Two Senators want Antifa labled domestic terrorists

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Postby Kaltovar » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:32 pm

Kubra wrote:
Kaltovar wrote:Not that it has anything to do with anything, but I'm very upset that Puerto Rico and Samoa aren't states yet.

And honestly, I wish we had accepted Liberia and the Philippines when they applied for statehood.

Extensions of full rights and patriotic duties to new populations makes me happy, as does giving them a reason to stand on my side if another big international resource war breaks out.
the Philippines never applied for statehood. I mean, it was kind of conquered, so even if there was a path to statehood it would have probably not been taken.
And in any case, why take in another group of resource-consumers?

January 30, 1988 the Philippines and Puerto Rico sent their representatives to lobby Congress for a formal declaration of statehood for their respective territories. Long after Philippine Independence. Philippine Statehood is still a topic of debate today, and is actually growing in popularity. ... annexation

Because I believe that we're already fucked on our current path and the only way to save ourselves is through rapid advancement of technology, and the more people we have with better access to education and travel between the states the more chances we have to produce the scientists which will be capable of saving a nation that is already doomed. Also for strategic reasons, because they're both important air and naval bases for us. In short, tech is a resource too and it can't be consumed. I happen to think it's going to be the most important resource, if we want to avoid another big resource war. We will need to branch out into asteroid mining and advanced forms of nuclear power and reprocessing if we're going to survive the next 100 years.

That's not really why, it's my pragmatic justification. The reason WHY is because I feel like anyone who wants to call themselves American and loves my country enough to want to annex theirs into it is somebody who I'd be proud to call my fellow American and fight Nazis with in Hell.

Edit: To explain that I view technology as a resource and overcoming the limitations of "petty resources" like food and iron is the very challenge which faces us, not preserving those resources until they inevitably run out. If we follow the only path that can in my view save us, these won't be the limiting factors on our society anymore.
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Postby Kassaran » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:37 am

So let's bring it back to Antifa being/not being terrorist fodder? How does Philippine statehood work into that?
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The Knockout Gun Gals wrote:
The United Remnants of America wrote:You keep that cheap Chinese knock-off away from the real OG...

bloody hell, mate.
that's a real deal. We just don't buy the license rights.

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Postby Hirota » Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:15 am

Liriena wrote:
The Greater Ohio Valley wrote:Sauce pls? Cuz this sounds spicy. ... y-the-fbi/

FBI Director Christopher Wray told Cruz the agency is "absolutely concerned about violence committed on behalf of any ideology." But "the key there," said Wray, is that "the FBI doesn't investigate ideology, we investigate violent criminal activity."

He's got the right attitude. It doesn't matter why someone feels they are entitled to practice violent criminal activity.
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Postby ImperialRussia » Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:10 am

Antifa is going something left under bus soon

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Postby Stylan » Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:17 am

Extremely bad idea, but not a surprise considering Trump and his gang murdered an antifascist activist extrajudicially earlier this year.

It would be like labelling the "alt-right" a terrorist "group." It's not a group, it's an idea.
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Postby New Visayan Islands » Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:23 am

Please do not gravedig. Thread Locked.

ImperialRussia wrote:Antifa is going something left under bus soon

Given your history of gravedigging old threads, it has been determined that you take *** two weeks off *** to read and review the Rules.

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