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Truly Blessed
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Truly Blessed » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:16 am

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[b][size=200][Blocktext]Truly Blessed[/Blocktext] [/size][/b]
[b][i]Picture:  Think, Quasimodo with 2 good eyes and slightly more troll-like[/i][/b]
[b][i]IM Contacts:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Player Profile:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Political Beliefs:[/i][/b]
Inoffensive Centrist actual thread.

The tags to put your picture in the thread are
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[url=URL_Address]Truly Blessed[/url]

IM Contacts:
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Player Profile:
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[b]The Rogue Nation of Truly Blessed[/b]
Real Name:  Yeah right
Age: 29 Hex
General Location:  New York
General Political Affiliation [if any]:  None
General Religious Affiliation [if any]:  Catholic
Where Did You Find NationStates?:  Online Ad
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No, I liked the eye with the bar code sign so I checked it out
Professional Goal:  Software Quality Assurance
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 2 to 4, depending on the night
What is your favorite genre of music:  Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Other information:

Political Beliefs: (make sure to select all)
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[b]Affirmative Action[/b]:  Yes, We kind of need it.
[b]Arms Trade[/b]:  Yes to a degree.  Nuclear weapons not so much.
[b]Death Penalty[/b]:  No, for the most part.   
[b]Drugs[/b]:  Ambivalent, within reason and if controlled properly
[b]Economic System[/b]:  Capitalist, socialist, actually take the best of each systems and combine
[b]Education[/b]:  College
[b]Electoral College in USA Elections[/b]:  New York, 31, Who designed this system?  I say back to the drawing board.
[b]Environmentalism[/b]:  Ambivalent, Reasonable protections are required
[b]Euthanasia[/b]:  No,
[b]Evolution or Creation?[/b]: Yes please, I take either one.  Again kind of both 
[b]FCC[/b]:  Against
[b]Gay Marriage[/b]:  Against
[b]Gun Control[/b]:  Yes
[b]Immigration Policies[/b]: Yes, very open 
[b]Income Tax[/b]:  Necessary Evil
[b]Israel/Palestine[/b]:  I am not sure there is a right answer here.  Neutral
[b]Philosophy[/b]:  Ride the wave to the beach?  It is always darkest before it goes totally black.  Every cloud has a silver lining unfortunately the silver is much heavier than the cloud and it normally falls out on your head. 
[b]Political Party Affiliation[/b]:  None
[b]President Bush/American Policies[/b]:   Ambivalent, some good, some bad, some neutral
[b]Prostitution[/b]:  Against
[b]Religion[/b]:  Pro
[b]Social Security[/b]: Yes but I will likely not be able to collect and likely you will neither if you are under 50 right now. 
[b]The UN[/b]:  Very much Pro
[b]Veganism/Vegetarianism[/b]:  Whatever floats your boat
[b]War in Iraq[/b]:  I doubt many will miss Sadam.  I think in the long, long, long run it will be positive for Iraq.
[b]War on Terror[/b]: Yes, Pro, very much for.

To check where I am in updating, check the next post in this thread :)

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Democratic Socialists

Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Erastide » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:56 am


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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Havaerre » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:49 pm

Player Profile:
The Free Land of Havaerre

Real Name: Connor
Age: 17
General Location: Northwest of Chicago
General Political Affiliation [if any]: No preference (but I sometimes lean towards Democrat)
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Unitarian Universalist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Using StumbleUpon
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Nope
Professional Goal: Currently being developed
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: Quite a bit
What is your favorite genre of music: I don't have a solid favorite, I jump around a lot. Right now, stuff like the pillows, Gorillaz, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, etc.
Other information: Meh.

Political Beliefs:

Abortion: Shouldn't be illegal, but not used regularly for birth control.
Affirmative Action: I don't know, it kinda seems unfair and unequal to give someone an advantage based on their ethnicity.
Arms Trade: Against it, the world needs less weapons circulating and people making money off of war.
Death Penalty: Unethical, should be abolished.
Drugs: I think cannabis should probably be legalized, it might stimulate the economy, but that's as far as I'm willing to go.
Economic System: Government should control business to a certain degree.
Education: One of the most important things a country should focus on.
Electoral College in USA Elections: Should be gotten rid of, voting should be based on population.
Environmentalism: Definitely deserves attention, we can't survive if our planet can't.
Euthanasia: It depends on the situation.
Evolution or Creation?: Who cares HOW we got here? What matters is that we're here.
FCC: Everyone should be able to say and listen to what they want, without censorship.
Gay Marriage: Should be tolerated if not legalized. Love is love.
Gun Control: Strict and limited to small arms.
Immigration Policies: Not too open, we don't want an overflow of immigrants. The best bet is to assist in improving their own country.
Income Tax: Not too high, not too low.
Israel/Palestine: They should stop fighting and deal with being separate.
Philosophy: Try not to be a man of success, but a man of value.
Political Party Affiliation: Neither
President Obama/American Policies: He seems like he could possibly be an effective president, but I have yet to see any major changes.
Prostitution: I don't personally like it, but making it illegal doesn't seem to stop it effectively.
Religion: Free to believe whatever you want
Social Security: Definitely important, and a must-have.
The UN: The closest thing we have to global cooperation, but not perfect.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Don't think I could last a week without meat :lol2: . But good for you if you are.
War in Iraq: Pointless
War on Terror: A nice idea, but ineffective and a failure in practice.

