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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:17 am
by Candlewhisper Archive
TalAkMaChen wrote:I got a new option for #514, listed as option 4:
4. “For this debtor’s life, let justice itself stand accused!” interjects @@RANDOMNAME@@, famed pedant and interfering busybody. “There is a law mandating measurements made metric, correct? Thus we must conclude, a ‘pound of flesh’ means nothing to the law, and the contract is void. Let precedent be set — without a metric of measure, a promise cannot bind!”

I thought it was due to the nation receiving this was Vegetarian (cutting flesh there, but still... don't need to eat it as well), but it appears to be rather due to "Metricism" as validity.


94 days since I added that little hidden feature. So glad it's been reported at last!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:31 pm
by Trotterdam
I've known about that effect line for some time, of course, but I had no inkling it was on that issue. Makes sense in hindsight, but I'd never have come up with it on my own.

Got 1307

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:57 pm
by Verdant Haven
I just received issue #1307 - "A Duty to Serve"

1307 - A Duty to Serve

The Issue

Community service programs are becoming increasingly popular in private schools across Verdant Haven. Now, parents have proposed implementing a similar program in state-funded high schools and middle schools, where students must complete ten hours of community service per year to graduate.

The Debate

1. “My son sits around on his butt all day. I think it would be good for him to get out and help the community,” says Marlon Starkey, bustling into your office while the teenage boy trudging behind him rolls his eyes. “Not only will it help people in need, it will also give the students a chance to be a part of their community and a proud citizen of Verdant Haven.”

2. “Hey, man, we don’t have time to do community service when we spend the whole day on schoolwork and studying,” his son tells you. “Chill out with the long school days and maybe we’ll have more time to contribute to the community on our own.”

3. Your cousin, who just stopped by to bring you cookies, pipes in. “I think community service programs are a great idea. Ten hours a year isn’t that much time, but it can change a lot if enough people are doing it. There’s no reason to limit it to students — just think of what we could do for the country if every able-bodied adult had to pitch in too!”

4. “Are you kidding me!” Sigourney Brown, CEO of NAT-U-RAL Co., shouts from the window of her limousine. “I don’t have time to go out and pick up trash. I’m doing the world a service by supplying the world with abundant amounts of natural gas! Surely that counts as community service. In fact, these kids could ‘volunteer’ at my plant — if you don’t mind, of course.” She slowly rolls her window up before driving off.

The issue is by the already-CTE'd Conexia
It is edited by USS Monitor
The options received are options 0-3

Candlewhisper Archive wrote:
TalAkMaChen wrote:I got a new option for #514, listed as option 4:
4. “For this debtor’s life, let justice itself stand accused!” interjects @@RANDOMNAME@@, famed pedant and interfering busybody. “There is a law mandating measurements made metric, correct? Thus we must conclude, a ‘pound of flesh’ means nothing to the law, and the contract is void. Let precedent be set — without a metric of measure, a promise cannot bind!”

I thought it was due to the nation receiving this was Vegetarian (cutting flesh there, but still... don't need to eat it as well), but it appears to be rather due to "Metricism" as validity.


94 days since I added that little hidden feature. So glad it's been reported at last!

Just got this one myself - earlier today, I think! I was wondering why I didn't recall seeing that option previously, given that I've been metric for a very long time and have seen the issue before - didn't occur to me it was newly added. Very nice :-D

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:05 pm
by USS Monitor
Kinda sad that Conexia CTE'd before he got to see it added.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:20 am
by TalAkMaChen
Another list of changes/missing things I noticed.

  • 131,1+2 changed
    1.“We must be permitted our inherent right to defend our honour through feats of arms!” exclaims @@RANDOMMALENAME@@, a bewigged aristocrat sporting a particularly flamboyant swept-hilt rapier. “The right to duel is one found throughout history for the honourable settling of disputes and I must insist that my right to fight be recognised! The world would be so much better if we were permitted to sort out conflicts of interest through trial by combat.”

