[Minor bug] Blank officer name possible with a space

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[Minor bug] Blank officer name possible with a space

Postby Merni » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:23 am

Normally, while appointing a Regional Officer using the "Custom" option to choose a custom title, you can't leave the title blank. If you try to do so, it fails to appoint the officer and shows an error.

But, if you enter a single space " " into the title field, the officer is appointed, but the title doesn't have any space and is completely empty. This is true in the Regional Control page after appointing the officer, in the Happenings line
8 minutes ago: Mernitest appointed Mernitest as with authority over Appearance in Mernitest.
9 minutes ago: Mernitest renamed the office held by Mernitest from "---" to "" in Mernitest.
as well as in the API dumps.

(I noticed this because while running a Python program that processes the region dump, I got an error since Python's XML ElementTree module returns blank element text as None, which is a different and incompatible type to a string. The nation that triggered the error was Coolio 100.)

Of course, this is a simple fix for my program, but I just wanted to note that it is a possible issue.
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