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Left-wing Utopia

Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Maineiacs » Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:06 am

The Liberal Utopia of Maineiacs
Real Name: classified
Age: *mutters something inaudible*
General Location: Bangor, Maine
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Liberal. In any other country, I'd be a Social Democrat
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Taoist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: A friend told me about it.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: no
Professional Goal: actor/screenwriter
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: not much, anymore
What is your favorite genre of music: mostly classic rock
Other information: like what?
Abortion: Keep it legal; otherwise none of my business.
Affirmative Action: pro
Arms Trade: con
Death Penalty: con
Drugs: Legalize marijuana.
Economic System:a capitalist/socialist hybrid
Electoral College in USA Elections: A bit f*cked up, but I don't have a better idea.
Environmentalism: Should be a hgh priority
Euthanasia: no opinion
Evolution or Creation?: evolution
FCC: No censorship.
Gay Marriage: pro
Gun Control: pro
Immigration Policies: background checks, but otherwise no restrictions.
Income Tax: yes
Israel/Palestine: Israel and Palestine both have a right to exist. Both are wrong to be employing violence against the other.
Philosophy: nihilism
Political Party Affiliation: none
President Bush/American Policies: War criminal. Still angry at Obama for not investigating.
Prostitution: Should be fully legal.
Religion: Government should stay out of religion, but more importantly, religion should stay out of government.
Social Security: people need it. I don't by the "all poor people are lazy" argument.
The UN: pro
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Not my thing, but I don't care what others do.
War in Iraq: One of our lowest moments as a nation.
War on Terror: Proof of the futility of declaring war on an adjective.
Last edited by Maineiacs on Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:20 am, edited 1 time in total.
Economic:-8.12 Social:-7.59 Moral Rules:5 Moral Order:-5
Muravyets: Maineiacs, you are brilliant, too! I stand in delighted awe.
Sane Outcasts:When your best case scenario is five kilometers of nuclear contamination, you know someone fucked up.
Geniasis: Christian values are incompatible with Conservative ideals. I cannot both follow the teachings of Christ and be a Republican. Therefore, I choose to not be a Republican.
Galloism: If someone will build a wall around Donald Trump, I'll pay for it.
Bottle tells it like it is
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Bikini Bottom Republic
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Bikini Bottom Republic » Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:10 am

The Bikini Bottom Republic (with The Dictatorship of Plankton City, The United Kingdom of The Pythonlands, The Republic of South Afrikana, The Republic of Solandiacana, The Republic of Mayalandia and The United Socialist States of the Animal Union)
Real name: Severely classified; only available in government archives, which are totally inaccessible; I don't even know where they are
Age: Young, and I am in my *psst* year.
General Locale: Lawton, Oklahoma
Political Affiliation: Extremely liberal. In France, I'd be Socialist
Religious Affiliation: Who in their sane minds believes in gods or zealots anymore?
Discovery of NS: Via the Web
Read any of Barry's books: Nada, though Jennifer Government sounds interesting
Professional Goal: I'll let you know...
Hours a day I watch TV: Make it hours a WEEK- About 3.
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock, fools! :ugeek:
Other: Without miraculously accessing Government Archives, none.
Abortion: Legal
Affirmative Action: Two words: N O. Period. (Okay, maybe three)
Arms Trade: Defend Amendment 2
Death Penalty: 110% opposed, with only -10% left
Drugs: Legalize powder drugs, but not smoke drugs
Economic system: Private enterprise is illegal
Electoral College: Just give it the average vote!
Environmentalism: High on the agenda
Euthasasia: Screwed up
Evolution or Creation?: The latter is illegal
FCC: Screw 'em!
Gay Marriage: Go get some anal sparkles, people!
Gun Control: The only conservative trait by me (violently opposed)
Immigration: Background checks only
Income Tax: To help the government reign strong
Israel/Palestine: Leave 'em alone; but I would support Israel if I was there
Philosophy: No true philosophy; somewhat Freudian
Political Party: United States Democrat
Bush/American policies: You don't want me to go there...
Prostitution: Optional, not forced; and not child prostitution
Religion: Illegalize it. It would save a lot of trouble.
Social Security: Keep it.
The UN: Necessary; a great social invention
Vegetarianism: I'm not one, but I would keep it around.
War in Iraq: See Bush/American policies
War on Terror: not fully decided
Last edited by Bikini Bottom Republic on Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:27 am, edited 1 time in total.

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Abdju » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:18 pm


Player Profile:
The Land of Abdju
Age: 27
General Location: City of London, Centre of the Universe...
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Not affiliated to any political party.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Egyptian Recon
Where Did You Find NationStates?: On teh interwebz.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Archaeology
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 0 - I don't watch TV on a regular basis.
What is your favourite genre of music: Varied, mostly classical
Other information:

Political Beliefs:
Abortion: Is a personal choice.
Affirmative Action: No.
Arms Trade: In favour provided we are not hypocritical about it.
Death Penalty: Should be used in cases where there is v. strong evidence of serious violent crime, including premeditated murder, certain crimes against the state, and certain crimes of serious/long term sexual abuse, torture or false imprisonment.
Drugs: Soft drugs should be legalised, regulated and taxed, to free up resources to tackle more pressing issues.
Economic System: Command economy (Royal Monopoly, not communist) but with limited private activity at the individual level.
Education: The qualifications framework needs complete rebuild. Restore O and A levels and rationalise vocational qualifications. Mandatory schooling until age 18. Stream off vocational and kids into apprenticeships with day release for City and Guilds. Grammar schools.
Electoral College in USA Elections: No opinions about it
Environmentalism: Sun and Sea (solar and tidal) and fuel cells. Improved agricultural practices including drip irrigation, and improved control and development of fertalisers.
Euthanasia: Should be legal, with safeguards against abuse.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution as mechanics of creation.
FCC: What about it?
Gay Marriage: Should be available.
Gun Control: Strict control, definitely.
Immigration Policies: UK should sign the Schengen agreement
Income Tax: Close the loopholes, chase the evaders down and squeeze them hard.
Israel/Palestine: Two state solution, 1967 borders.
Philosophy: Justice. Balance. Tradition.
Political Party Affiliation: None.
President Obama/American Policies: So far, many nice words... Let's see how it plays out.
Prostitution: Legalise, regulate, tax, focus on more pressing "real crime"
Religion: Complicated.
Social Security: Is a requirement to ensure peace and stability is maintained internally.
The UN: Good idea. Underfunded. Underpowered.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Meh.
War in Iraq: Nightmare. Now with an end in sight... Small mercies...
War on Terror: TWAT
Last edited by Abdju on Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:08 pm, edited 2 times in total.

