Incorrigible Punsters: Do NOT Incorrige!

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Incorrigible Punsters: Do NOT Incorrige!

Postby Katganistan » Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:36 am

[22:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tsaraine
[22:02] <Katganistan> Tsar!
[22:02] * Katganistan hugs
[22:02] <Tsaraine> Kat!
[22:02] * Tsaraine hugs back.
[22:03] * Tsaraine has chocolate! Black Forest, so goooood ...
[22:03] <[hack][in_briefly]> ARGH
[22:03] <Tsaraine> Hmm?
[22:03] <[hack][in_briefly]> We were doing tree-related puns before you came in...
[22:04] * Frisbeeteria ROFLs
[22:04] <Tsaraine> Oh.
[22:04] <Frisbeeteria> AND chocolate in there somehow
[22:04] <Frisbeeteria> double dipped that one
[22:05] <[hack][in_briefly]> Oh, fudge. Now you've got him going again.
[22:05] <Frisbeeteria> I'm thinking it must be Hot Fudge Sunday
[22:05] <Katganistan> We're not gonna candy coat it -- you got us started again.
[22:06] <Frisbeeteria> C'mon Hack - you're not going to drop it, are you? Butterfingers.
[22:06] * [hack][in_briefly] Snickers.
[22:07] <Katganistan> LOL, we're like the Three Musketeers of punning.
[22:07] <[hack][in_briefly]> Saw that one coming all the way from 5th Avenue.
[22:07] <Frisbeeteria> Oh, Henry - ain't it the truth
[22:07] <Katganistan> Bet 100 Grand you didn't.
[22:08] <Frisbeeteria> Tsar, join the party. We're having mounds of fun
[22:08] <Katganistan> Was at the Mets game today -- but somehow they couldn't Skor.
[22:09] <Frisbeeteria> do the Mets have a replacement for old dear Baby Ruth yet?
[22:09] <Katganistan> Not yet, while we are mourning the passing of his M&Ms, the Pope.
[22:09] <[hack][in_briefly]> ...
[22:09] <Tsaraine> I don't know all these references, I'm afraid ...
[22:10] <[hack][in_briefly]> That one takes the Kit, Kat.
[22:10] <Katganistan> (American lollies, I'm afraid)
[22:10] <Katganistan> LOL!
[22:10] <Frisbeeteria> it's ball game stuff, New York style. Get yer Red Hots, that sorta thing
[22:10] <[hack][in_briefly]> You could always ask Mike & Ike for some help.
[22:10] <Katganistan> That was just Crackerjack, Fris.
[22:11] <Katganistan> These puns are Good & Plenty.
[22:11] <Frisbeeteria> nah, they're mostly Whoppers
[22:11] <[hack][in_briefly]> Seriously though, I gotta head out.
[22:11] <Katganistan> You are, as Hamlet would say, the nonpareil.
[22:12] <Frisbeeteria> but Hack has always riesen to the occasion
[22:12] <Katganistan> See ya Now & Later
[22:12] <[hack][in_briefly]> Mmm... nothing like a Sno-capped mountain
[22:12] * [hack][in_briefly] coughs, "Once you start, you can't stop!"
[22:12] <Katganistan> Werther or not he believes it.
[22:12] <Frisbeeteria> cya later, sugar babies
[22:12] * Quits: [hack][in_briefly] (Quit: AAAAH! THE PUN-ISHMENT!)
[22:13] <Frisbeeteria> good old pop-rocks culture evading our young friend again. Sorry, Tsar.
[22:14] <Tsaraine> Heh. Lots of culture evades me.
[22:14] <Katganistan> For my wedding, I am learning to dance ballroom style from the famous chinese dancer, Charleston Chew.
[22:15] <Frisbeeteria> damn, Kat - that one was as much a stretch as salt water taffy
[22:15] <Katganistan> Dots all I could think of.
[22:16] <Frisbeeteria> it was a gobstopper, I'll give you that
[22:16] <Katganistan> It was worth some Chuckles.
[22:16] <Frisbeeteria> I think we should stop being air heads, and get some forum reading in
[22:17] <Frisbeeteria> Tsar will think we're a pair of Nerds
[22:18] <Katganistan> Nah, just some Runts.
[22:18] <Frisbeeteria> maybe you, but I'm no Slopoke Runt
[22:19] * Katganistan gives Fris Hugs and Kisses
[22:19] <Frisbeeteria> thanks doll - you're a life saver
[22:20] <Katganistan> Don't be such a Sour Patch, kid
[22:20] <Frisbeeteria> me sour? I'm bubblicious!
[22:21] <Frisbeeteria> I've even been accused of being dubble bubbley
[22:21] <Katganistan> We should stop... I think the rest of them are readying the Bazooka, Joe.
[22:22] <Katganistan> ;)
[22:22] <Frisbeeteria> I give up. Time for me to get my homework done anyway. I've got Certs coming up.
[22:23] * Katganistan shakes hands with Fris before she goes totally Mentos.
[22:23] <Frisbeeteria> gotta be ready for payday, you know how it is
[22:24] * Katganistan Altoids further punning.
[22:24] <Frisbeeteria> Like I said, Tootsie, I gotta roll.
[22:24] * Frisbeeteria is now known as FrisIsAway
[22:24] <Katganistan> :-D
[22:25] <Tsaraine> * shakes his head *
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