Worlds Crash: Chapter 1:

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Worlds Crash: Chapter 1:

Postby Crimetopolis » Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:29 am

His ATV was most unusual. A Completely rebuilt 1994 Toyota 4x4 miniature SUV. Heater, Air, AM?FM radio. His neighbor had simply abandoned his home to be with his family members,. When one is 92 years old, such things became standard issue behavior. The 'Gas station roof' above the trailer was called a trailer port. It guaranteed decades of life to the mobile home involved by preventing rotting. When the neighbor left, he simply abandoned it all.

Frank had the vehicle parked in a shed behind the trailer. It started on the first key turn. He drove it and parked it facing the trailer . The 15 year old now had wheels. Radio, Heater, AC all checked. In the glove box wasa box.
He opened it. 100 solid gold 1896 coins! He would take them to a bank later in the day. Despite being in a rural zone, they had county bus service, too. Happily, it went past Frank's home.

Frank secured the coins. He inspected the triple wide trailer. He would not let money weapons, jewelry, ammunition, or communications gear fall into criminal hands. Jars of cash money filled one closet. Frank loaded them into the SUV outside. In a gun rack, he filled with excellent condition rifles and, shotgun '.20 gauge bolt action shotguns, excellent to new condition'. He observed. Youth Models, too. He loaded them into the vehicle, and relocked it. But the lever action rifles in the rack were the real treasure. Excellent condition Sako Finn Wolfs in .308.

He'd keep one for himself and give the other two away. Happily, both box magazines and 2019 vIntage Federal JSP[jacketed soft point] was found. One would go to Brenda Hilton, his girlfriend. SHe wanted a hunting rifle for years. The other would go to Tabitha Moore. Somebody had stolen her .35 Marlin lever action while she was at work. Frank would rectify that. They were loaded in the vehicle outside, too.

Two Nintendo Switches with wired controllers and AC adapters. At least 20 game cartridges, and memory, too. A box of gold rings. Three laptops 'Hey, They even got two adapters for the switches to play on two the lap to s larger screens, too.' A brief test confirmed all was normal, too. He even found box of gold pocket watches, too. The Small family had ran a gun, jewelry, and pawn store between 1946 and 1988. He knew James Small's great grandchildren worshipped all things Californian and were knee-jerk liberal. The simply herded him into their vehicle and roared off, eager to flee this flatland sector of rural western Kentucky, too. So great was their antipathy towards fly over country, that they drove a turbo charged MIni coop Beamer like Mad Max from L.A. and back. Rumor had it they burned their Birkenstocks to avoid polluting the blessed homeland Of Los Angeles county, California. This was confirmed by James Small himself.

James had also confirmed that these same great grand kids attempted to levitate the National Rifle Association's national headquarters in celebration of Hurricane Katrina, too. Such is the folly of the New Age. Frank was a devout supercessionist Christian. He went by the New Testament alone to avoid trouble. The Full Gospel types always wrecked themselves. He wanted Brenda for his wife and to start a family with her. He loved the lady bear hunter dearly.

He noticed a room. He opened it Card board boxes and cases greeted him. He opened one and gasped. A brand new Chinese $99.00 AK-47 sporter rifle dated 1987! He closed it and began further loading the Toyota. RAV 4. When he had finished, He drove it to his family's nearby house. He moved all the stuff to his room. Because he had purchased a Shark vacuuming robot for the family's, but his parents were pretty much cool with letting run his room. The fact the bare tile floor made it hyper easy to clean. Frank simply wiped the room down with Dollar Tree germicidal lemon-scented wipes and rolled a Mechanical sweeper across the Floor. He hid his stash underneath the bed, in the closet and in slide out drawers, too. He drove back to abandoned home of James Small.

He locked the vehicle up and went home. DING! His laundry was dried. He secured it and cleaned his room. Frank then carefully inspected his gains. The were multiple Chinese semiauto only Type 56 AK clones. But these clones had a fiberglass Galil-style front hand guard, too There were at a bunch of them, and many steel round
thirty Chinese AK magazines and tactical chest pouches, too. From the ammunition supply, Frank loaded all the AK magazine with clean 7.62x39mm soft noses, and these same chest pouches were loaded, too. He would keep some, but help others, too.