Left/Right -5.25 | Auth/Lib: +2.57 |
"Objectivism really is a Fountainhead of philosophical diarrhea" - derscon
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Great Nepal - Tax supporting environment are useless, we can live without it.
Great Nepal - Lions can't fly. Therefore, eagles are superior.
Turan Cumhuriyeti - no you presented lower quality of brain
Greed and Death - Spanish was an Amerindian language.
Sungai Pusat - No, I know exactly what happened. The Titanic had left USA's shores and somewhere near the Arctic Circle
Derscon - I let Jews handle my money, not my penis.
Fevolo - i'm not talking about catholics. i'm talking about christians.

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Missing Dog Head
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Missing Dog Head » Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:44 pm

Missing Dog Head

IM Contacts:

AIM: balthybadger
YIM: balthybadger

Player Profile:

The Villainous Sexual Deviant of Missing Dog Head
Real Name: Private
Age: 19
General Location: Ireland
General Political Affiliation [if any]: None
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: None
Where Did You Find NationStates?: In a link in someone's signature on the Bungie forums.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Sound Engineer
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 1-3, often none.
What is your favorite genre of music: Everything, currently a lot of electronica etc.
Other information: I'm amazing.

Political Beliefs:

Abortion: If it threatens the mothers life, or if the child will be living a very substandard life because of health problems or disabilities. If it will threaten the mother's life, the decision is down to the mother, otherwise it must be mutual between both parents.
Arms Trade: People have to make a living, sometimes people have no choice. There will always be those who take advantage of those who don't have a choice. Who am I to say what's right and what's wrong?
Death Penalty: Yes.
Drugs: Should be legalised, and regulated. Taxes from said drugs should fund rehabilitation centres and similiar institutions.
Economic System: Make money where you can. Get as much money off the books as you can.
Education: Is important, needs a serious overhaul though.
Environmentalism: Possibly one of the most important issues of our time. it get's overlooked.
Euthanasia: If there is any chance that the person could live a reasonable life in the future, then no. However, similiar to organ donation cards, people should have cards that say they are willing to be euthanised if they are in the situation, so there is no doubt.
Evolution or Creation?: See "General Religious Affiliation (if any)" above.
Gay Marriage: People have a right to choose. People have a right to have their choices respected and officially recognised.
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American Pit Bulls
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby American Pit Bulls » Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:13 am

Player Profile: Kingdom of American Pit Bulls

Real Name: Eric
Age: 31
General Location: Florida, USA
General Political Affiliation [if any]: NPA => "No Party Affiliation" as on my Voter Registration Card.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Christian => No relation to any denomination or organized religion
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Internet
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
What is your favorite genre of music: Country

Abortion: anti-Abortion with the exceptions of the Mother's Life is in jeopardy or rape.
Affirmative Action: Against Affirmative Action due to the facts of it being very racist/discriminatory
Death Penalty: For the Death Penalty.
Drugs: legalized marijuana Yes, others No. Should be left to the States to decide. Federal Government shouldn't be involved.
Economic System: Free Markets
Education: Should be left to the communities and states. The Federal Government should have never gotten involved in it.
Electoral College in USA Elections: Yes, it enables the rural areas to have a voice to be heard. Without it, then, California, New York, and Massachusetts would decide who our President should be and that doesn't sound like a United States to me.
Environmentalism: Yes
Evolution or Creation?: Creation
Gay Marriage: Against Gay "Marriage" My only objection is the use of the word "Marriage" I have no judgements nor cares what they do or choose to be with. I could accept Civil Unions.
Gun Control: Against...Strong supporter of the 2nd amendment
Immigration Policies: Major Reform and Tighter Border Securities. Will Welcome All Foreigners who enter legally with open arms. As for the Illegals, the Government needs to take it to the Extreme Levels on enforcing and protecting our Borders from those who can't Respect the Laws of the Land.
Income Tax: The entire Tax System needs a Complete overhaul.
Israel/Palestine: Pro-Israel
Political Party Affiliation: NPA = No Party Affiliation
President Obama/American Policies: Concerned of the "Change" Mr. Obama desires. Most American Policies need major adjustments and reforms.
Prostitution: Against
Religion: Freedom of Religion
Social Security: Convinced it has been completely destroyed and the People (especially the younger people should have the ability to opt-out of it. As for the Welfare State it needs to be completely abolished. I believe the Welfare System makes people dependent on the Government and it should be the other way around. The Government needs to be dependent on the People.
The UN: I do NOT support the UN and am convinced it is a corrupt/failed organization.
War in Iraq: Grateful Saddam Hussein has been removed. We have been there way too long. Time to come home.
War on Terror: Support. God Bless Our Troops!

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Rasselas » Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:13 pm

1, 2
Player Profile:
The Underwater Kingdom of Rasselas
Real Name: Jess
Age: 23
General Location: Manchester, UK
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Liberal
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: None
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Through friends
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Jennifer Government
Professional Goal: I'm currently working through all the departments in a theatre until I find the one I like best. Next stop: Wardrobe.
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 1-2
What is your favorite genre of music: Rock, metal, classical, showtunes!
Economic Left/Right: -5.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.74

I have a blog about the time I ran away to join the circus.

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Nietzsche Heretics
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Nietzsche Heretics » Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:52 pm

Hello Erastide,

I've written you a TG a few days back, but I figure thisis the better place to do it: Could you please kindly remove my entry from your Player Info thread?

And as I already said in the TG: Great work on the thread, thanks for all the bother of making and maintaining it!

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New Limacon
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby New Limacon » Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:10 pm

Erastide wrote:
New Limacon wrote:Maybe this isn't the place to raise it, but shouldn't the profile be updated slightly? President Bush is no longer president, shouldn't the new guy be put in the template?