    2. “Swords? Heavens, what dreadful things. All sharp and pointy - quite dangerous, you know,” says @@RANDOMNAME@@, an ardent pacifist. “Duelling ought to be banned! The best way to settle these kind of arguments are through judicially-supervised mediation, we all know that. If we go ahead with what these duelling nutters want, then innocent people will die! It will be a sad day when people value money more than justice. Apart from lawyers, obviously.”
  • 165,issue: " article in Salutations!" in italics
  • 179, reported are options 1+2+4+5 (cf. an old report here)
    No clue about 179,3 so far or if it's a duplicate of option 2 or 4.
  • 200.2 -- validities: 1: contraception is legal, 2: is not legal
    2. “We need comprehensive sex education to be mandatory in all schools,” says teacher @@RANDOMNAME@@, while tidying away some diagrams that make your eyes water. “The plain fact is that teenagers will experiment with sexual intercourse despite what society or their parents wish. So I say we relegalise contraception, and give it to these kids for free. We must make them fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Information is what they need, not condemnation. If they ignore it then hey, it’s their own damn fault.”
  • 438, issue "The @@TYPE@@" (capital T)
  • 549,3 has a validity check I could not figure out
  • 612,1 "little @@RANDOMFIRSTNAME@@ McFluff" in italics (also not gender-bound? I had a "Samus", sounds rather male than female to me)
  • 726,1 " t-shirt with @@HIS@@ entire resume"
    726,2 "@@HIS@@ voice"
    726,3+4 validity?? Both were hidden at War Dogs XXV so besides Immigration there must be another check (low sci-advance? low intelligence? W25 has above world average in both)
  • 840,3 "endometrium, oestrogen, epidermis" and "on the Comedy Network." both in italics
    840,4 "The idea of my itty-bitty @@RANDOMFIRSTNAME@@"
  • 872,issue "obvious when the Society of Internationalist Liberal Localist Yuppies came within" and
    872,2 "copy of her book, Jessica in Government." in italics
  • 936,4 "with a huge trade deal. If Blackacre" both italics
  • 1033,2 is random gender so also "@@HIS@@ fingertips"
  • 1075, reported are options 1,2,4,5 while option 3 appears to be a variant of the second (for nations with No Immigration) -- missing the text currently
  • 1140,issue funny one! You reported it yourself and didn't notice that your "any of the states or regions" is the @@CAPITAL@@ macro :)
  • 1177,2 name is fixed, Joe Splatter
  • 1192, issue "schoolchild @@RANDOMFEMALENAME_1@@" and "@@RANDOMFIRSTNAME_1@@ Rulez 4eva"
    1192,1 General @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@
    1192,2 @@RANDOMNAME@@
    1192,3 @@RANDOMLASTNAME_1@@
  • 1233 issue + 3: "Joshi McFly" is @@RANDOMNAME_1@@, in option 2 thus @@RANDOMLASTNAME_1@@ (likely male only, else also "@@HIS@@ finger" and "@@HE@@ exits")
  • 1219 validity: 2: Theocracy (or high religiousness at least?) while option 3 is for the others
    2. “This is what happens when you try to play God,” professes @@RANDOMNAME@@, Senior Underpope of Liturgical Purity and Inquisitions. “As it is written, you reap what you sow. These vats are vulgar abominations that undermine the sanctity of life and should be abolished! People are perfectly capable of producing children in the manner that our Creator intended. As for the existing vat-born hordes, I’m sure a little more welfare will calm the poor, misbegotten creatures down.”
  • 1235,1+2 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 1239,3 "Of course @@RANDOMFIRSTNAME_1@@"
  • 1246,2 validity: hunting (@@ANIMAL@@) is legal (cf. e.g. 169,1 or 79,1)
    1246,3 @@RANDOMNAME@@
    1246,4 Urbosa @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@
  • 1248,issue "former states@@MAN@@ of @@NAME@@. Unfortunately, due to @@HIS@@ long"
    1248,1 "@@RANDOMNAME_1@@, the states@@MAN@@" ... @@HIS@@ concerns .. whom @@HE@@ ... @@HE@@ winks
    1248,2 As @@HE@@ leaves, the aide @@HE@@ was ... people like @@RANDOMLASTNAME_1@@
    Since that stateswoman can also be a statesman, it seems all random there, sorry.
  • 1272,4 "@@RANDOMLASTNAME_1@@ was offering"
  • 1307, names and gender are random (I had both a mother and a father and a boy, but it could also be a @@BOY@@, will check -- the draft has some fixed genders that were "edited away")
  • 1309,3 has validity: Not for Vegetarian