Next were multiple Ruger service six double action revolvers, They were unused. .357 magnum. Fixed sights. both four and six inch barrel lengths, He set aside one of each for Brenda Hilton. The girl's attempts to acquire modern weaponry often failed despite her diligence. There was a reason Frank vowed to help Brenda's family. The Hatcoys were Hillbilly outlaw trash whom terrorized most of the county. Murderers, rapists, bullies, thieves, child abusers, shine runners. pet murderers, and God alone knew what else, too. Even the cops were
scared of them, too.

Brenda loved the horse farm she grew up on alongside her family members. They were poor, but non suffering so. Dogs and cats got medical aid rather than being put down for economics, too. But there were only two guns to protect her large family. She witnessed at school Jubal Hatcoy and his Israelite-named brothers gang-raping a teaching a teacher's aide. She knew of the Code of Silence, too. When one is both poor and ill-armed but the same is a good survival strategy.

She tried to walk away. But a teacher noticed her upon seeing the whole event and she got tagged, too. She begged to be let go. But the school compelled her to testify in court. But they refused to send money and/or arms to help her family, too. Of course, Jubadi Weiss Hatcoy was not happy when eight of his kin got juvey for this same infraction, too.

So to save her family, Brenda voluntarily chose exile with some relatives that had enough guns to say 'NO' to the Hatcoys. The sheriff's department and state police refused to help also. She openly prayed the U.S. army blow the Hatcoys to Oblivion with tank and Apache gunships, too.

Frank's mind returned to the present. There were SKS carbines, too. Again, unused too. Frank readied them likewise, too. The boxes were chopped up and trashed. He looked at the clock. Ten a.m. He had to home by 2 p.m. 'Good." He knew of another family that needed his help, too. Sheriff's deputy Barney Ross 's immediate family was not in the Hatcoy-menaced sector of the county, But the local bullies and poachers were being hard on the Deputy's family, too. The wife only had a kit-built 1911A1 .45 automatic to protect her three pre-K kids, too. More often than not, Ross had to be at home guarding his family. All he had was a shotgun and a .357 magnum GP-100 revolver.

He loaded up his Suzuki 4 wheeler. The lovingly rebuilt vehicle was of 1987 vintage. He had found it after a 2016 tornado had dropped it in his yard. A trip to a 4 wheeler repair shop meant that for $700.00, Frank got a new ride, too. He puttered to the Barney Ross home. 11:20 a.m. Anita was playing with her kids outside when Frank pulled up. "Oh hi Frank." Frank had endeared himself to them by sending magazines and .45 acp ammo whenever he could.

Her eyes bugged. Three AK-47s and three SKS carbines along with ammo and accessories now armed her families. "You're welcome." smiled Frank as he left. A telephone call meant Deputy Barney Ross was home to be rearmed. NO more would fear rule his family, too. Frank was home by 12.40. p.m. He watched the news Deadly Storms would be likely from late Friday afternoon through Sunday Night.

Frank ate a light healthy lunch. Afterwards, he showered, shaved, and brushed his teeth. He brought his dog and cat inside from their respective outdoor pens. Tikky Tak was a very affectionate girl Calico cat. Finster was his Chug puppy. A miniature chihuahua-girl pug mating product, but Finster was named after baby Gangster in the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

FRank changed his clothes. Moisture wick urban camou t-shirt. Cargo shorts. velcro sandals. Moisture wicking shirt and ANDI socks, A pair of ViSOR orange lens sunglasses were donned. He got some cash from one of the jars. He'd buy his family takeout tonight. After all, they were driving him to his allergist and then Finster was getting a rabies booster at the vet. They'd raid PETSMART and then they'd go home afterwards. Then he'd load up the Suzuki and visit Brenda.

His parents came from work. The allergist put him on a sinus rinse. The vet was uneventful, But Finster did like his new harness. They got home. "Frank , your Dad and I have to go out for a business conference tonight. We won't be home until next FRiday." "Love you, Mom and Dad." "Love you Frank." A taxi took them to the airport. Pennsylvania was outside the Severe Weather outbreak zone.