You want to think up some new relevant topics? Go for it. :)

Just the president, really.
Which I see you did. Thanks, and thanks again for putting together this thread.
"It is a far, far better thing to have an anchor in nonsense than to push out to the troubled seas of thought."
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The Great Lord Tiger
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby The Great Lord Tiger » Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:21 pm

Is this still alive?

The Great Lord Tiger
Political Beliefs: Not quite sure what you'd call them -- just see my answers.
MSN: (that was a surprise, wasn't it?)
Email: ^

Player Profile:

The Immortal Lands of the Great Lord Tiger
Real Name: Kyle Sperandio (no secret, it comes up whenever I file a copyright claim for stolen YT videos)
Age: 18
General Location: Milwaukee, WI
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Traditional Liberalism/Modern Conservatism
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Agnosticism, mostly a removal from Christianity
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Told about it in sophomore year of HS
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Machine Man. The free preview part, anyway...
Professional Goal: Naval officer in the USN
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: Eh... 2, maybe. That's an average -- don't watch it unless I have something I want to watch.
What is your favorite genre of music: To simplify: Rock
Other information:

Abortion: Selectively for. Frivolous reasons ("My boyfriend dumped me!) =/= fine. Problems (Raped, kid's gonna have a major/deadly defect, mother will die) = fine.
Affirmative Action: Don't discriminate, but don't force someone into a company to try to prove something.
Arms Trade: Legal, fine. My country thrives on military-industrial complex. Black market and shit? That ain't cool.
Death Penalty: Life without parole's better, but I'm not against it. You break the law, you know that you might get the hammer. Or the needle, anyway.
Drugs: are bad.
Economic System: Capitalism is good.
Education: Important, but No Child Left Behind is a joke.
Electoral College in USA Elections: Majority rules.
Environmentalism: I'd like us to at least TRY to reduce the footprint...
Euthanasia: Of humans? If the person asks/asked for it, yes.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution.
FCC: Fuck 'em.
Gay Marriage: Ummm... civil union = fine, marriage... not so much. I don't mind homosexuality, but a MARRIAGE, which celebrates the union of two people who can bear a new child into the world, should be for two people who CAN do so...
Gun Control: Wouldn't mind it so much if the Liberal bastards who push it (IE can't define what a flash suppressor is/does) are idiots.
Immigration Policies: Stay in your own country, please. If you must leave, do so LEGALLY.
Income Tax: Get taxed for what you make... makes sense to me.
Israel/Palestine: Bad overall, but I'm sick of both sides arguing that the other is bad and making themselves seem to be the innocent ones. Neither is.
Philosophy: Don't get this one... What am I supposed to answer?
Political Party Affiliation: Republican
President Obama/American Policies: He hasn't done such a sunshiny job, has he? Where's your second coming now?
Prostitution: is bad, mmmmkay?
Religion: Nice to have some beliefs... extremists need some fixin', though.
Social Security: Probably gonna be gone by the time I get there, so I don't really care.
The UN: Useless.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Why? How is it natural? Realistically, in the past, your ancestors ate meat. Oh, so they SHOULD HAVE been eating vegetables? Unfortunately, they couldn't get the variety of plants that would provide the nutrients that meat/animal products did that originate around the world at the local food market, nor did they have nutritional supplements. You wouldn't be alive to spread your lies, and I wouldn't be alive to listen to it. Be a vegetarian if you wish, but do NOT tell me it's natural.
War in Iraq: Was fine when evidence indicated that there were WMDs. When we found out there weren't, we should've made plans to clear out.
War on Terror: Great idea, piss-poor execution.
All my II/RP information:

Member of: League of Armed Neutrality & Inter-Galactic Security Council

Immortal Lands of the Great Lord Tiger - "Imglot" | Imglot Fleet Warning Level (IFWAL): 1|2|3|4|5
Imglot Factbook | Terrestrial Military | Stellar Military | Forces
My political compass
Economic Left/Right: 0.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 3.74
I just about the same as Romano Prodi, according to the international chart

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Lynxe » Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:41 pm

Political Beliefs: Probably somewhere between Libertarian and Democrat, I haven't made a choice on all issues, specifically economic ones.

Player Profile:

The Borderlands of Lynxe
Real Name: Ryan
Age: 16
General Location: Wisconsin
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Unsure
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Have some beliefs, ain't even sure what to call them anymore.
Where Did You Find NationStates?: I can't remember
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Is it a Stockbroker? Is it a Quantity Surveyor? Is it a Church Warden? No! It's Bicycle Repairman!
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 0-2
What is your favorite genre of music: Metal
Other information:

Political Beliefs:

Abortion: Pro-Choice
Affirmative Action: Is still discriminating against people.
Arms Trade: Know very little about it.
Death Penalty: I think It's ok in some cases.
Drugs: Never would use them, but I see no reason to attempt to ban them, people will use them anyways.
Economic System: Unsure
Education: Very important, homeschooling usually isn't a good thing.
Electoral College in USA Elections: Don't know much about it, but why can't we pick instead?
Environmentalism: We live here on earth, lets keep it nice so we and other things can continue to live here. Probably the most important issue for me.
Euthanasia: Someone wants to die, let them.
Evolution or Creation?: Both
FCC: Screw them.
Gay Marriage: I see no reason why any kind of marriage should be banned if everyone consents.
Gun Control: Against
Immigration Policies: Make it easier to come here legally
Income Tax: Tax the wealthy more.
Prostitution: Legalize it
Religion: Is a tool often used to control people. Of course, that doesn't mean some of the things they focus on can't be right.
Social Security: Don't know a great deal about it, sounds like I'm paying for something I won't get to use.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Great that it reduces impact on environment and less cruelty to animals, I'm starting to consider it. (And this is from someone who never even had a salad before this year)
War in Iraq: From what I know about it, we really don't have much of a reason to be there.
War on Terror: Stupid idea, how can you expect to win that?
Last edited by Lynxe on Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:45 pm, edited 1 time in total.
Economic Left/Right: -6.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.23

