FAQ: Reporting in Moderation

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FAQ: Reporting in Moderation

Postby Kryozerkia » Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:36 pm

Welcome to NationStates' Moderation forum. This is where all matters concerning the forum are handled.

When writing a report, regarding Moderation issues, there are a number of things that should be kept in mind when you are writing it. This thread will provide some suggestions as well as answer frequently asked questions that users have.

If you have a question about the game itself, a FAQ for the game itself can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ is for Moderation.

Helpful Hints

  • Always proof read what you write because the written word is all we have here in terms of communication. The clearer the text of your complaint or query is, the easier it is for us to understand what you want and help you more efficiently.

  • When possible, always link to the post that you are reporting. If you just post the text of the post without some kind of link (see below for information on how to link), we will inform you that we cannot help you.

  • If you have an issue that you need resolved sooner than later, you can visit the IRC channel we have set up and request help through there. For information on how to do it, including where to find us, check down below.

  • Do not bring frivolous complaints to Moderation, such as over a different of opinions. For example, if you disagree with someone, do not automatically assume that they are breaking any rules. If you have a legitimate grievance, however, do bring it to our attention.

  • Remember to play nice (read: follow the rules) with others because when you report someone for a perceived rule violation, you may also get caught in the process. Everyone is equally accountable for his/her own actions regardless of the actions of any one else.

  • If someone is trolling, flaming or otherwise being obnoxious, do not reply. Report the offending thread or post to Moderation.

  • Be respectful of the mods and others who try to help you.


  1. Where do I post my complaint/query?

    Queries and complaints about rule violations on the game side are handled via Getting Help. You can lodge a request for Moderator help there regarding regional message boards, telegrams and other in-game issues. If your complaint or query is regarding telegrams, it is important that when you report it that you do not delete the telegram you received. Technical issues in the game (and forum) are best directed at the Technical forum.

    The Moderation forum is strictly for forum-side related issues. This includes and is not limited roleplaying issues, forum-side ruling clarification; reporting rule violations (trolling, flaming, etc). For a complete copy of the site's rules, please visit The One Stop Rules Shop.

    Telegramming a moderator is not advised. You are encouraged to use the three official channels that we have, the Getting Help page, the Moderation forum and the IRC channel (#themodcave). If you telegram a mod, chances are your request will not get a respond and likely be ignored. You may also be referred to either the forums or Getting Help because typically moderators will not field complaints or queries from telegrams. The latter varies from moderator to moderator. It is always a prudent idea to use the official channels.

  2. I have a post I'd like to report, how do I link do the post?

    Posting just the text of the post or a summary of the thread is not enough for moderators to take action.

    To report a thread and not a specific post, you can simply cut and paste the URL from the navigation bar in your browser into your query/complaint thread.

    To report a specific post (or posts), you can go about this one of two ways. The first way is to click the icon that looks like this Image to navigate to the post link. The URL will then appear in the navigation bar and you can follow the instruction mentioned above.

    Alternatively, you can click the Image to get the text of the quote and paste it directly.


    Katganistan wrote:THE MODERATION FORUM has lately been a bit spammy, to say the least.

    Please do not post here unless you are reporting a problem we need to deal with; please do NOT clutter up threads with "me, too!" posts. Please don't use the moderation forum to continue arguments better suited to General.

    Thanks awfully.

    The quote box provides a link to the post itself. The green text of 'wrote', next to the user's name is a hyper link which takes you to the post in the thread.

  3. What can I report on when making a complaint?

    All forum side issues are brought here. An example of different issues which are reported here include and are not limited to:
    • Spamming, and this includes pic spamming and smiley spam.
    • Trolling, flaming, flamebaiting
    • Thread hijacking and derailing
    • Requests to split off a thread
    • Thread move/tow requests
    • Lock requests
    • Clean up requests
    • Post removal requests
    • Signatures which are longer than 8 lines are reported here: "Sig too long!" reports thread

    For the definition of anything above, you can consult The One Stop Rules Shop.

    When reporting rule violations in Forum 7, keep in mind that while most of the regular rules apply, F7 does have a special set of rules as well. The Seven Commandments of Forum 7

    You shouldn't report in-game issues here. Forum Moderators (or FMs) will typically be the ones who see the request and will not be able to help you, only Game Moderators (or GMs) will be able to. Refer to the first question on how to get your queries answered if it is regarding something in-game.

  4. What are 'in-game' issues?

    An in-game issue is one that occurs in the actual game and not in the forums.

    Here is a list of the typical items that are considered 'game side' and are reported through the Getting Help page.
    • Abusive, inflammatory or spam/recruitment telegrams
    • Recruitment spam, and other spam as well as flaming and trolling on regional message boards (RMB)
    • Regional happenings spam
    • Multis in the World Assembly
    • Nation restoration
    • Slogans, nation prefixes, animals, currency, capitals and leaders which are purposely inflammatory, vulgar, profane or otherwise obscene
    • Illegal flags

    Appeals may also be submitted through the Getting Help. You can find out more about appeals through Appeals Process section of the One Stop Rules Shop.

  5. What does MODS ONLY in a thread title mean?

    A MODS ONLY label in a thread title means that only the following users can participate in the thread:
    • The person making the complaint/query
    • The accused (if there is an accused)
    • The mod or mods involved
    • A user providing a relevant link or relevant information
    Anyone who does not fit into one of the above are not permitted to post. Should they post despite that they are not adding anything, they will be warned for spamming. Even in threads were there is no label, those who speculate, post "me too" responses and anything else irrelevant, such as off-topic bicker will likely be warned for spamming as well.

  6. How do I contact a Mod using IRC?

    The first thing you will need is an IRC client. There are a number of clients available on the internet. If you do not yet have a client, you can find a list of IRC clients here. You will find instructions on downloading and installing the client from where you downloaded it.

    Once you have your client, the address on which the server is located is: From there, you can find the mods in #themodcave. To navigate to the channel, enter: /join #themodcave and it will take you to the channel.

    For a complete list, visit: A list of (perhaps) helpful IRC Channels

  7. Is there another way to contact mods?

    If you go here: All about Moderators: How to Suggest or Become One, you will find a list of all the mods. Each one of us has an email address at which we can be reached, though it is advised that you use the official channels.

EDIT -- (01/04/10 -- added section on "game side" issues, touched up existing sections, 9/24/13 -- fixed old URLs)
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