Frank finished inspecting his haul. Arsenal rebuilt 7mm Mauser VZ-24s bolt action rifles. .357 lever guns. SIG P220 and P226 9mn pistols. Several Federal Ordnance 9mm Broomhandle Mausers. Then he found the prize. Four Goncz G45 20 shot semiauto pistols. And there were even magazines and holsters too!. Frank readied one and donned it. His reserve pistol was a SIG P220 .45 acp. too.

For himself, 3 AKS, 2 V-Z-24s, A Finnwolf, .357 levergun, a Broomhandle Mauser, A P226. This was in addition to the Goncz. P220, and shotgun, too. For Brenda: A Finnwolf, a .357 lever gun, an AK, Two .357 magnum revolvers. Brenda Hilton had seven brothers and seven sisters. With only two guns, to defend themselves, no wonder the Hatcoys and like filth kept them on edge. He readied an aid shipment. Every Member of the Brenda Hilton family would getan AK47, an SKS, or a Lever .357 as a long gun. They also would have a Service Six .357 magnum revolver or a SIG P220, also. He brought down the SUV And loaded it. He then parked inside his garage and locked both it and the SUV, also

He loaded the 4wheeler with the goodies for Brenda and drove up to her uncle's. Ronnie Moore smiled as Frank rode up. "Glad you're arming her, too." Brenda returned from riding her palomino horse and put him in the shed. She carefully unsaddled him and brushed him, too. A small amount of water and food. Lastly. she withdrew her loaner ,30-30 Winchester rifle and went inside. There, in the single wide adjacent trader, she showered. She changed into Velcro sandals, cargo shorts, and an A-frame t-shirt. Layered blonde hair cut, gray eyes. Six foot 11 inches tall. When she saw Frank sitting on the couch with his weaponry gifts, Her face lit up with love. She held him in her muscular arms. Frank was 5.5 feet tall and just let him take her. She gave him a long, lover's kiss, "From this day forward, you are my lover."

She returned the loaner .30-30 to her Uncle after hearing Frank Miller's plan. "I know you don't have you operators Frank. But if you show me the SUV, I may be help you arm my family, too." By now, both her revolvers were in a waist western gun belt. Uncle Ronnie had taught her to shooter his own Colt Python. Brenda did take her Rossi Loop Lever rifle, too. She rode back seat on the Suzuki. \

When she saw the loaded SUV. "There's an abandoned paved road I ride to check on my family daily. Tomorrow at 7 am, I'll be here on horseback. You'll follow me and I'll lead you there." With permanent firepower, but she could return to helping her family daily. She kissed him and left. The radio said there was a PDS tornado watch scheduled to go into effect at noon tomorrow. Happily, Frank's home had a basement. It had multiple windowless guest bedrooms. He readied them. They each had an operational toilet and sink. They also had pet carriers, too. After the weapons deliveries, He'd ride his Suzuki to the grocery store and load up on pet-related supplies.

While Uncle Ronnie had a basement, but it was not big enough for the numbers of the Hilton family, too. And they had no basement. But with sleeping bags, but there would be enough room for at least sixteen people, too. Little did he guess it would be indeed one hell of a day inbound, too.

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'World's Crash'-Chapter Two:

Postby Crimetopolis » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:45 am

The evil wizard Nadok watched Earth through the blue glowing orb. His mages assured him Provided they didn't use fail-based spells, but there would no horrible side effect that would risk destruction to his forces. The example of Beftar the Annihilator still was taught in magical studies academies. For ten thousand centuries, Beftar amassed an army of evil. From Barbarians to Wyverns and Legions of troops, cavalry, and siege engines were readied.

As a precaution a fail arts spell, was cast and Beftar and his evil horde marched through the portals. One billion strong. However, a near by thundershower reacted with the fail arts spells and they all turned to dust and vanished, Beftar included. Nadok was much more organized than that, also. When his troops encountered a lone mage mass producing healing rings, Nadok made him filthy rich. In turn, he soon had a magical technical school with thousands of mages cranking out millions of healing rings. They, too, were treated well,. With healing rings, unless his fighters were killed or knocked out, but the rings. "Ring heal me' was said and the wearer healed instantly.

