[Suggestion] Interactive Classification Graphs

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[Suggestion] Interactive Classification Graphs

Postby Spiritual Republic of Caryton » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:52 pm

It's been a constant struggle, since the start of the nation classification. Maybe you want to become a really obscure classification like Benevolent Dictatorship or so. Maybe you're fluctuating between Corrupt and Psychotic Dictatorship (or in my case, Moralistic and Authoritarian Democracy) but want to be dead set on one. Maybe you're a perfectionist who wants linear statistics all the time.

Answering issues blindly and hoping your classification changes for the better is ineffective, and the broad "you need more civil rights or economy" doesn't help because some of these key issues either critically over or undershoot boosts.

Here's my idea: An optional classification chart in the form of an interactive graph, where you can keep track of every single statistic your nation has, with a key for every single nation classification out there. You'll know to look out to decrease authoritarianism or increase inclusiveness and such to get where you want.

On top of that, it would provide a much more accurate and modern version of the one a while back.

It would give many new nations an easy-to-use guide on policies and classifications, without having to rely on the forums. They could see cold, hard statistics in a specific, non-generalized manner and see how it would pertain to *their* nation.
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Postby Phydios » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:35 am

I'm not really sure what this would add to the game. As far as I know, government classifications are still based on only the three main stats - Civil Rights, Economy, and Political Freedom - not any others. And I'm pretty sure that the chart you linked is still accurate- if something big like that was changed, word would have gotten out. Even if it was only from players who noticed the changes.

So that tells you which direction to move your stats to reach a specific classification. Now, how do you do that? Well, the admins have repeatedly shot down proposals to make it easier somehow to change your stats. That suggestion is unlikely to ever be implemented, and with good reason- it's against the spirit of the game. But for those who want it anyway, Trotterdam has done an admirable job of reverse-engineering the issues engine here (and as a result, probably knows more about it than any other ordinary player). With that database, you have more control of your nation's stat changes than you could ever have otherwise (if you find that kind of thing fun). I should emphasize, though, that it's still not perfect. The backstage workings of the issues engine remain exclusively known to Issue Editors, moderators, and admins. Trott can only tell you the possible ranges for your stat changes (and even that isn't totally foolproof).

It seems to me, then, that this suggestion wouldn't really add anything that the admins haven't said no to. Am I not understanding something?
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