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How would you react to having a Witch/Wizard in your family if you're non-magical?

Embrace their magic, be supportive.
Hesitantly accept their magic and let them go.
Let them decide what they want to do.
Ignore the letter(s) or actively try to prevent contact with Wizarding world.
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"We're going away, far away. Where they can't find us!"
Total votes : 60

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Postby Ifreann » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:53 am

Infected Mushroom wrote:
New haven america wrote:Eh, depends on your blood purity.

it is true, even with Voldemort's defeat, if your blood isn't pure, in many of the highest circles you won't get very far

Harry Potter and his friends are an exception because of their unique history and the wheels can be said to be turning to some extent, but it would be a mistake to think that Purity is no longer relevant

All the more reason to enact my plan to bring social progress to the backwards wizards.
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Postby Nazis in Space » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:43 am

The blAAtschApen wrote:I'm a talking sheep. If I were non magical and one of my brethren were, I'd probably roll my eyes and eat some more grass.

And here I thought the Dutch were more into smoking it.

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Postby Diopolis » Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:24 pm

Saiwania wrote:
The Emerald Legion wrote:I mean, if their portrayal in the Fantastic Beasts series is any indication, MACUSA is fucking nuts and 11000x more racist against the No-Maj. I very much doubt they care to inform him.

This lore would arguably make sense if it were somewhat common for No-Majs in the US to be able to severely injure and occasionally kill Wizards with guns. It probably depends on how long it takes for someone to die from gunshot wounds. Wizards have potions and etc. to recover from getting shot but if they're by themselves and suffer a head shot, perhaps they'd really die.

Wizards have plenty of reasons for perhaps wanting to keep their existence a secret. Its to protect No-Majs from them but also to protect them from No-Majs, so far as is possible. They have the anti-magic persecution to point to when it was the case that No-Majs were aware of the existence of witchcraft to some extent during the medieval centuries.

It appears to me anyways, that American wizards have even more cause to be afraid of No-Majs given the kinds of warfare and weaponry that're available to us. The "sex scandal" reason that is currently being offered as canon for MACUSA's attitudes, I don't think is any good. Just not impressed with that reasoning by JK Rowling. Its her story though.

If my memories of the last time I read Harry Potter are correct, a relatively untrained muggle with a gun(hereby referred to as "redneck" versus a relatively untrained wizard with a wand(hereby referred to as "hogwarts graduate") is roughly an even match, except the redneck is probably surviving should they lose. The hogwarts graduate, probably not. Oh, and there are a lot more muggles than wizards.
Now, as for special forces, aurors, etc? I have no idea how they'd stack up. We do know that half-giants with magical ability have the edge over untrained muggles with civilian-type weapons from the first book. We also know from internal lore that wizards are more survivable than muggles in general, and we know that muggles in numbers tend to beat individual wizards- what those numbers are, we don't know, but we do know that heavily outnumbered wizards tend to lose in fights with muggles.
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Postby Escade » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:51 pm

I think if you start looking at it too closely, what happens is that magic doesn't really hold up to scientific types of world building.

I don't think a wizard\witch and a Muggle are evenly matched at all especially if the wizard\witch can do wandless magic. The Muggle needs a gun or close proximity whereas the wizard could portkey or apparate out of the situation. Not to mention mind magics like obliviate or worse things.

The new movie, showed some of the reasons
The very interesting scene of Grindelwald basically showing the atomic weapons going off
that wizards might fear humans and their capacity for destruction but the reasons to hide seem archaic or because of custom combined with a sense of "Muggles need to be protected from us" and maybe "We could rule this world but we don't want to because hatred\fear of Muggles." One of the main reasons could even be the misguided belief that marrying a Muggle results in blood dilution and less "magical" children or something bigoted like that.

I mean if my child or family member had magic and I didn't I would be slightly sad but also happy at least that they had it and could show me cool things. Like I could still visit Diagon Alley or even Hogwarts with them. And then I wonder if Muggles can see the castle ghosts. I'd try to help my family member by reading up histories and books.

Also now is the time to ask what people's favorite fan fics are that try to solve some of the logic\rational\plot and world holes or should I make a separate thread for it?


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