As a result, Nadok was the main champion of the evil doers of Astreria, too. And his mages had invented crystals which powered magical devices like portals. They simply drew power from passing weather systems. Again. magical factories mass produced these same crystals. And with a horrific tornado outbreak forecast , but Earth would be soon invaded, too.

As Nadok activated his evil plans, A tiny snake noticed him. Sneaky had uncovered Nadok's evil plans. He left to immediately to warn the forces of good. Through the evil castle and past the guard dogs. Skirting the Swamp of Fear and Mount Terror, and risking the River of fear
He crossed the Plains of\ Crime, and made it to Peaceful meadows. A booming voice resounded. "Sneaky, you are alive!" It was Tigerus, noble leader of the Justice Legion.

Sneaky told him what he had found out and a wide-eyed Tigerus took him to the Gem Palace, upon whose throne sat The White Dragon. Sneaky repeated his story. Dwarves, Dragons, Amazon classical Hoplites, and Tiger men sat at the round table. To avoid confusion. a mind mage used a Crystal of Clarity on Sneaky. Everybody was wide-eyed at the confirmation of Nadok's foul wickedness,. THe decision was made. The Justice Legion would help if Nadok attacked.

Europe, 1940, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt could scarcely believe the reports coming from France, All over the battlefield, reports of unbelievable activity occurred. FW-189 scout planes had filmed amazing events. Glowing Green tornadoes that could vaporize things they touched. The Luftwaffe's meteorology branch simply could not explain it. Scorpions the size of cows had attacked both Allied and Wehrmacht alike. While small arms and grenades readily killed them, but the French Peasantry suffered horrific loss of life. French women and older children were openly trying to enlist in the Heer, the German army branch of Wehrmacht. A company of Wehrmacht bicyclists had encountered a thirty foot tall ogre, they had largely been wiped out by despite Kar 98K rifle and Schmiesser machine pistol[submachinegun] fire. Only the chance arrival of Flamethrower-armed combat engineers prevented a full massacre. The Ogre's charred remains were sent to the Berlin Zoo for study.

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris entered the command post. The Abwehr commander announced. "It is not an allied trick. Our radio monitoring shows that the British and French are just as confused as we are, too. Additionally U-boats are calling in reports that sea serpents were attacking both allied and German shipping too." "Then this is no allied trick. I recommend a cease fire until this situation is resolved."

Nuremberg, Germany. Adolf Hitler wasn't feeling too good. So Dr. Morrell gave him two benzedrine pills, Hitler took two and went to lie.down. Three hours, a lady server bought food to Hitler. She noticed something. "He's not breathing!" She called an ambulance from Nuremberg General Hospital. The SS guards were aghast. As local police and Wehrmacht troops entered, an attending doctor pronounced Hitler dead from a respiratory arrest. The woman pointed at the SS men and Gestapo men . "IT'S CLEAR THEY MURDERED OUR FUHRER!!!" A police officer and three Sturmabteilung[SA] opened fire with c96 Mauser pistols and two MP-35 machine pistols. The SS and Gestapo were cut down by the cyclone of bullets. Dr. Felix Morrell fled the scene, but was killed when his BMW crashed into a nearby river.

Within hours, Germany had a new Fuhrer. And his name was Admiral Ernst Raeder. For soon fantasy, history, and 2020 today would crash all together. And He agreed with von Rundstedt's assessment.

France.... The Tommies had set up their position from behind a stonewall. Sgt. Alfie Carstairs, was glad they had the Bren Gun set up, too, Because in the field facing them was something much worse than German infantry. A pink light hovered in a layer above the ground facing them. A private made the sign of the Cross. American Civil War era Confederate soldiers appeared, in full uniform. "But their eyes, Alfie, They are evil."Johnny Luke said as he aimed the Lee-Enfield at one of them. Their eye sockets glowed bright orange. Muskets and sabers were readied as the Star and Bars. were raised. "CHARGE! " A rebel demon officer yelled. "YEEEHAAA!" screamed the demonic rebels.

