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Timestamp tag

Postby Haganham » Sat Apr 02, 2022 10:23 am

I'd like a tag that we can use to express time with needing to muss about with timezones and daylight savings and what not. So I suggest a tag that converts unix time to system time.

For example for me in EST;
Code: Select all
Would display as Sun May 08 2022 6:45am

Bonus points if you can give the option of not displaying the date so;
Code: Select all
would be 6:45am

Pinkies crossed that the thing used for news events can be used for it.

As for what the utility is, pretty much any time you need people to be available at a given time, it will be easier to manage if you can just express the time and have it display in the readers local time, for example being able to say that update starts at 12:00 is a lot easier then saying update starts at 12:00 EST, unless you're on daylight savings in which case it starts at 11, unless we're also on daylight savings in which case it's 12 again. Ugh. Let computers do that.
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