AMDs new card at CES

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AMDs new card at CES

Postby Potato » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:42 am ... 7-for-699/

AMD's new Radeon 7 was showcased at CES, with a pricepoint of 699$, which is essentially the same as the 2080 from nvidia, but with double the vram and double the bandwidth, and an overall higher core clock, and promises of better cards to follow later. I think this will show significant trouble to Nvidia, who will either have to release their 11xx line to compensate (the 20xx series without tensor cores), which would undermine their own 20xx line in performance, but potentially leap over the Radeon 7, or they'll have to get games to support RTX at a faster pace than they are now, otherwise the sheer power of the Radeon 7 will overshadow it. I'm hopeful for how this'll affect the used market, I'm already seeing 960s going for 40$, and the 10xx series dropping as well.

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