THe British soldiers held their fire as the demonic rebels rushed, bayonets leveled. Aimed fire from bolt action Lee Enfield rifles stopped, them. .303 rounds exploding chests and bellies. The Demonic rebels vanished in a poof of smoke, At a hundred yards the Bren light machinegun opened up. Dozens fell. Grenades and even service revolvers joined in. Another soldier had joined the Bren Gun's crew. He poured a canteen of water over the air-cooled machinegun's barrel to keep it running. The machinegun's controlled firing meant life, but to lose it meant death. "They're almost upon us!" Bayonets were fixed

A Low grinding noise filled the air. A halftrack motorcycle with two German soldiers in it rolled up. They were both armed with those burp guns that he so coveted. But were they doom or salvation? "Get Down!" shouted a Teutonic-accented voice. The rattle of MP-40s filled the air. That ended the attack. A German corporal jumped out. "Any wounded?" Carstairs checked his men. "No wounded." "But could he continue to trust the Germans?

But half his unit's ammo was gone. Of all things, A Wehrmacht truck rolled up. The two soldiers in it dismounted and began Unloading crates. One soldier began unloading them. Kar98k rifles and Schmiesser MP-40s. along ammo and stick grenades were passed out. "We need the help of your Bren Gun at our hospital." A German sergeant said. Carstairs had Corporal Luke have the men give their remaining .303 ammo to the Bren Gun. Thirty loaded magazines and they were in their lorry. The German vehicles joined them in the convoy to the hospital.

The field hospital was jammed with wounded. Doctors and nurse openly operated on the less serious cases in the open air. The Tent operating rooms were overflowing with more serious cases. Alfie met with the senior German officer. "Major Max Schmidt, 87th Field hospital, German Army." "Sgt. Alfie Carstairs, British Expeditinary Force." The the two began coordinating the defense of the hospital.
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'Worlds Crash': Chapter Three:

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The next morning, As Frank walked Finster, An evil red sunrise greeted them. Frank returned home after the Chug dog relieved himself. He turned. The blare of 'M-16' faded on Frank's fave rock music station. The announcer said. ' And now, the weather. It will be windy and warm this morning. But a violent storm front approaching after 4 p.m. would lead to an outbreak of long track, violent tornadoes from after 4 p.m. today until 6 p.m. Sunday, A PDS[Particularly Dangerous situation]tornado watch is in effect from 4 p.m. today until 6 p.m. Sunday. High 90, Low 77. Stay turned to the best Rock station for our area, WZUM." Frank ate a light breakfast and went potty.

Afterwards, He read his Bible and said prayer. He brushed his teeth and shaved. He took an AK and pistol for himself. The RAV 4 was so crowded with ordnance that there was only room for the driver, himself. True to her word, Brenda Hilton greeted him on horse back. "Follow me, Frank!" and so he obeyed, too. He drove alongside
the paved road. For five miles her. Then she crossed a creek. Frank paused to shift into 4 wheel drive. Then he easily traversed the creek. He maintained it until they hit the abandoned section of paved road. They drove. Then, a clearing, and the Hilton farm, too.

"Mom, Dad, this is Frank." The woman still hugged a Winchester .30-30 lever action rifle. Her father had a drawn .357 magnum revolver. "Relax." smiled Frank . "I heard about what the Hatcoys done to Brenda." Brenda smiled. "Where do you think I got these two revolvers and this .357 lever rifle, too?" Norma Hilton looked at Billy Hilton. "He's not an enemy." She lowered the .30-30 and smiled. He reciprocated. Frank opened the vehicle and began unloaded the weaponry. Instantaneously, Every Hilton presently had a Rossi lever action, an SKS, or an AK-47. They also got all Ruger Service six revolvers. Since the serial numbers weren't filed off, Norma and Billy Hilton wisely kept quiet.

But the day's generosity was trumped by the forecast deadly weather, The Hiltons had no basement, safe room, cyclone cellar or storm bunker. "But how will you deal with your horses?" "We let them loose. They're insured, but usually we don't lose any to day time twisters . It's the night time twisters that are killers." explained Brenda. Frank then explained how his home could shelter the Hilton family and their cats and dogs. "I just need to hit PetSmart for extra pet food and animal hygiene supplies." "Then we'll help you." smiled Norma They made ready for mass evacuation, PDS Tornado watches were not to be taken lightly.