last edit: Jan 24

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:53 am
by Trotterdam
TalAkMaChen wrote:726,3+4 validity?? Both were hidden at War Dogs XXV so besides Immigration there must be another check (low sci-advance? low intelligence? W25 has above world average in both)
My data says it's "must not have Socialism or Autarky", but that doesn't apply since War Dogs XXV has neither.

Besides, it would make more sense for the entire issue rather than just these options to not be valid for socialist nations, and my data does suggest this is likely, just obscured by rare cases of people banking the issue and answering it after they stopped qualifying for it.

Autarky doesn't seem to affect the issue at large, though, so that might be a legitimate option validity even if it's not what you were looking for.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:44 pm
by TalAkMaChen
Behold! Another nudist-only issue :)

#1304: Nothing to See [Sedgistan; ed: Candlewhisper Archive]

The Issue
Society was shocked this morning as scandalous pictures of young actress Violette @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@, fully clothed, were leaked to the press.

The Debate
1. “Young women these days are under such pressure,” sighs casting agent @@RANDOMNAME@@. “They’ll do anything for the attention. Her reputation as a wholesome young @@DEMONYM@@ lies in tatters; I don’t think we need to bring the weight of the law to bear. If Violette lies low for a while — say, four or five years — her youthful indiscretions will be forgotten, I’m sure. Then, perhaps she can resume her once-promising career.”

2. “What young Miss Violette gets up to in the privacy of her own house is her business, and hers alone,” says @@RANDOMNAME@@, quirking an eyebrow at a particularly risqué shot featuring a chunky-knit cardigan and baggy dungarees. “Do the young lass a favour, and stop these pictures from reaching the public eye. I’ll, er... deal with these ones.”

3. “Shame!” cries stony-faced priestess Una Sparrow, ringing an oversized bell in your face. “This sinner’s shame must be exposed for all to see. Parade her through @@CAPITAL@@ clothed only in her wickedness, for only then can she earn repentance. SHAME!”

Edit: Una Sparrow seems fixed, same for Violette. The option 1 speaker is random (maybe male only), while option 2 can be either gender.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:33 pm
by Jutsa

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:04 am
by TalAkMaChen
A little sad one, this new issue.

#1308: One in the Oven [Maverique; ed: Candlewhisper Archive]

The Issue

The death of three young children, who succumbed to sun stroke after being forgotten in the back seats of a poorly-ventilated vehicle, has sparked heated debate.

The Debate

1. “These parents deserve the death penalty for their negligence,” spits Charlotte Sestero, childless author of the book Perfect Parenting. “Three children died, and someone has to pay! What’s more, there should be a licence examination that people take before they’re allowed to have kids. Some people are too ignorant to be allowed to breed!”

2. “There should be consequences, but also support,” wheezes Han Barrow, Minister of State Nannying, looking close to having a heat stroke @@HIM@@self, as @@HIS@@ prodigious bulk sweats in the heat. “I suggest community service, plus bereavement counseling, and a nationwide program of heat safety promotion.”

3. “According to our studies, most of these tragedies are caused by parents who are overworked and exhausted,” says your Officer of Safety Statistics, while staring at a photo of @@HER@@ child before nodding out for a moment and waking up with a jolt. “The government should pay for childcare support, and additional paid leave for parents of school-aged children.”

[4.] “Have I got a free-market solution for you?” rhetorically questions Marjorie Gorbachev, the CEO of Clinton Motor Company. ‘’With a few government subsidies, all new vehicles could come standard with the latest safety features to alert customers when they’ve left their little rugrats behind, deliver dashboard safety tips and maybe even open the window automatically. What could go wrong?’‘

Note italics for the book title. :) Names appear random to me, but well. The draft had them random, too.