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Buffett and Colbert
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Buffett and Colbert » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:43 am

Buffett and Colbert
IM Contacts:
Player Profile:
Political Beliefs:
[url=URL_Address]YOUR NAME[/url]
The blah blah of YOUR NAME<--REPLACE
Real Name:
Age: 13
General Location: Puerto Rico
General Political Affiliation [if any]: U.S. Democratic Party
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Google search
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Havn't ever seen in book store
Professional Goal: Journalist
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: If I do watch TV, it ends up being around 3 hours, but I don't watch it too often
What is your favorite genre of music: Caribbean
Other information:
Abortion: Legal
Affirmative Action: Encouraged when necessary
Arms Trade: Strictly regulated
Death Penalty: Legal when convict has murdered another human being and is declared sane
Drugs: Legal but strictly regulated
Economic System: Capitalist-Socialism
Education: Heavily funded
Electoral College in USA Elections: Useless
Environmentalism: The environment should always be taken into consideration and cared for.
Euthanasia: Legal when the person asking for it is declared sane.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution
FCC: Illegal and unconstitutional.
Gay Marriage: Legal
Gun Control: Strict
Immigration Policies: To work in the U.S., you should have to be a U.S. citizen.
Income Tax:
Israel/Palestine: I support Palestine but not Hamas.
Political Party Affiliation: U.S. Democratic Party
President Obama/American Policies: I am an Obama fan but he needs to get off his but and stop compromising with Congress. I want to see all of his campaign promises met.
Prostitution: Legal
Religion: Not promoted by state but every person has his or her right to religion or lack thereof.
Social Security: Thumbs up
The UN: A wonderful organization
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Well if they want to do it...
War in Iraq: Horrible and useless.
War on Terror: Tight security is always needed but see above.
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Waterlow » Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:23 pm


Player Profile:
The Hellbound Good Intentions of Waterlow
Age: 30
General Location: Tufnell Park
General Political Affiliation [if any]: non-aligned liberal centre-left
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: none
Where Did You Find NationStates?: link from friend
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: yes
Professional Goal: four hour work week
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: I don't have a television
What is your favourite genre of music: no single genre
Other information:

Political Beliefs:
Abortion: better out than in
Affirmative Action: misguided and demeaning
Arms Trade: those involved are invariably scoundrels - no qualms about shutting them down
Death Penalty: no
Drugs: legalise the lot, tax at sensible level to avoid black market
Economic System: horses for courses
Education: equality of opportunity
Electoral system in UK: more proportional system necessary for Commons - STV or AV+; mix of direct election and lottery for Lords
Environmentalism: we may be too late but mitigation efforts are probably worthwhile
Euthanasia: legalise
Evolution or Creation?: evolution
Gay Marriage: equality in law; what religious institutions do is their business
Gun Control: in urban areas
Immigration Policies: tight control is head-in-the-sand foolishness; detention policy in the UK is a monstrous violation of human rights
Income Tax: progressive, no higher than 50%, generous allowances for low earners
Israel/Palestine: nuke Jerusalem
Philosophy: not sure I can articulate this at present
Political Party Affiliation: none
Prime Minister Brown/British Policies: abject
Prostitution: legalise, protect, target pimps
Religion: personal choice; should have no part in the law or running of a country
Social Security: necessary but currently very inefficient
The EU: massive reform required; further political union is foolish; Turkey should be welcomed; somebody kill Berlusconi
The UN: necessary but needs help and reform
Veganism/Vegetarianism: personal choice
War in Iraq: whoops
War on Terror: nonsense on stilts
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Inchland » Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:20 am

Player Profile:

The Girls Aloud Fan Of Inchland
Real Name:Damien Sullivan
General Location:Cork, Ireland
General Political Affiliation [if any]:Socialist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]:Roman Catholic
Where Did You Find NationStates?:I googled "create your own nation" NationStates was the first link.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books:No
Professional Goal:Not Sure Yet
How many hours a day do you watch TV?:1 or less, i spend more time online.
What is your favorite genre of music:Pop
Other information:Founded 26th December 07

Political Beliefs:

Abortion: Womans Choice.
Affirmative Action: No
Arms Trade: Depends on the Country in Question
Death Penalty: No
Drugs: Yes But weed only nothing harder e.g cocaine, heroin etc.
Economic System: Everyone Equal
Education: Fair system including everyone
Environmentalism: Mildly not too many hippies.
Euthanasia: No
Evolution or Creation?: Creation
Gay Marriage: Personally i disagree. But everyone should have the right.
Gun Control: Yes
Immigration Policies: Yes
Income Tax: No
Israel/Palestine: Blow them up then there is less of a problem for everyone
Philosophy: No
Political Party Affiliation: None
President Obama/American Policies: Dont care really
Prostitution: Legalize
Religion: Personal choice, keep it out of government
Social Security: Yes
The UN: No
Veganism/Vegetarianism: No
War in Iraq: Blow them up too.
War on Terror: Bush's BS

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Itinerate Tree Dweller » Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:02 am

United Roman Empire


IM Contacts:
AIM: nilegonil (rarely on, better off emailing me)
ICQ: 33330576 (rarely on, better off emailing me)
Email: (please allow up to a day for a reply)

Player Profile:
Real Name: Aaron
Age: 25
General Location: Ohio
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Registered Republican, vote Libertarian.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Independent Roman Catholic
Where Did You Find NationStates?: linked to it way back when
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Yes
Professional Goal: Work in the IT field.
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 5-7, television in same room as computer.
What is your favorite genre of music: Classic Rock
Other information: Eagle Scout; Insomniac;