Two vehicles left, followed by Brenda on horseback. Because Uncle Ronnie had converted a semi-underground to horse pen for Brenda, she left her horse there, too. She retrieved her other stuff and mounted the RAV 4 and rode to Frank's home. Norma and Billy were impressed. "More than enough for 16 people, nine dogs and six cats." Finster and Tikky Tak instantly made friends, They did help buy extra supplies, too.

By three p.m. the evacuation was fully done. By 3:45 P.M., Tornado sirens blared in the distance, They all said a prayer and took cover. A radio blared disaster warnings. Frank put Tikky Tak and Finster in their carriers in the basement room, He was sharing with Brenda. The two small animals denned in silence, because even underground, but they could detect the storms but felt safe, too. By tacit agreement, Brenda's parents simply accepted it. Given the Hatcoy and like outlaw rape crews, but they'd come to a joint parental agreement where they'd sign legal papers for her to marry at 15 so an armed husband could help keep their daughter safe if need be, too.

And why not? The Supreme Court had outlawed both the death penalty and life imprisonment for juveys. A parent's 'right to whip' supremacists meant most D.A,s wouldn't prosecute juveys even for the worst stuff. But Frank had been raised by parents who openly told he'd be in juvey as incorrigible if he acted he get away with all because the belt or grounding no longer affected him. But Frank had experienced the other side of said kid-rearing way. too. When a bully made Frank afraid to go to school, but his simply wasted no time with the school. Rather, they took a juvenile petition at the courthouse and Mr. bully smoked four months in juvey. It also reformed the same bully, too. And when the bully's family threatened him. But his parents openly began packing guns, too. The ANTIFA wannabes promptly ended their evil.

Furthermore, Frank often helped around the Hilton farm, too. He just liked to go with Brenda and watch the baby animals afterwards. The fact Frank kept a vet emergency fund for his pets told them volumes about the youth's character. He had even bought his SKS when he visited, too. And now these gifts of weaponry and protection.

Brenda gently guided Frank down. She gave him a long , lover's kiss. "Frank, will you marry me?" "Yes." He paused." "Since you're a lady hunter will you alone marry to you alone?" She kissed him. "Yes, and I have the vows here. Hold my hands." "Frank, by the hunt as my husband I claim thee. My heart alone loves thee. My sword and shield guard thee. Together we die and live. Together we fail. As wife and husband we stand. Amen."

Love making commenced immediately afterwards. Later on... "I'm hungry, want some of my cooking?" "Yes, my husband." They kissed. Frank dressed very casually. "Like Chicken Teriyaki and brown rice?" "Yes." And so his wife ate Frank's cooking. alongside. "MMMM.... Oh, that was so good." She kissed him. There was still power on, albeit tornadoes were striking about them, too. It was windy with bright sunshine overhead But the distance thunder boomed as the tornado moved away, Frank leashed walked Finster who
m promptly relieved himself. A

A whimpering noise. from behind a trash can. A small dog emerged with four small puppies. Brenda knelt down and petted the mother. "Hello, I won't hurt you." She picked four puppies up. Wagging her tail,, the un-collared Yorkie and her four puppies were taken inside."
Instantly everybody loved them. Norma fed them all. 6 p.m. Frank telephoned animal emergency. "We are still
open but no animal hospitals had been so far hit, too." The Vet. ""Fulton's open until 9 tonight."

A scan revealed neither chip nor ear tag. They' ll got inoculated, wormed, Anti flea tick and mosquito. The vet adopted the mother but save a red headed boy for Frank. "Hello , Marvin." FRank smiles. "I so love Marvin the Martian cartoons." The other puppies were readily adopted.
Happily, a PETCO adjacent the sized him both a harness and a tag, Then they returned home.
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'Worlds Crash': Chapter 4:

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Cody worked on his old 4wheeler. Its motor now purred that it got an oil change, fresh gas, and new plugs. He test rode it around the yard. "Good." He secured both it and his tools up. In the distance, storms roared. 'Best come in.'
He thought. A small chihuahua mix walked towards him. "Hey buddy." He knelt down and picked him. The white and caramel-colored puppy instantly made friends with him. "No collar."

