"Naughty Words"?

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"Naughty Words"?

Postby Neu Amerikanien » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:03 pm

What exactly in this is considered to be "naughty words"?

[center]Das Deutsches Reich von Neu Amerikanien(The German Reich of New America)


Motto: Blud und Boden(Blood and Soil)


Population: 500,000,000 Perzonen
-Density:21.6 pro Quadratkilometer

Capital: Reichstadt
Largest City: Reichstadt

Official Language: Teutonic
National Language: Teutonic
Demonym: Teutonic

Nationalsozialistischer Zentralist Führerocracy

- Reichsführer: Bernhard Schlütter
- Unterführer: Johan Ritterwaber
- Kanzler: Josef von Dieglitz
- Uberrichter: Wilhelm Wernerstein

- Legislatur: Reichstag

Establishment: 1953

Land Area: 9.54 million mile²

Human Development Index (NS Version): 1000

Currency: Reichsmark

Tagebuch von Bernhard Schlutter

Liebes Tagebuch, das heutige Datum ist der 20. April im Jahr 2000. Unser geliebter Führer Herr Adolf ist gestorben. Mein Herz kann den Kummer nicht ausdrücken, den ich und meine Mit-Arier jetzt fühlen. Der große Mann, der uns vor den Händen der Semitics gerettet und uns die Welt gegeben hat, hat uns verlassen. Als derjenige, der seinen Willen durch alles ausgeführt hat, sollte ich derjenige sein, der den Bericht über die Eroberung Amerikas zu Ehren unseres geliebten Führers schreibt. * nimmt Stift auf * Nun, hier geht es ...

[center] Unsere Geschichte[/center]

[center](Dieses entry wird be in Englisch für you non-Teutons.)[/center]

After the successful outcome of Operation Barbarossa und Sealion, Herr Adolf wisely decided that it was time to extinguish the final flame of Liberal Democracy in the World: America. Luckily, due to the seizure of the former nation of Great Britain's airforce, the Führer had no shortage of aircraft with which he could ferry our brave Wehrmacht to the other side of the Atlantic. One might think we would never have enough fuel to power our planes throughout such a long journey, but luckily our Scientists discovered how to use uranium enriched water as fuel; and, having plenty of that to be utilized, the airforce swiftly took to the skies on April 20th 1942, carrying a total of 5 million troops. Trailing behind was our Kriegsmarine with 10 of our latest state-of-the-art battleships and our first aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin(which carried 20 of the latest Horten Ho 229s, each equipped with a single unit of the newly made Wunderbomben, which were recently developed by Herr Einstein, the National Socialist Head of Science at the time).

As the force approached America, Hitler decided to organize it into a new intercontinental expeditionary force, which he named the "Feursturmmacht." This force would now and forever be the Reich's special forces unit that would perform the initial invasion phase for each operation from that point forward. But I digress, the Feursturmmacht reached it's landing point, Washington DC(now the Reichstadt), and within hours of landing the city was taken; soon all Government personnel present there were captured, including the President and his cabinet. This caused an utter panic amongst the Americans, who now had no official Government(all captured members of Government were immediately flown back to Berlin, where they were interrogated and tortured over a period of weeks, until Herr Adolf chose to personally execute each and every one of them). The American Military now attempted to muster at Annapolis, from where they tried to mount a counterattack to retake DC. They made an impressive display of prowess, but most of their troops were raw and untested whereas our troops were battle hardened, and had not an ounce of fear or doubt in their ability. Due to this advantage, the Americans were cut down, with all prisoners who were not of Germanic origin killed upon capture; those of Germanic origin were offered a position in our forces, and as one would expect the vast majority accepted.

With the American Government and Military now a mere memory of history, the country was systematically occupied and annexed. The last pocket of resistance(in Seattle) was integrated fully on August 3rd, 1942. The next step was to have the Waffen SS go to every documented settlement to identify and record the amount of undesirables present. After this, Herr Himmler built the Gesundheitplatz, the biggest processing site ever constructed in history. All undesirables were transported by train here, were they were disposed of. After this, all that was left of the population of America were the Germanic peoples, the Irish, the Italians, French, Spanish, and Japanese as well as Chinese. At last the land that harbored the very core of ethnic filth was cleansed.

Now that America was brought to a state of purity, it was now time to organize the land into a Reich, as is the custom of our leader. I say this because Herr Adolf declared that the nation of Germania would be a Greater German Reich which was composed of smaller German Reichs. Europe would be the core of the nation, and the rest of the continents would be their own Reichs, each with a Führer of it's own, who would answer to The Führer, the leader of Germania, who Hitler decreed he would choose before his death, and his successor would do the same, and so on. America was renamed to the German Reich of New America, and it's Government organized and filled with NSDAP members.

Ever since then, Neu Amerikanien has been the focal point of commerce and creative culture in Germania. This is because our Reich is the only one that has a policy of utterly free trade, and so all trade flows through our land at one point or another. We also have the most beautiful lands of all the Reichs, due to my policies on Environmental Conservation. We are able to make this work due to the fact that we do not utilize oil or coal, rather we are entirely nuclear powered. We also maintain a powerful military-industrial complex, which supplies the Greater Reich in it's endeavors(we are currently at war with the planet of Alpha Centauri, whose inhabitants have dared to try and raid our inter-planetary trade). Yes indeed, our great struggle against the Semitics and the lesser peoples has shown that the Teutonic race is indeed the greatest, for who else but us could have created an Empire which spans the entire Solar System? All I can say is that I hope Neu Amerikanien has proved worthy of the gift Herr Adolf has given us through his struggle by its contribution to the efforts of the Greater German Reich.

Blud und Boden

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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Leutria » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:13 pm

The URL for your flag. It is "" Pretty clear "naughty word" there.

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