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Who needs it, who got it, who hands it out and why.


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The Free Joy State
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Iron Fist Consumerists

Postby The Free Joy State » Tue May 04, 2021 4:16 am

With the three spoiler tags, I'm counting 9.5 lines:
"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." - Toni Morrison

My nation does not represent my beliefs or politics.

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Corporate Bordello

Postby Aikoland » Tue May 04, 2021 6:31 pm


Think this is over 8 lines, but not 100%.
♥ L'Empire d'Aikoland ♥
Trois États, Une Impératrice
Official Flag|Factbook|Q&A

A small Francophone nation located on a group of islands to the south of France. Primary territory of the nation consists of three main islands, the states as described in our national motto, along with smaller less populated islands surrounding them.
Official Nation Name: The Empire of Aikoland
Government Type: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Empress Élisabeth IV
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mélodie Bélanger
Population: 5.8 million
Official Language: French
Current Year: 2021

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The Unified Missourtama States
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Democratic Socialists

Postby The Unified Missourtama States » Mon May 10, 2021 9:18 am

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Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

Postby Calimama » Tue May 11, 2021 5:10 pm

Wasn't sure if I should post this here but this person's sig breaks when you click on the "news" spoiler.

I'll also send a tg to them.
I am thou, thou art I. Thou hast acquired a new vow. It shall become the wings of rebellion that breakth thy chains of captivity.
"And now, standing on this mountain of brave corpses, I have quite the view." - Erwin Smith
“You know the difference between me and you? I bleed red and you bleed green.” - Avon Barksdale
Where was your star?
Was it far, was it far?
When did we leave?
We believed, we believed, we believed

In the heat and the rain
With whips and chains
Just to see him fly
Too many died
We build a tower of stone
With our flesh and bone
To see him fly
But we don't know why
Ooh, now where do we go

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Postby Frisbeeteria » Tue May 11, 2021 5:33 pm

Calimama wrote:Wasn't sure if I should post this here but this person's sig breaks when you click on the "news" spoiler.

There's nothing wrong with the formatting. I think maybe [pre] tags don't get along with [floatleft] tags. Only solution is for the player to adjust the content. Oh well.


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