READ ME FIRST: How to use Moderation

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READ ME FIRST: How to use Moderation

Postby NERVUN » Sat May 15, 2010 5:48 pm

Welcome to Moderation. This is to help guide you about what to post and where to post it in order to get help from the Moderation Team.

There are two primary avenues for contacting Moderation:
  • The Moderation forum - for all of the following:
    • Reporting forumside rules violations. First, check existing threads to see if the problem has already been reported, or if your report belongs in one of our Megathreads (listed below). If not, post a new thread, including [REPORT] in the title, and ensure the rest of the title is as descriptive as possible - e.g. "Trolling in the 2016 Elections Thread". Tell us exactly what the problem is: who is violating what rule, and link to the relevant post(s). You can get the link for a post by right clicking on the little post icon Image at the top left of the forum post. You can only post in Report threads if you are the person making the report, the person being reported, or are bringing relevant new information to the thread. In my opinion/advice posts will get you warned for spamming Moderation. Leave the moderating to the Moderators.
    • Appeals of forumside rulings. The full appeals process is set out here, and please read that first. Appeals should be clearly tagged with [APPEAL] in the thread title; alternatively you can post your appeal in the original report thread (if there was one). Final Appeals and appeals of forumbans should be made via Getting Help Request. You can only post in Appeals threads if you are the person making the appeal, or are bringing relevant new information to the thread. In my opinion/advice posts will get you warned for spamming Moderation. Leave the moderating to the Moderators.
    • Discussion threads. These should clearly labelled with [DISCUSSION] in the thread title, and are for discussion of moderation policy. You should not use Discussion threads to re-open discussion on specific incidents that have already been handled - they are for discussing wider policy. Anyone may post in Discussion threads; however, we expect people to express their opinions in good faith. Bad faith posts will be removed.
    • Miscellaneous queries. You may occasionally have a query about a rule or similar, in which case you may post it in Moderation. Please label you thread with [QUERY] in the title.
  • Getting Help Requests - via the Getting Help page. These are for the following:

Reporting threads
Given the large amounts of these kind of reports, please use the following threads for signature size issues, grave digs, spammers, moving threads, and so on.

Moderation Information
Here are some information threads for Moderation and about Moderators.

Edit: Added the new move thread [NERV May 21/10]| Links updated, new OSRS rolled out (NERV Oct/7/2010) |Added link to the "To post in the Moderation forum" thread [Sedge Dec 18/10] | Melk's Spammer thread added [NERV Dec/20/2010] | OSRS announcement removed (7 months old), In-game offences section added [Sedge June/23/2011] | Adbot megathread, new title [Fris Jun 2012] | Lock Request Megathread added [NERV Jan/2013] | 2016 General Election Political Nicknaming Megathread added [Kyru June/15/2016] | Completely re-written and cleared out other stickies [Sedge 09/10/16] | Added DOS Megathread. Removed 2016 General Election PolNick Megathread [Kyru 6/20/2017] | New "Move/Gravedig" megathread link. [Kyru 10/12/2017] | "Broken Thread" Megathread added. [Kyru 4/8/2018]
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