Edit: Option 4 not seen at Socialist nations, but also no Socialist alternative option of some sort :(

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:27 am
by Jutsa
Woo! Good... and, indeed, sad issue.

Congratulations to Maverique. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:53 am
by Rly8h
I found one?

The Necropolis Chronicle

Dead Tasty

The Issue
Every year, several deaths are reported in the country due to the eating of the highly poisonous, yet savoured, pufferfish.

The Debate
“It’s straight up suicide!” proclaims Wesley Herrelko, while puffing his cheeks out in exasperation. “This deadly dish claimed the life of one of my close friends, and kills diners every month! This culinary death-trap must be banned!”


“Eating this fish has been our tradition, passed down by our... grandfathers maybe...” says renowned chef Bruce Kuraoka, as he puts a pufferfish on your desk to demonstrate how easily prepared it is. “It all depends on how skilled you are. See: poison... poison... poison... tasty fish! All you need to do is to make sure all chefs go on training courses and are licensed to serve this sensory experience.”


“What’s all this commotion about? A few deaths caused by a petty fish?” questions restaurateur Nobuyoshi Wagner, who has just returned from a culinary trip to Dàguó. “There are so many scrumptious dishes out there, but most Old Ones are just too jittery to give them a go. There’s live octopus, blood clams and ackee: let’s put Older restaurants on everyone’s ‘must experience before you die’ list!”


Dismiss This Issue

Issue by Ostanasia

Edited by Baggieland

NationStates by Max Barry, author of Lexicon Jennifer Government Syrup Company Machine Man

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:10 am
by TalAkMaChen
Not new. We're at #1308 now, this is #1262.

Also, I was wondering if #158 checks for digital currency. Option 2 has somebody stealing one @@currency@@ from @@leader@@ which only makes sense when there is printed/minted money in the nation :roll:

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:51 am
by Candlewhisper Archive
TalAkMaChen wrote:Not new. We're at #1308 now, this is #1262.

Also, I was wondering if #158 checks for digital currency. Option 2 has somebody stealing one @@currency@@ from @@leader@@ which only makes sense when there is printed/minted money in the nation :roll:

It doesn't check it, good point. I'll make an amendment.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:44 am
by Rly8h
TalAkMaChen wrote:Not new. We're at #1308 now, this is #1262.

Also, I was wondering if #158 checks for digital currency. Option 2 has somebody stealing one @@currency@@ from @@leader@@ which only makes sense when there is printed/minted money in the nation :roll:

I didn't know if you had found this one's info, though, as it's not on NSIndex. Is that maintained separately? Sorry, I'm quite the noob.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:56 am
by TalAkMaChen
The NSIndex is a separate site. Here we collect all the issue texts and they are linked on the first page where Jutsa updates the list every now and then.

Apparently, NSIndex only updates on longer time scales, i.e.
Last updated: 7 October 2019, at 02:52.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:54 pm
by Trotterdam
If you really care about NSindex updating faster, you can create an account and edit it yourself.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:55 pm
by Jutsa
Possibly. I try to contribute there but atm I have no idea if it's still closed to edits or not.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 9:22 am
by Trotterdam
#1309 Give @@A@@ @@ANIMAL@@ a Bone

The Issue

As you stoop to pin a Violet Heart on the chest of a wheelchair-bound war veteran, he tugs the leash of his ex-army attack @@ANIMAL@@, and demands your attention.

The Debate

1. "It's about time we recognised the sacrifice animals have made for @@NAME@@," he grumbles. "Why, Lassie here took out six insurgents by herself, disarmed a nuclear device, and entertained the troops with cartwheels and backflips. She deserves a medal and medical care as much as any of us!"

