[APPLICATION] Agadar's Embassy Checker

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[APPLICATION] Agadar's Embassy Checker

Postby Agadar » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:15 am

[ Agadar's Embassy Checker]

Originally created for The Western Isles, this program scans a specified region's embassy regions and reports on those that do not meet specified criteria. The generated report is displayed in a text area, which users can easily copypaste to notepad or other text editors for saving. This program is especially useful for regions that have a large number of embassies and wish to start removing embassies with inactive or unwanted regions.

Note that this program only reports on embassy regions; if you wish to remove the embassies of reported regions, then you will still have to manually remove them yourself.

This program uses my own NationStates API Java Wrapper to communicate with the NationStates API.

Users can specify the following criteria:

  • The maximum number of days between now and the last post on the region's message board;
  • The minimum number of days between now and when the region was founded;
  • One or more regional tags which the region shouldn't have.

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