No appeal to issue outcome

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No appeal to issue outcome

Postby NationoOfEls » Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:16 am

Hi, I have responded to an issue regarding arms control and my selected answer that forbade citizens to have access to military grade ammunition resulted in a decrease in freedoms. I do not agree with that, as this (having access to military grade ammunition) would be similar to citizens having unrestricted access to restricted medication with deadly effects in some cases. I would like to have to possibility to directly appeal an issue and flag it for misleading.

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Postby The Free Joy State » Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:25 am

For future reference, this is the thread where you can raise issue effects you find unusual (please read the OP before posting) and post the issue name/number, the option you picked, the date (if not today) and the nation (if you answered with a puppet).

As for your query, the issue is working as intended.

It's worth remembering that freedoms in NS work on a very specific metric: freedom from government control. This can lead to you losing civil rights when you ban things, the banning of which would not normally raise an eyebrow (like banning citizens from owning their own anti-aircraft guns). As my fellow Senior Issues Editor explains in the OP of the linked thread:
Candlewhisper Archive wrote:
Sometimes you can work out the freedom sub-category, sometimes you can't. There's a few things that frequently catch people out so I'll mention them here specifically:

1) The right to privacy is a civil right. Self-explanatory really, but people often associate options that invade privacy with the rights of the invader to do as he pleases, not the rights of the invaded to preserve their privacy.
2) The right to influence politics with bribes / lobbying / money is a political freedom. Political freedom isn't just a "positive".
3) The right of small businesses to have an environment they can survive in (e.g. anti-monopoly legislation), and the right of the worker to unionise / strike etc. are economic freedoms. In other words, the game also considers the economic freedoms of the little guy.
4) The right to bear arms is considered not just for private citizens, but also for agencies like the police and the government. For minimum gun freedom, you can't allow the police or the military to have guns.

and here's the craziest one:

5) The right to not have things be illegal is a civil right. That is, if a nation doesn't have a law against murder or theft, then there's more freedom. This one is being reviewed, and may well leave the game some time soon, as it's often counterintuitive to what most folk mean by civil rights.

90% of "unexpected effects" on freedoms are from people not realising these factors are considered freedoms/rights by the game.
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