2. "How interesting..." muses recruiting sergeant Max Glover while examining the set of gnashers on Lassie. "If one @@ANIMAL@@ can do all that, imagine what an army full of them could achieve? And no more injured soldiers to bother the press — as the saying goes, don't look a gift @@ANIMAL@@ in the mouth. Rather than waste money on old war-dogs that are too aged to fight, we should be funding more front line fighters. That can go for the humans too." He sneers disdainfully at the veteran in the wheelchair.

3. "Haven't you seen Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the @@ANIMALPLURAL@@?" cautions a sceptical aide, prodding the hindquarters of Lassie. "I don't think we want an army full of @@ANIMALPLURAL@@, but there's certainly food for thought here. Let them serve alongside soldiers, and when they've done their duty, they can serve us on one final occasion: dinner time!"

4. "@@ANIMALPLURAL@@ do enough for us already; they shouldn't be in our military," pleads Timmy Moneypenny from the accompanying media pack. "Can't we leave them in peace to do as nature intended? Rescuing children from abandoned mineshafts, throwing ropes to children on runaway rafts rapidly approaching waterfalls, and fronting up popular TV franchises. That sort of thing."

Issue by Sedgistan
Edited by Candlewhisper Archive
Names look suspicious, probably not random.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 9:40 am
by TalAkMaChen
Aww... and I'm missing the italics for the movie titles, CWA :(
This one will be funny with my War Dog nations, speaking of the "old war-dogs" in option 2 :lol:

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:52 am
by The Sapmi
I've had an issue chain idea, involving the assassination of a high-ranking political figure. Would that be a good idea? I hope it is.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:19 am
by TalAkMaChen
The Sapmi wrote:I've had an issue chain idea, involving the assassination of a high-ranking political figure. Would that be a good idea? I hope it is.

Issue ideas are best discussed in The Writers' Blog.

As for names in 1309: I had another male veteran, number 2 was another male and option 4 had another Timmy @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@. Possibly we both hit Timmy as random first name. Edit -- got another Timmy, so that first name's very likely non-random. I wonder why all characters appear to be male, though. There are nations with female-only armies around, are they not to receive that issue?

TalAkMaChen wrote:...
  • 1246,2 has some validity check, maybe about hunting being legal? Guns were not restricted in that nation, so it must be something else

Trotterdam (or others) -- you got hints what that could be? I noticed that at OptionOners.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:58 pm
by Trotterdam
TalAkMaChen wrote:Trotterdam (or others) -- you got hints what that could be? I noticed that at OptionOners.
It doesn't appear to be a visible policy. Do note, though, that there are issues which allow you to ban hunting (separately from banning guns - you can hunt with bows or use guns for something else), which might be tracked backstage even though it's not a public policy.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:31 pm
by TalAkMaChen
I think I found it, it's even still in "recent events"
1 day 12 hours ago: Following new legislation in OptionOners, the upper class have been throwing riots after hunting was recently banned.

There we go ... another hidden validity uncovered :D

edit: And another one that was there: Issue 549 sometimes hides option 3. It's not the obvious check (hidden for Atheist or Vegetarian) but something else ... anyone wants to guess, it wasn't seen at War Dogs XXIII. Maybe a too low religiousness prevented them from having that Archbishop? :o

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:31 pm
by Jutsa
Woop Woop! Go Sedge!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:44 am
by TalAkMaChen
In issue
  • 2,1 "says" instead of "said"
  • 38,4 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 43,1 changed (his -> a) in " over a morning cup of coffee"
  • 65 issue was replaced by:
    Crime and violence are increasing across @@NAME@@; the people are crying out for some degree of order. Maybe martial law could work?

    65,1 "off @@HIS@@ back"
  • 96, reported are: options 1,3,4,5 missing option 2 (variant of??)
    UPDATE :96,2 [validity: No cars while 96,1: has cars]
    “We need this water to raise our crops,” says incensed farmer @@RANDOMNAME@@. “If it wasn’t for us farmers, the rest of @@NAME@@ would be starving. How about laying the blame where it belongs, and look to those cookie cutter suburban houses with their green lawns and pristinely-washed fancy carriages!”

