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Class Regions

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:11 pm
by Holland DS6
From the Educators's page,, it says in section ´Special Features for Teachers´, it says this:

Nations in a class region:

Are automatically added to the World Assembly, without needing to supply an email address. (Normally, each nation that wishes to enter the WA must supply a unique e-mail address. Additionally, checks are performed to prevent players from operating more than one WA member nation. These do not apply to class members.)
Will not receive daily issues that could be considered adult in nature.
Cannot receive telegrams from or send telegrams to nations outside the region.
Cannot leave the region.

I have a few questions about this, one, it says that I am automatically in the WA, as a class region member, so does that mean that I can sign out this account from my email, still be in the WA (for voting and endorsing), and have my email for one of my puppets for endorsing (not voting), and not get banned by an admin or the system since the email will only be on one account, right? Also, I get the part about not recieving adult nature issues, but I wish it didn't include the two Easter Eggs (A Holiday Masquerade #622 and Zombie Attack #223), yes I have read the options and stuff, but zombies are fictional, not actual cannibals in real life. Also, I did see the outcome of the last opion in Holiday Masquerade (through posts on forums and NSindex), so maybe somehow just change the wording of the issues´ options and/or outcomes, so maybe at least add one the Zombie Attack, since they are fictional canibals, but it was CandleWisper's post I saw from, four posts down from Luna's that says why they are considered as ´adult content´. On the next line about telegrams and to/from outside the region, it doesn't work, yeah, the recieving works, as I can't recieve TG from others outside the region (like my puppets), and the only way to get a TG from another person outside is through the warning TG used only by mods, but I can still telegram my puppets and other countries, like to communicate about cards, for example, or through puppets themselves, but I still like the option of TG players out of the region. But any mod should have the ability to TG those in class regions without the telegram for official warnings for normal stuff, it is probably annoying to mods as well, but if I telegram someone, and since they can't TG me back, I don't abuse the ´power´ to spam or annoy people, or at least try not to. The final thing I was going to ask/talk out is where is says players in Class regions can't leave, isn't the only way to avoid that is by having the power of border control, I am pretty sure this is the case why someone that was previously in my region left by being the WA delegate and my founder had CTE. Anyway, I am not trying to cheat the system of having a class region pros/cons with things like 2 nations in the WA, which the puppet nation that I would give it to would only be for endorsing, and this nation be for endorsing/getting endorsed and the WA normally, telegraming people outside the region but they can't telegram to outside unless to a mod, and whatever. I just wanted clarification on some of this stuff so I don't get banned by the system or somehow break any site rules unintentionally, prohapps point out unintential errors or how it is supposed to be that way or if that page needs updating, and I am not trying to anger anyone like the mods or challenge CandleWisper's post. This may have already been discussed on the topic of class regions, but I am not going through hundreds of topics through the forums, but post the forum link if it was already talked about. This was a looong post/question, and it accidently didn't save properly, so I had to rewrite it more than once multiple times. I am mostly looking for mods or others that had experiece with class regions to clarify or answer the questions, since there is only 56 class regions, not many are in one. There still might be grammer/spelling errors, I tried to iron all of them out, but it is a lot of text, the most I ever posted. Some things I would like to stay, others not, but it is the mods´ decision. Also, as I remember something, prohapps the class founder sould have the ability to sensor all of the inappropriate words for their topic or class like you can in your User Control Panel, but some words may be less ´acceptable´ to others, as some words may be more offenive to others then other words to people of different backgrounds or history, etc.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:24 pm
by Noahs Second Country
You can only have a single WA nation, period.

This used to be a class nation, I can confirm that you're not supposed to leave your region unless the founder kicks you, and yeah, other nations cannot telegram you back.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:53 pm
by Holland DS6
But is it technicially abusing the fact that I am in a class region and have puppets to give to me email, since I am in a class region, I am automatically in the WA if I had an email or not, and as long as someone knows the region password or have border control, you could make it with have a different password or no password at all with the border control, so that is probably how someone that was in my region awhile ago left, since he was the WA delegate and since the founder CTE at the time, he also had exectutive and all the power the founder has basically. A class region is only a region with a passowrd and a few extra features or measures to ´protect´ those from outside the region, and yea,
Noahs Second Country wrote: other nations cannot telegram you back.
I already know I can't recieve telegrams from outside the region,... we don't really need the part which I just deleted