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[R] User posting past ban?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:21 pm
by Aikoland

Yesterday I (while logged into my main account) reported the user Jabanese for saying they are 11 years old and, based upon the posts by Frisbeeteria and Crazy Girl in the thread here and here, I'm going to make the assumption that they were under 13 and have been given a ban from the forums until they turn that age.

But, the user Manchukon, who is stated to be a puppet of Jabanese in Jabanese's signature, has and is currently posting even after Crazy Girl's reply in the original thread, with themselves admitting to be Jabanese in several of their posts. Which I'll quote in case they try to edit them like they did with the 'im 11yo' post:
Manchukon wrote:Select All:
Full Nation Name:The Federation Of Jabanese
Name Of Country's leader:For now ruled by a council elections havent started yet
What is your country classification? (eg Monarchy or Republic):federation
Size Of Your Country's Military:300k on duty 400k reserved
Your country's military branches:navy,airforce,army,home guard
Where is your country located on Globe?:manchuria
Who will represent your country?:field marshall zhang
Your country GDP (nominal):2trillion lire
Your country GDP (per-capita):40,000 lire
Do you vow to spend a quarter of your GDP on the military budget?:we are ready to spend a little more then that
Do you vow to cooperate with NATO members setting your differences aside?:Yes
Will your country leader's will attend the yearly held NATO Summit in Brussels?:Yes
Is your country democratic?:Yes we are just like what communism was supposed to be and not a one party system
Any additional notes:Just Gained Independence From Jabanese

Manchukon wrote:will probably not be the worlds super power by 50 years may rise to power again at 100 years tho (Do Jabanese)

Manchukon wrote:yes seen them before kinda positive (am Jabanese)

Manchukon wrote:ally (am jabanese)

Obviously I'm not privy to the actual details, so I might be wrong here and Jabanese wasn't underage and wasn't given a forum ban for it, but as I said in the original thread 'better safe than sorry'.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:04 am
by New Visayan Islands