Using Mods as weapons!

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Using Mods as weapons!

Postby The Andromeda Island Group » Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:07 am

I propose a modest, but sensible reform to the power that moderators have.

Recently, I reported a poster who was clearly flamebaiting. After giving it some thought, I decided to withdraw my complaint. Somehow, initially reporting a clear violation of the rules, then changing my mind about it is USING MODS as weapons.


Frankly, I think that if poor behavior can be put in check by pointing out that you can appeal to moderators can be considered courteous in certain situations. I also believe that my reporting of Thermodolia could only be interpreted as "Using Mods as Weapons" if the initial complaint hadn't been justified, which it was.

Also, the reasoning the Moderators used when giving me my warning was laughable at best. They claimed that because I wasn't the best friend of the person I reported, that I had to be using Mods as weapons, especially since I withdrew my complaint. Some might call that forgiveness, but the NS Moderators saw the olive branch and concluded that it was a sword.

My proposal: The moderators shouldn't be quick to warn people for "Using Mods as weapons," especially when the person accused is merely pointing out poor behavior and invoking the moderators in an attempt to warn the offending party. Where I come from, you warn someone to stop the offending behavior before you go to authorities. Also, where I come from, forgiveness shouldn't be twisted into an offense the way it was against me.

The injustice and clear bias against me has already been proven. What I propose is a change so that future posters who attempt to do the right thing aren't treated worse than the offending parties.
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Postby Sedgistan » Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:13 am

1. Technical was not the correct forum for discussing Moderation matters. Thread moved to Moderation.

2. There are very clear directions for how to raise disscussions on Moderation policy. In particular, if you are suggesting a change to policy you must follow this:

Frisbeeteria wrote:Discussion threads. These should clearly labelled with [DISCUSSION] in the thread title, and are for discussion of moderation policy. You should not use Discussion threads to re-open discussion on specific incidents that have already been handled - they are for discussing wider policy. Anyone may post in Discussion threads; however, we expect people to express their opinions in good faith. Bad faith posts will be removed.

You haven't done that - aside from placing the thread incorrectly, and failing to label the thread title appropriately, you've used this thread to re-open discussion of an already handled incident.

As such, thread locked.

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