He took the puppy inside. "Mom. Any reports of a lost puppy?" Mom. The word that healed foster mother's Theresa Richard's heart. Her three children had been killed by the Joplin Tornado. And Cody Steinke had lost his family to crime. But Cody turned out to be a God-send. The lad was a natural mechanic and seemed to fit in. He worked 4 days a week running a motorized log splitter. And he saved quite bit of money. Church, dogs, cats, hunting, firearms history, WWII ETO, Godzilla, videogames and ATVS were among his hobbies.

Dirk, her beloved husband, really liked the kid. He was moderately fundamentalist Christian. He read his New Testament Daily. He had some firearms acquired from another family member. Savage .243 lever actions and multiple shotguns and four .357 magnums. Since both Theresa and Dirk hunted, and gave them each a .243 each, two. He kept a bolt action .20 gauge youth model, too. With the Hatcoys about. Dirk had voiced his concerns about getting a handgun. Cody told them of the Ruger 57, his dream pistol. He then offered to acquire legally multiple ones, provided he could buy one for a lady neighbor whose dogs have been menaced by coyotes, too.

Eight shotguns, four revolvers and $500.00 had netted four Ruger 57 5.7mm twenty shot pistols. This was along with a bunch of magazines, tac gear and ammo. They had all mastered them and it was a good choice, too. For the Dukes of Silver Fish creek. And their evil was accomplished v.i.a. compound bow. Naturally, the Hatcoys liked them big time, also. The Duke family delighted in cruel atrocities against both people and domestic pets.

Le Tigre, Theresa's orange cat was fleeing towards the house. From a tree stand, Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke showered arrows at the innocent creature. When one arrow whizzed by Dirk's ear, Theresa snatched up her Mini-14 and began banging away at the Dukes. Their cruel laughter turned to screams of horror, as Luke fell screaming to his death and while Bo slumped dead, shot eight times in the chest, Daisy alone escaped unharmed but she regularly vowed revenge. But, hey, and what else do you expect from Full Gospel Christians, too?

The Duke family regularly went to Church. But they used that conduct as a license to act utterly evil otherwise. When the Sheriff told the D.A. to dismiss charges on the spot, too, but that had the whole Duke clan vowing revenge, too. Thus far it had not materialized. But the Richards family stayed on full alert, too. Theresa's mind returned to the present. "What a cute puppy!" She hugged the little one.

A gust of wind got their attention. Four green, glowing tornado funnels touched down in the field across the road. Le Tigre dove through the open basement door to safety. "Mom, what's that?" Crystals appeared around the tornados. What appeared to be armored warriors began to emerge from the Twisters bottom funnels. They began lining up as both horsemen and siege engines appeared likewise. "Cody, get your guns. We're at war." Theresa did likewise. Nadok's evil now menaced both 1940 and today, too.

German field hospital, France 1940. German and allies alike dove for cover as Four Glowing green tornadoes landed in front of it. Kar98ks, Schmiessers, two machineguns and side arms were readied for action. A pink glow filled the air and 1940, Nadok's realm, and 2020 were all one, too! Sgt. Alfie Carstairs and looked to Major Max Schmidt. "We've our defenses set up to funnel the enemy towards our two machineguns[MGS]. Let them come if they want to fight."

"Agreed, mein kamerad." "This reminds me of the wagon box fight." a voice behind them said. "Private Mueller, How do you know this?" "I'm a cowboy history buff. We played OId West while other kids played WWI. What saved the American army was the fact they were positioned behind crates and boxes and circle wagons. They let the enemy come to them and their breech loaders and repeaters broke them, too." He paused. "What ever you do, donot chase after enemy without heavy weapons support. That's how the Sioux got Custer." "Agreed." said Sgt. Carstairs.

A huge, elephant-like beast appeared. While it had the trunk, legs , body of an elephant; but it had head, horns, and face of a Triceratops. Atop its back was a throne chair Theresa and Cody watched, an elf king set upon it. His delicate features and cruel face smiled as he spied Cody and Theresa. "SLAVER MAGES, TAKE ME THOSE SLAVES!"
Immediately, several robed elves began moving towards them. BANG! A slaver mage's head exploded as a Federal JSP .243 Winchester round demolished his face. Cody jacked the lever of his rifle and aimed again. War was business and business was good.

