Islamic Discussion Thread ٥: Free Tajweed, Absolutely Halaal

For discussion and debate about anything. (Not a roleplay related forum; out-of-character commentary only.)


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What denomination of Islam are you part of?

Sufi (either Sunni or Shi'a)
Total votes : 112

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Totally Not OEP
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Psychotic Dictatorship

Postby Totally Not OEP » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:02 am

Personally, I think Eastern Christianity is a better fit for Iran than Shitte Islam. Same for Egypt, given it's history there. Most of the rest of the Islamic makes sense for the most part, sans Lebanon.
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I'm definitely not OEP. I definitely don't advocate for annexing Mexico and establishing a National Syndicalist state.

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North German Realm
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Postby North German Realm » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:14 am

Totally Not OEP wrote:Personally, I think Eastern Christianity is a better fit for Iran than Shitte Islam. Same for Egypt, given it's history there. Most of the rest of the Islamic makes sense for the most part, sans Lebanon.

I'd prefer a Manevite or Zoroastrian revivalism as a whole, with Chaldean Catholics, Syriac Christians, and the Armenian Apostolic Church each promoted among the people who've actually followed them historically (after the deislamification of Iran, of course)
Also a recompensation of the Jews who were fucking ethnically cleansed by the fascist Shiite government between 79 and '19, preferably at the expense of the Mosque.
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North Germany

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Postby Jolthig » Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:56 am

Well guys, I'll be permanently leaving NS, but over the next year I may make some small exceptions like occasionally coming into TET or RPing. However, since leaving NSG (with the exception of this post since it is a declaration, and of course, TET), I've grown bored with NS. I hardly RP, and I haven't been arguing on online forums due to the fact it's a waste of time. Many of you have told me NSG will never be the same without me. While, I appreciate the feedback, I must do what I have to do. I wish to be more secluded, and away from public forums on social media in order to form a stronger connection with Allah just as those past Prophets and righteous people have secluded themselves from the world with the exception of worldly things that are necessary like taking care of family, job, etc. I'll be increasing my faith and knowledge. I already have many of you on other apps so we shall stay connected.

There are some of you who beg for me to stay, and others who praise me for leaving. But, know this, my conduct has changed. I feel arguing on debate forums is a waste of time, and rules that regulate posters' behavior does nothing to correct the enmity between the users who go at one another. They may obey the rules most of the time, but their hatred for one another remains. I do not wish to enable this kind of behavior for myself. Especially as a Muslim looking for a stronger connection with Allah, and for better well being of myself. On top of this, I feel being on social media publically, and giving out all my opinions plus arguing leads me down a bad path, and makes me have a social media ego. Islam values the destruction of the ego and not enabling it.

Instead, I must put the past behind, and go towards the future. I appreciate the discussions we've all had in the past but I also acknowledge the amount of bad faith posting I've helped to enable in the past; getting into feuds with a few NSGers or talking about drama privately about feuds between the most active NSGers. None of that is no longer of any benefit for me, or rather, I've only recently come to this conclusion.

To those who wish for me to stay, and have seen me come back in the past, I simply won't come back and be active again (with the exception of some possible pop ins in TET or occasional RPing), the last few times I attempted to leave was only because of a feud with one or two NSGers. This time, I've realized no matter what, and how I try to change my behavior on a public forum, the anger and hate that rises within me, stemming from the ego, remains regardless of how I approach things. The best thing to do is get away from environments that impede my progress. To be endlessly arguing on a public debate forum is in my opinion, unproductive. I found better things to do in life. This extends to FB and Twitter too.

But I have remained connected with many of you in other apps. I will also remain online on and off on this account for one more day so that everybody may have the chance to say goodbye to me publically and privately, but also if they wish to stay connected, for me to give them my contact information.

My discord # is AhmadiMuslim#9602 if any of you have discord. Sorry to all those wish for me to stay. I know, I had a huge impact on this forum, and I've tried numerous methods to curtail bad faith posting through my own example, but somehow, the environment finds away for me to do bad faith posting in a moment of weakness. Rules regulating a behavior of an individual simply isn't enough to stop drama or people hating on each other because when you have crowds of people in a gathering with radically differing views, no matter what, fights ensure. I am getting away as it is of no benefit for me to continuously talk about drama whether related to peoples differing views, politics, personalities, etc. As a Muslim, I must always strive to change my ways, and improve my weaknesses.

As for those who agree with me, let this be a good example to you, all, and I hope this post may be of benefit.

With this said, this is my last post in my 9 years on and off on NS, unless otherwise.

Assalaam o alakium wa rahmatullah wa barakatu, and god bless you all.
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Retiring from NS, guys.

Grenartia wrote:Then we Marshall Plan it.

Kowani wrote:
Jolthig wrote:Lol why

“Und Mirza”


Jean-Paul Sartre wrote:
LiberNovusAmericae wrote:Isn't that what NSG is for though to a degree?


Allow me to explain using several fallacies, veiled insults, and insinuations that you’re ugly and dumb.


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