Do mass copy transfers slow down the server?

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Do mass copy transfers slow down the server?

Postby Riemstagrad » Tue May 04, 2021 11:10 am

Well, that's my question: Do mass copy transfers slow down the server?

(For who isn't into all the details and oddities of the cards game: a "mass copy transfer" is when someone uses a large number of copies of the same card to transfer bank from puppets to main. For example: If you have 30 copies of a single card, you can put all of those up for sale at, let's say, 2.00 bank, then buy those with your puppets to transfer 60 bank at once.)

This is probably the safest way to transfer bank and i've been using this method since the last month of season 1.
The thing is that there have been rumours ringing around discord that such MCTransfers with a really large number of copies slow down, or even crash, the nationstates servers.

My largest trade thusfar was with ~205 copies of Ajuga Reptans ( ... ?start=225 to ... ?start=425). The game didn't crash, and i didn't notice any unusual behaviour otherwise.

Now i plan to do another such transfer with all 221 copies i managed to collect. But i don't want to disturb the game for others, so i am asking if it really disturbs the game or if those are only rumours.

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