Political Beliefs:
Abortion: I personally believe abortion is immoral, HOWEVER, the alternative, in my opinion, is more immoral as it would create a generation of children who are raised by a mother who did not wish to have them and may resent or even hate them. Therefore, the existence of legalized abortion should be maintained.
Affirmative Action: I think this social policy should be removed, not for any racial reasons, but because it does not work to the benefit of society to force on generations of minorities the idea that they only succeed or advance because exceptions were made for them.
Arms Trade: Ambiguous subject. One one hand it is immoral to murder someone, on the other hand a people have a right to protect themselves. Individuals have a right to keep and bear arms, a right that would be tyrannical to deny.
Death Penalty: Morally wrong, except in the extreme rare cases where a person is such a danger to human society or civilization that permanently removing them is the only safe choice for society.
Economic System: A free market works best, except in certain cases. I believe it immoral for the market to participate in certain sectors, such as defense and health care, which is why I despise mercenary organizations and I support a public option for health care.
Education: I attended private schools for my grade school, middle school and high school, so I have never experienced the public education system outside of college and it would be unfair of me to judge the public school institution either way.
Electoral College in USA Elections: Is designed to protect the smaller states from tyranny by majority and thus should remain.
Environmentalism: Its a shame that the environment is treated the way it is.
Euthanasia: Morally wrong, very difficult subject.
Evolution or Creation?: I believe humans evolved to the point where we were granted souls or developed souls.
FCC: A nonsense organization that forces a puritanical system on the radio and television broadcasters. They interfere in the free markets ability to police the content of broadcasters, they also allow a small number of super corporations to dominate the broadcasting market by allocating all frequency spots to entities like Clear Channel. It is never a free market when a government organization can be controlled and manipulted like this.
Gay Marriage: I don't care if people have civil marriages, they have a right to them.
Gun Control: Individuals have a right to keep and bear arms, a right that would be tyrannical to deny.
Immigration Policies: Immigration should be brought back under control, it is ridiculous that we allow millions to enter the USA every year without properly processing them for possible diseases or ailments.
Income Tax: Income tax is immoral because it in effect turns civilians into slaves to the government. Wages are not income, imo, as they are merely the transformation of physical labor into a currency format, the person who did the labor performed the labor for a portable format that they can use to attain other services and goods. Income should be limited to earned monies unrelated to physical labor, such as stock dividends.
Israel/Palestine: These two groups seem simply unable to coexist. But in the end the pre-1967 borders must be returned to for any hope of peace.
Philosophy: Do what you may, except when you may harm others.
Political Party Affiliation: I am a registered Republican, but I hated Bush's policies and often spoke out against them. I vote with a very Libertarian point of view.
President Obama/American Policies: He could be doing worse, then again he could be doing better.
Prostitution: I personally don't care if someone wants to see those types of services. I am against sex slavery as it forces someone to do something they wish not to do, I am also against child prostitution for the same reasons and the fact that children cannot make those types of decisions about themselves. However, if a free adult wishes to sell sex and they are not spreading diseases, I have no problems with them doing so.
Religion: I was raised Roman Catholic, still am for the most part. I believe in Universal Reconciliation, which states that all humans will eventually reach heaven, even if they must spend some time reflecting on their sins in Hell or Purgatory.
Social Security: Was designed for short term use, not long term. Should be replaced.
The UN: Nice idea, badly executed. At its best the U.N. is ineffectual, at its worse the U.N. is a breeding ground for corruption.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I don't care what another person eats. I am an omnivore.
War in Iraq: I was against invading Iraq, there was absolutely no reason to do so.
War on Terror: I was for intervening in Afghanistan, but it should have been conducted better.
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Derscon » Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:30 pm

The info currently posted is from maybe 4 or 5 years ago. NEEDS MOAR UPDATE!

The Amaranthine Imperium of Derscon
Before a Performance
Real Name: Derek Scott-Xavier
Age: 19
General Location: Side 3
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Free Market Libertarianism
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Neo-Discordian
Where Did You Find NationStates?: A friend
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Nope.
Professional Goal: Chaos God
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 0
What is your favorite genre of music: Contemporary Orchestrated music (Avro Part, Philip Glass, etc)
Abortion: Neither radical side offers appropriate solutions, and compromises are morally illegitimate. A life is morally significant when self-aware (amongst other things), thus aborting a pregnancy is perfectly fine up until a brain/heart develops. Afterwards, the woman must carry the child until it is viable outside the womb. The pregnancy may be terminated if and only if the life of the child is not harmed in the process.
Affirmative Action: Reverse discrimination is still discrimination. Plus, the right of free association means the state has no legitimate authority to force anyone to trade or interact with anyone else.
Arms Trade: I <3 gunz
Death Penalty: Not sure, but inclined to say no.
Drugs: Legalize everything. Not only does the state not have a legitimate power to tell you how to behave when it doesn't directly harm anyone else, but as history has repeatedly shown, outlawing markets not only fails to make markets go away, but it also increases crime
Economic System: lassiez-faire capitalism in the Austrian tradition
Education: Priviatize everything
Electoral College in USA Elections: Sack it. Now.
Environmentalism: Good intentioned but overzealous, with improper solutions.
Euthanasia: With consent of the patient, it should be legal.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution
FCC: Get rid of it.
Gay Marriage: The concept of legal marriage should be abolished. Who the fuck wants lawyers and the state involved with love? Robert Heinlein had it right - let people draw up contracts to share goods, grant power of attorney, etc, with whomever they want.
Gun Control: See: Drugs. Plus, I <3 Gunz
Immigration Policies: Freedom of movement should not be restricted
Income Tax: Abolish it
Israel/Palestine: Abolish Israel and Palestine
Philosophy: Socrates, Aristotle, Kant
Political Party Affiliation: none
President Obama/American Policies: Obama was one of the worst things to happen to America.
Prostitution: See: Drugs/guns. legalize it
Religion: People may believe as they wish
Social Security: Abolish it.
The UN: The UN as a meeting place to discuss things? Sure. Passing regulations/legislation/resolutions? No. Governments are far enough away from the people as it is. A world government - or even something that even remotely resembles a world government, is an awful idea.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: More meat for me.
War in Iraq: nothx
War on Terror: Nothing short of fearmongering
Last edited by Derscon on Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:46 pm, edited 5 times in total.
NationStates remains an excellent educational tool for children. It can teach you exactly just how far people will go to gain extrajudicially what they could never gain legitimately. ~ Questers
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Gelgisith » Sat Jul 04, 2009 8:58 am


