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RMB Dumps

Postby Flanderlion » Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:28 am

Hey again,
While I'm active today, could I put a quick request in for RMB daily data dumps. It's been mentioned a good amount in the past, by a good amount of users for a wide range of reasons. For my specific use it is so we can search through for less than 4 character acronyms etc. - I've looked back and I think the reasoning for not allowing the 3 letter searches in-game is fairly solid. Also the quirks with the search backend (MySQL I think?) has pushed me a bit away from the main NS search. It'll save requesting every single message pinging the API a couple of thousand times per RMB. Also it would likely help with backing up regional history from refounds etc. and hopefully help with the RMB history archive thing mentioned a while back as a possibility for dealing with large RMBs that were beginning to cause server issues back then (not sure the situation on that now: viewtopic.php?p=27466817#p27466817).
Thanks again,
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