


  1. All members of the party shall have the right to leave the party at their own discretion.

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Postby Dormill and Stiura » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:45 pm

Tag because that logo is awesome.

Glad to be a part of Republik.
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Postby Crylante » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:48 pm

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Postby West Leas Oros 2 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:54 pm

Glad to be a part of Republic
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Postby Crylante » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:39 am

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Crylantian Federation
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Postby Kyrusia » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:37 pm

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