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Postby Bromagia » Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:08 pm

Rojava Free State wrote:When I heard about trump's desire to quarantine New York, I realized what his plan was. Block New York off from the rest of the world and then let the disease run rampant in the state, killing upwards of 10% of the people who get it. Most new Yorkers would survive but it would inflict a major blow on the state in retaliation for "them not voting for me" and "Cuomo not showing me the respect I deserve."

This guy is downright diabolical. I seriously cant believe he would even consider denying aid to Americans during a disaster.

You're making a lot of leaps. It wouldn't surprise me if he was angling on the pandemic but that seems absurd.
I'm finished with this forum and the constant goddamn groupthink, virtue signalling, and woke scolding. I thank Max for the good times I've spent here but I just don't fit anymore. Peace.

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Rojava Free State
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Postby Rojava Free State » Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:00 pm

The Lone Alliance wrote:
Rojava Free State wrote:
I guess Trump assumes that everyone is like him. He would clearly be willing to let people die just to make someone else look bad, so I think other people are as sociopathic as him and would do the same.

Well the response by Puerto Rico reinforced that view, the local governments of Puerto Rico were quite willing to let their own people die simply so the Federal Government would fork over more money and disaster relief while secretly hoarding supplies for their own advantage.

Their idiotic actions gave Trump the excuse he needed to pull this.

Unfortunately the damage was done.

Really though for the most part I think most people made the right call to simply ignore Trump and use the fact that truthfully he doesn't have the power to make them beg.

Rosello and his cronies can never be forgiven for what they did in Puerto Rico.
Rojava Free State wrote:Listen yall. I'm only gonna say it once but I want you to remember it. This ain't a world fit for good men. It seems like you gotta be monstrous just to make it. Gotta have a little bit of darkness within you just to survive. You gotta stoop low everyday it seems like. Stoop all the way down to the devil in these times. And then one day you look in the mirror and you realize that you ain't you anymore. You're just another monster, and thanks to your actions, someone else will eventually become as warped and twisted as you. Never forget that the best of us are just the best of a bad lot. Being at the top of a pile of feces doesn't make you anything but shit like the rest. Never forget that.

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Democratic Socialists

Postby Nattily Dressed Anarchists on Bicycles » Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:33 pm

Ifreann wrote:These kinds of issues with navigating Trump's ego are why I think it's not worth trying. You could do everything he asks and on a whim he might decide that it wasn't enough.

This has basically been the experience of Governor Newsom of California, and reports are he's switching tack.


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