none available

IM Contacts:
ain't telling :P

Player Profile:
Real Name: Jan Dijkman
Age: 40something
General Location: Netherlands, Europe
General Political Affiliation [if any]: left liberal
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: a friend introduced me
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: not yet; waiting for my copy of Jennifer Government to arrive
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: depends on my mood; 0 - 9
What is your favorite genre of music: no real favourites...
Other information: Uhh?

Political Beliefs:
Abortion: should be legal up to 20 weeks, after that only if the mother's life or health is at risk or the baby's health is seriously impaired.
Affirmative Action: should depend on socio-economic status.
Arms Trade: should be pointless, but while it isn't, should be limited to factions not involved in hostilities.
Death Penalty: has too many problems attached to be a viable punishment (if such is desired anyway).
Drugs: should be legal, except where use or possession hurts others.
Economic System: mixed system
Education: should be free & universal.
Electoral College in USA Elections: should be abolished.
Environmentalism: is usually a good thing.
Euthanasia: should be legal for anyone whose health is seriously impaired.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution!
FCC: Uhm?
Gay Marriage: should have the same status as straight marriage.
Gun Control: Gun ownership should be subject to licensing, following an exam on gun handling.
Immigration Policies: should be lenient.
Income Tax: should be progressive, preferably scalelessly.
Israel/Palestine: should stop fighting each other, but the onus is on Israel, since they are in control.
Philosophy: An' ye hurt none, do as thou wilst & honi soit qui mal y pense.
Political Party Affiliation: none
American Politics: Whether you're trampled by a donkey or an elephant...
Prostitution: should be legal & regulated, as any job.
Religion: should be personal choice, not a matter of tradition.
Social Security: should be a given, including a system for universal healthcare.
The UN: has merit, but needs more power.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Should be personal choice.
War in Iraq: was wrong from the start.
War on Terror: is (ab)used by authoritarian politicians as an excuse to limit freedoms.
Last edited by Gelgisith on Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:05 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Altergo » Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:48 am

Age: unknown
Religion: Half Apostolic, Half Baptist Christian
Current Location: Indiana
Political Party: Democratic
Where did i find Nation States: Wikipedia
Favorite Artists: T.I. Coldplay, Fall out Boy, Linkin Park,Junkie XL
Favorite Book: Percy Jackson Series
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Games: End War, Assassins Creed, Gears of War, Halo, Medal of Honor, Burnout Revenge
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Questers » Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:04 am


Personal Profile
Real Name: Matt
Age: 18
General Location: Great Britain
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Liberal
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: A friend IIRC
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Naw
Professional Goal: Who knows? Self-employment, preferably
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: 0
What is your favorite genre of music: I couldn't really say.

Political Beliefs
Abortion: Never!
Affirmative Action: Tyranny.
Arms Trade: Leave private enterprise alone regardless of what it produces.
Death Penalty: Strongly against.
Drugs: Legalise em all!
Economic System: Free Enterprise & Free Trade & Free Banking, i.e. ABOLISH THE CENTRAL BANK
Education: Privatise/voucher
Electoral College in USA Elections: I don't really care.
Environmentalism: Good, but people look at it the wrong way. Environmentalism is really a property rights issue.
Euthanasia: If you want to kill yourself, hey, its your body.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution.
FCC: Abolish it.
Gay Marriage: Pro.
Gun Control: Tyranny!!!
Immigration Policies: Open borders!
Income Tax: Tyranny!!!
Israel/Palestine: Israel mostly
Philosophy: Karl Popper / Friedrich Hayek
Political Party Affiliation: Conservative Party / UK Independence Party
President Obama/American Policies: FUCK OBAMA
Prostitution: What's the problem again?
Religion: Secular all the way
Social Security: Privatise!
The UN: No. Just no.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Your choice I guess.
War in Iraq: Not a great idea.
War on Terror: Article 5 of NATO means Britain has 1. A legal justification in being in Afghanistan 2. A moral justification in being in Afghanistan
Last edited by Questers on Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:05 am, edited 2 times in total.
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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby United Russian State » Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:11 am

United Russian State
IM Contacts:
[i]Player Profile:United Russian State
Real Name: Mikhail
Age: If you guess right I will tell you.
General Location: Vladikavkaz
General Political Affiliation: United Russia
General Religious Affiliation: None
Where Did You Find NationStates?: From Nation States 2
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Nope
Professional Goal: Live a good life. Are they worth getting?
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: It is rare if I do. If I am watching TV, I am watching the news.
What is your favorite genre of music: Metal
Other information: I have a dog.
[b]Political Beliefs:

Abortion: Ban it.
Affirmative Action: Good thing.
Arms Trade: The more arms you sell, the better.
Death Penalty: Some people in our world need to die for the better of the rest of us.
Drugs: Punish users and sellers very harshly. Death to the dealers.
Economic System: Right.
Education: Finshed
Electoral College in USA Elections: I do not know enough of this to answer.
Environmentalism: Indurstury before enviroment
Euthanasia: Ban it.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution. But I am open minded.
FCC: What is FCC?
Gay Marriage: NO!
Gun Control: Only the military and poilice should have guns.
Immigration Policies: Let them in, expect for Gerogians
Income Tax: Needs to be lowered.
Israel/Palestine: Let them deal with thier problems
Philosophy: Work hard.
Political Party Affiliation: United Russia
President Obama/American Policies: Almost as bad as bush!
Prostitution: Legal but must be regulated by the goverment.
Religion: None, but open minded.
Social Security: Bad.
The UN: Pointless
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I like meat.
War in Iraq: Another pointless war started by Amercians.
War on Terror: Hunt all of them down. Kill them all before they kill us.
Last edited by United Russian State on Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:22 am, edited 3 times in total.
Defcon: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
State of War: Chernobyl-Pripyat
Establish Embassy in URS
URS Economy Information
Join Pan-Slavic Union State!
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NO ONE is poor and suffering in the US- they're pretending that while rollicking in welfare money-Pythria

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby South Lorenya » Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:16 pm

Well, I have two updates to my player info:
(1) Religious affiliation should be changed from "atheist" to "other".
(2) It's been a year, so now I'm 29 not 28. ;)
-- King DragonAtma of the Dragon Kingdom of South Lorenya.

