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API Stamps

Postby Flanderlion » Thu Jul 01, 2021 3:49 am


I'd like to be able to use stamps to send out recruitment TGs via the API - so instead of waiting 180s per TG (30s for my purposes) you'd need to wait 1s per request but spend a stamp on each nation TGed. Obviously this would be additional rather than instead of, so existing API TGs would be unaffected, just this would be an additional option.

This would allow better recruitment targeting, e.g. messaging all nations who choose a certain option when they get a certain issue in a practical timeframe, while preserving site revenue.

For custom TG jobs - e.g. messaging every delegate/founder who have embassies with a certain region, it is impractical to manually message a list of 300 nations, the site glitches out when you try to paste those into the TG box as one, and there is no stamp option to send to groups such as those.

Ideally it'd go into the API queue as they'd be API TGs - just using stamps to have them sent faster, but either queue is fine.

As always, I'm representing myself.

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