The Quest for the Sunweapon

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Birchland and the NAF
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The Quest for the Sunweapon

Postby Birchland and the NAF » Sat May 01, 2021 6:49 pm

I am currently developing a children’s book called The Quest for the Sunweapon, which will be a distant post-nuclear adventure novel. In the story, the Northern Armed Front, the military of the far-northern region of Birchland will be fighting the Wealth and Resource Federation who is attempting to invade for oil and lumber. In order to end the war, two NAF fighters are sent south to the Abominable Kingdom, a hot and unpleasant land ruled by goblins and filled with dangerous and grotesque creatures, in order to gather the components of a sunweapon. I will likely publish this between now and the May of 2022. I have just turned eighteen and will be moving about 4,800 kilometres in a few weeks, so I will have a busy schedule this year, though I will continue to work on this book throughout as I enjoy writing. It will employ digital illustrations, a few of which I will post here once I have made a couple more and it will be quite lore-driven. It is intended for ages 5-15 and will be published under the codename “Берёза.” I’d like to know who finds this concept interesting and would consider acquiring a copy.
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