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Nulono » Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:30 pm

Abortion: Only as a last resort to save the mother's life.
Affirmative Action: The cure to discrimination against blacks is ignoring race, not discrimination against whites.
Arms Trade: No.
Death Penalty: No.
Drugs: Legalize and tax!
Economic System: Communist.
Education: As an issue? Uh, I guess public school as high as you need it. In this system, I think that's College.
Electoral College in USA Elections: No. We have the technology to do a popular vote.
Environmentalism: Ambivalent, Reasonable protections are required
Euthanasia: No, though I'm iffy on assisted suicide.
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution.
FCC: Against
Gay Marriage: You don't go to the state to get baptized. I say all marriage should be alegal, and replaced with comtracts.
Gun Control: No. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.
Immigration Policies: Borders are a legal fiction. Ignore them.
Income Tax: Higher for the rich,
Israel/Palestine: Again, borders are a fiction.
Philosophy: Um, is this an issue?
Political Party Affiliation: Independent. I'm against political parties.
President Bush/American Policies: Some good, many bad, some neutral
Prostitution: Legalize and regulate!
Religion: Anti
Social Security: Beef it up!
The UN: Very much Pro, but we need a UN with teeth,
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I don't care what you eat, unless it's tasty and you have some for me. :P
War in Iraq: Iraq never attacked us.
War on Terror: You can't wage a war on a tactic. "Can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarreled with him?" ~ Blaise Pascal
Economic Left/Right: -7.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.38
Numbers written with an apostrophe are in dozenal unless otherwise noted.
For example, 0'3 = 0.25, and 100' = 144.

Ratios are measured in perunums instead of percent.
1 perunum = 100 percent = 84' percent

The Nuclear Fist wrote:If all it it takes to count as a five star hotel in America is having air conditioning and not letting those who reside in it die of hyperthermia, you have shitty hotels.

Republika Jugoslavija wrote:Actually nuclear war is not the world ending scenario that many would have folks believe.

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Re: Submit Player Info Here

Postby Reijvajik » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:32 am

IM Contacts:
AIM: sylvtastic
Player Profile:
The Greater Republic of Reijvajik
Real Name: Kevin Lee
Age: Guess. :P
General Location: Sydney, Australia
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Libertarian
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: None.
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Wikipedia. No, seriously.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No, and I don't plan to any time soon.
Professional Goal: Some high-up job in Civil Rights Law somewhere.
How many hours a day do you watch TV?: None to an hour. Computer > TV, imo.
What is your favorite genre of music: 20th Century Classical.
Other information: I can touch type? I have no idea what to put here, honestly.
Political Beliefs:
Abortion: I believe that abortion in the early stages of pregnancy should be legal. In later stages, only if it's life threatening if the baby is born.
Affirmative Action: No.
Arms Trade: Yes, but only to an extent. Trading nukes is insanely stupid.
Death Penalty: Absolutely not.
Drugs: Possession and sale of soft drugs, such as marijuana, should be legalised and treated like tobacco. Much like in Portugal.
Economic System: Capitalist, as deregulated as possible, with most regulation being set by voluntary trade unions and organisations.
Education: Should be privatised to allow for a better education.
Electoral College in USA Elections: In my opinion, a complete piece of crap. Back to the drawing board.
Environmentalism: I think environmentalism has been pushed to far. I have no problem with the whole "Let's not screw up our lives by dumping toxic waste everywhere" thing, but I believe some movements nowadays have just gone too far.
Euthanasia: Should be legal for those who need it [cancer victims, etc.]
Evolution or Creation?: Evolution.
FCC: Not being American, I don't know too much about it, but it looks like just another piece of useless regulation.
Gay Marriage: All for it.
Gun Control: To an extent; there's no need to be paranoid about it.
Immigration Policies: Largely open, people with criminal records, etc. should not be allowed into the country.
Income Tax: Unnecessary.
Israel/Palestine: The whole "Jew vs. Muslim" thing is insanely stupid. I can't believe people are killing each other over a difference in belief. It's like me shooting my next door neighbour for liking apples more than pears.
Philosophy: A good thing to occupy yourself with on public transport, but there are better things to do.
Political Party Affiliation: Libertarian.
President Obama/American Policies: I'm not really for his policies, but he's doing a decent job, much better than Bush.
Prostitution: Legalise and get a foothold on real crime.
Religion: I don't like religion myself, but I don't see any problem with practicing it. As long as it doesn't incite violence, etc.
Social Security: Private charity is much better.
The UN: Decent idea, but it needs more power to be able to actually do anything.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Bit silly, considering in the wild animals eat other animals, but whatever.
War in Iraq: Probably be better for Iraq in the VERY long run, but the Bush administration bungled it. It could have been done in a better fashion.
War on Terror: Curbing civil freedoms in the name of a false devil, caused by militaristic actions on behalf of the US in the first place.
Last edited by Reijvajik on Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:13 am, edited 1 time in total.
The Grand World Order wrote:NSD has perhaps the largest case of unwarranted self importance NS has ever seen.

The Greater Republic of Reijvajik.
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