[Query] Is my hedge fund OK or does it violate something?

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[Query] Is my hedge fund OK or does it violate something?

Postby Zalora-Bravo » Fri Feb 23, 2024 1:50 pm

I probably should have asked this officially by now, but I'm only doing this five weeks after opening the hedge/mutual fund for Trading Cards. To be clear, I have never received real money for this nor do I ever plan to nor will I ever.

Here's a link to a factbook that contains all relevant data about the fund on the numbers side.

while this is a link to the ad for the fund

and a link to the fund's Charter

If it turns out that this is in violation of some rule, or that a rule gets made due to this, I will give my investors their full capital back, but obviously this is not hurting anyone and in fact offers people who otherwise wouldn't have the time a way to get in on trading cards. If a mod could officially say it looks legit I would breath a lot easier. I'm worried I'll try to log in one day and find out that I'm banned.

Thank you for reading through this, and thanks to the mods in advance for their prompt response.
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