Replacing Inactive Founders

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Re: Replacing Inactive Founders

Postby AP3 10 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:07 pm

Martyrdoom wrote:IMHO, having just re-read the thread, the case has been far from made. Indeed, a case AGAINST it has been clearly and convincingly expounded. Although, if your motivating factor is to practically abolish the raiding game, I can see why you would say the case has been made.

The case should naturally continue to be discussed, untill the admins perhaps choose to declare their decision.I believe the case is though quite made; and it is not a case for the total abolishment of raiding- its purpose is a measure to provide a means for raids to eventually, after time be solved, and to quite fairly attempt to reduce the incidence the worst, much destructive events, which we feel should assist in retention of players (because they don't hit a insurmontable point where neither raider, native or defender need do any activity in pursuit of their goals). Its a case for the continued use of Founders, as against mod involvement in every case (which simply isn't gonna happen), and possibily a means by which founders playing in realtime may make provision for the future of their region. it is a case which assumes that a region with a founder may be better and as such may mean in totality the game is better maybe as a result of more continued activity and perhaps better direction and interegional activity. It is a case which believes extending what we already have is better than a whole new feature.It is a case based in the belief that raiders, when all said and done, are very effective forces, and will no matter the rules or coding regime suceed in raiding, in doing so shaking up the soup that is our game and creating activity. it is not possible nor desirable for raiding to disappear. Raiders are highly skilled, and will generally always be more ready and clued in then any particular set of natives, who can not be vidulent, this measure will not change this. This measure may mean that raiding becomes a even more highly skilled (more fun maybe) activity, perhaps, or it may have no effect, I'm not an expert to predict. In conclusion I support this measure because I believe its a neat solution to the problem coding can't solve as I have said in my previous posts, in addition there is the rest of the stuff I have said above which are not bad things for the game, what problems can others see?
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