[R] 'Shithole'

Who needs it, who got it, who hands it out and why.
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[R] 'Shithole'

Postby Trumptonium » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:20 pm

The other thread was vague, since Fris seemed to say that calling a country a shithole is not ok, while Monitor said they're not handing out warning over this. (This what, this incident in the report or this being the overall action of calling a country a shithole?)

Hence this report

Also falls under X and Y anyway (saying Americans are racist)

Soviet-mongol wrote:USA is a deep racist shithole.
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Postby Ransium » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:57 pm

I agree this post is clearly talking about a group of people and therefore trolling:

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