Theresa held her Mini-14 in reserve in case they were rushed. Cody fired again, and another slaver mage's died, chest shot. "SLAVE MAGES, WITHDRAW!" They withdrew leaving the their fallen comrades. "GRYPHONS!" What appeared to be Winged lions became airborne. Cody carefully aimed at one of them. He let it fill his gun sights. KER-POW! It shrieked and fell. It's rider fell but another Gryphon retrieved it. Four more still approached as Cody yelled. "Make for the woods!" Theresa followed him. He drew his Ruger 57 pistol from its holster. Two clicks meant both guns safeties were off. "Mom can you ride a horse? I can." They elves landed their gryphons. They wore plate mail armor and had arming swords and shields One Elf held the bridles of their gryphons. A female elf warrior. "Hynepsidor rescued Wee Hawk. Strider!" "Yes, milady?" Take Pegamon and Swift Axe and search the house's perimeter. Be alert for these new weapons." The beautiful red headed elf said. They obeyed.

Theresa raised her rifle and shot the Elf bridle holder in the head. Apparently, Mail armor didn't stop JSP .223 rounds. He fell like a ton bricks, dead. The Gryphons panicked and flew off while Strider and the other got sprayed dead by Cody's Ruger 57. Heads, chests, bellies exploded as 5.7mm FMJ [full metal jacket]demolished their armor like nothing, Cody reloaded before stepping out Theresa covered them Suddenly, the leader knelt before Cody the others obeyed her lead. "I am Lady Dorma Swiftblade, I am from the Tall Trees Elfin nation. I surrender my command to you." "You may rise and secure your weapons." They all obeyed. "What rituals do require for burying your dead.?"

"Burial will suffice." "Mom. I'll get shovels and a Bible." Another female Elven warrior wept openly. Of all things, Cody held her. "You cry yourself out darlin', She sobbed and shook in his arms until her grief poison was abolished. She was a beautiful blonde. "You are both brave and kind. My three brothers fell honorably today." "I truly wished we could have met as friends." was Cody's response.

Theresa took them inside. They sat down. Cody cooked supper. "Thank you for the compassion you have shown us." "Your chili dogs and French fries are most delicious." They drank. water too. Afterwards they talked. "And so you come from adjacent Earth." "Yes, Nadok the wizard told us this world was ripe for the taking. " She shook her head. "I should have listened to my better judgement. We never dreamed of all the machines that you have, and especially those fire boxes that spit death." "This Nadok must be another Mussolini or Hitler." said Cody.

"Who are they?" Asked Lady Dorma. "Two very persuasive dictators that helped cause the most destructive war in Earth's history. " "Indeed, Nadok is very persuasive. His mind mages broadcast his message of easy plunder over Crystal Pendants, and crystal balls. And even the poorest homes have crystal pendants for monster attack warnings." "You mean like radio for tornado warnings"" "Yes. Crystal balls receive both images and sounds, but crystal pendants receive only sounds. "

"We have no right to steal your world." Lady Dorma said. "If you'll have us." Cody looked at them. "I swear on my honor there will be no treachery, period." The blonde female elf introduced her as Irene True Sword. The two male elves were Hynepsidor and Wee Hawk. Later, they were cleaning armor and weaponry. Theresa and Cody finished first Cody helped Irene. Of all things, the two seemed sweet on each other.
Later, Lady Dorma took Irene aside. "Cody is a very nice boy." "Yes, he is. He's brave, but still a boy." Lady Dorma. "Don't lead him on and crush his heart, too. " "Yes, my lady."

They spent the night there. The Elf King, meanwhile was concerned with the fate of his Gryphon riders More bad news. The magic that brought them there also activated creature's from Earth's mythology to fight them. Panthers had attacked Nadok's patrols that night, and what the locals called a Snallygaster had ambushed four red dragons in service to Nadok. Three dragons and 20 warriors had been so lost. Even earth's regular wildlife warred against them. Coyote packs were slaughtering both demon warriors and Hellhounds, too. Large bears hauled mauled multiple patrols, killing many, The Elf king sighed. Sometimes, it sucked being a leader of the horde.
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