    96,4 "environmental group Leave Nature Alone." in italics
  • 105,3 changed to "claims @@RANDOMNAME@@, a notorious lawyer."
  • 108,1 change: " says FamilyCorp. Representative ‘Fat Tony’, sipping a glass of fine wine." (no @@RANDOMNAME@@ anymore)
  • 124,1 changed: "The @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ economy must be kept within @@NAME@@!” "
  • 128,issue changed to "expressed their outrage in protests outside parliament." (no @@NAME@@ anymore)
    128,3 it's @@CAPITAL@@ University, not @@NAME@@
  • 158,2 changed: "while thieving a pen from your pocket." (this was changed due to some nations having digital currency)
  • 199,2 changed: "a shifty-looking advisor of yours whose eyes are too close together."
  • 204,1 add "and" here: "grants for medical students, and give more funding"
    204 Option 2 missing! [listed are 1,3,4]
  • 227,3 [No prison variant of option 2]
    "What is it with parents making society discipline their children because they don't want to?" asks @@RANDOMNAME@@, a schoolteacher. "These wishy-washy parents are to blame for their kids' misdemeanours! It is the parents who should be held responsible and be fined- no, even better, arrested and forced to attend parenting classes!"
    (taken from NSindex)
  • 231,1 "especially Plasmodium falciparum," in italics
  • 268,2 validity 1/2? Something about contraception?
    2. “This is insane!” says social worker @@RANDOMFEMALENAME@@, struggling to hold three babies in her lap. “Whose smart idea was it to allow mothers to simply drop off their newborns like last night’s stale pizza? These guys over at the Capitol don’t know how much work it takes to get these kids into the system and to take care of them, let alone how difficult it is to actually get them adopted! We simply can’t do it. If this keeps up, don’t be surprised if those babies sit in drop-boxes for days or forever.” After handing over a baby to you, the social worker gives one final piece of advice. “Parents need to accept responsibility. It’s not the state’s job to raise children. At least, it shouldn’t be. Until these types of laws are repealed, enjoy the baby!”
  • 273,2 Headmaster changed to Principal
  • 278, issue first part changed to "A hurricane recently devastated island chains under the aegis of @@NAME@@, causing billions of @@CURRENCYPLURAL@@ in damage and displacing millions of citizens."
  • 308,3 validity: not at Socialist
  • 323,2 name changed to Marcus Sugarmountain
  • 333,1 and 2 are the same wording. No clue about validity yet :(
  • 335,1 changed to "I need to watch p— I mean... "
  • 341,1 changed:
    “She’s only t-t-three years old!” sobs the lost girl’s mother. “She’ll never make it out there in the wilderness all alone. She’s going to d- d- d-” Her husband steps in as she breaks down in tears: “Please, you have to do something! There aren’t enough rescue workers out there. You need to hire more or divert them from other areas or something! What’s more important than a child’s safety?”
  • 345,1 changed to "“Something has to be done,” demands @@NAME@@ City Hall staffer @@RANDOMNAME@@."
  • 366,2 has changed drastically: there are 4 options, still, but different .. ohmy
    Option 1: unchanged
    Option 2: replaced by listed Option 3
    Option 3: replaced by listed Option 4 [Validity: No Conscription]
    Option 4: [Validity: Conscription]
    “Why do we celebrate and glorify warmongering by raising these conquistadors above everyone else?” questions @@RANDOMNAME@@, an anti-war protester outside the gates of your office building. “These medals and uniforms only exist to exert dominance and fear over the masses. The military claim these medals are rewards, but they are actually trophies declaring to the world how many innocent civilians their brainwashed killers massacred. We should do away with our armed forces, abolish the draft and imprison those who volunteered to supposedly kill in the name of @@NAME@@.”
  • 381,1 wrong quotes: "this ‘don’t murder’ concept" (or single quote, but not double quotes)
    381,2 changed: As for this kid, lock him up!”
    381,3 changed: "muses a major religion representative @@RANDOMNAME@@ while proselytizing to your staff." (maybe ... a @@FAITH@@ representative ..? I got it before setting was possible, i.e. at a new nation)
