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[NSP] Center-Progressive

Postby Center-Progressive » Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:30 pm

"I am an idealist without illusions." - John F. Kennedy
"Neither right, nor left, but forwards." - Unattributed

Welcome to the Party Headquarters of Center-Progressive. We are a young and energetic movement, formed by the merger of Center and the Progressive Party in mid 2018. Often defined as sitting in the "Radical Center" of the political spectrum, Center-Progressive draws on evidence and rational thinking to push for the most effective policies for the everyday Saint Hildan. Our independent movement is pragmatic, with principles. Would you like to know more?


Center-Progressive pursues independent, evidence-based policies on the issues that matter most.

Social Policy
Center-Progressive believes in individual liberties, and views the respect and protection of human rights as the most important role of a Government. We support:

  • Putting an end to the monarchy of Saint Hilda.
  • Legalization and sensible regulation of cannabis and related products.
  • Reforming copyright laws to protect creators in a way that does not stifle freedom and innovation.
  • The expansion of suffrage rights to those above the age of sixteen.
  • Recognition of access to the internet as a human right.
  • Legalization and protections for prostitution and other sex industries.
  • Legal and safe access to abortion, backed by strong foundations in preventative education and access to contraceptives.
  • Legal ownership of non-automatic firearms, and legal use of firearms on private property.
  • Bold protections and enforcements of religious, sexual, gender, and racial equality.

Economic Policy
Center-Progressive believes that to create prosperity, government has an indicative role to play in the free and fair market of the economy. We support:

  • Progressive Income Taxation, with Negative Income Tax at the lowest levels in the place of welfare schemes.
  • Reducing financial pressures on small businesses.
  • Establishing control over a new national currency, which should be valued to strengthen our exporter industries.
  • Simplifying the process for the registration of a corporation.
  • Improving the efficiency or services, before increasing scale.
  • Working towards a balanced budget, and maintaining a healthy and small national debt.

Environmental Policy
Climate change is real, and human impacts are at least partially responsible. Center-Progressive believes that the environment is ultimately the greatest inheritance we leave for our future generations. We support:

  • Tax credits in the private sector to encourage use of sustainable energy.
  • Establishing a Green Investments Bank to provide financial backing to new clean projects.
  • Supporting farmers in the protection of land from soil degradation and effluent runoff.
  • Indicative measures to gradually reduce total carbon outputs from the economy.

Services Policy
Center-Progressive believes that every person should have access to education, healthcare, and justice. We support:

  • Increased provision of resources for the public education system.
  • Making tertiary student loans interest-free.
  • Building a public option for healthcare, so everyone can have access.
  • Offering public financial support to important cultural institutions.

Foreign Policy
Center-Progressive believes that the world is becoming smaller every day, and that this is a good thing. We support:

  • Saint Hildan participation in international bodies such as the UN, CARICOM, and the OECS.
  • Building a relationship with Sweden based on shared history and cultural understanding, instead of political or economic integration.
  • Fighting tariffs and protectionism, and supporting freedom of trade.
  • Recognition of the independence and sovereignty of West Papua and Somaliland.
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Postby Center-Progressive » Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:30 pm


Center-Progressive is a nation-wide movement, with representation at many levels of government. We are working hard to increase our representation in the national Parliament.

Parliamentary Caucus
Our elected representatives in Parliament make up the following party caucus, listed in order of party membership seniority.

For the present time, the party's parliamentary caucus makes up the ex officio executive committee of the party, which is jointly responsible for the leadership of the party. A chairperson is elected from the Executive Committee to serve as the "first-among-equals" of the committee, chairing discussions and breaking ties in decision-making. The current Chairman is Marius Forsman.
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Postby The Miaphysite Church of Coptic Archism » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:41 am

Now that there are a couple more members, I'd like to extend the question whether we have any more proposals for policies to include in our party platform?

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Postby Center-Progressive » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:23 pm

Party Discord is now live.

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Postby Kyrusia » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:37 pm

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