  • 383,4 "It's like a little @@ANIMAL@@", not NAME
  • 393,3 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 423,issue changed: ...fight on the side of their fellow believers, and are now returning home.
    423,1 changed: ... You’ve got to detain all of these returnees for interrogation, until ...
  • 442,3 changed "roasting a chunk of something indeterminate and meaty over a makeshift fire." (cf. here)
  • 443,2 changed: With the commanding heights under government control, we don't have to worry about capital flight the next time recession looms.
  • 456,3 name is fixed "Dean James"
  • 461,5 has a @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 508, 1 changed: "queries sociology professor @@RANDOMMALENAME@@ casually stroking his beard."
  • 519, issue changed: After students at a school revolted and attempted to secede from @@NAME@@, leading to a three-day siege that was, thankfully, peacefully resolved, educators and parents from across the nation have called for something to be done about discipline in schools.
    519,1 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 531,1 found (validities: 1: no-prison, 2: prison, 3: all)
    1. “His Royal Highness weighs a modest 100 kilograms, not 200 like that @@NAME@@-hating swine claims!” spits court photographer @@RANDOMNAME@@. “And the Crown Prince’s eleventh finger and atypical jaw add character! It’s right and proper that traitors like that newscaster be tied to a chair and reconditioned into loyalty till he hums the national anthem in his sleep! The Royal Family deserves everyone’s respect, because an attack on the dignity of the monarchy is an attack on the dignity of the state. For the good of the @@TYPE@@, our reigning dynasty must be protected from all slander, even if said slander is technically true.”
  • 590,5
    “Talk about missing the point!” coaxes @@RANDOMNAME@@, known biophobe and six-times winner of the State Lumberjack Championships. “The rising percentage of people dying in the wilderness is proof that man and nature were never made to interact beyond the shaft of an axe or a shov…” he pauses mid-sentence, face turning wan and frozen at the sight of your potted plant. After regaining his composure, he continues in a high-pitched voice: “Eh, where was I… Yes, that’s it! Abolish all green regulations and spending, and allow the eager lumberjacks and miners of @@NAME@@ to access forest and field so we can fight back and civilize the environment! Trees will always grow back, and surely the hippies at the Ministry of Environmental Affairs can’t demonize a few subterranean rocks being removed?”
    (Socialist variant of option 4)
  • 603,3 has a @@RANDOMNAME@@, and also "As the closing statement of @@HIS@@ argument, @@HE@@ collapses sobbing.."
  • 625,3 "I call it Operation: Ironic Takedown." in italics
    625,7 "Are those all V12 Maxati Baryons? The " in italics
  • 627,1 I believe it is @@NAME@@ instead of @@CAPITAL@@ there. For new nations the capital is "@@NAME@@ City", right? I just had @@NAME@@ there.
    627,5 (just the numbering, it's 4+5, not 4+4)
  • 629,issue "the Hooter Holster, " in italics
    629,3 " author of Chicken Soup for the Schlong," in italics
  • 660,issue "department stores: Greys Brothers." in italics
    660,1 "at the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Department," in italics
    660,2 "calling out ‘I’m freeeee!’ on" in italics
    660,3 " In fact, if these customers don’t meet my standards" in italics
  • 695,1 "He then takes out his phone" both marcos @@HE@@ and @@HIS@@ (or it's always male, no clue)
  • 746,5: only seen if nation has chosen 743,4
  • 748,4 name is fixed as Walter Lee (cf. #740,1 -- the same driver)
  • 765 does not have the "smoking/no smoking" split anymore. Both have the monocle variant now.
  • 781 options 3 and 4 are exchanged (and the no-capital variant is for "@@CAPITAL@@ field is not unlocked/set", which can be tested by removing the name and reloading the issue :) )
  • 782,4 validity: must have internet
  • 784,3 "Let’s have gas, hybrid, and electric cars." in italics
  • 788,5: validity: No Juries (I assume by the text)
    5. “All of you are ignoring the big picture!” exclaims Judas Elgar, a legal consultant. “This clearly indicates that our judicial system is in need of a major overhaul. If we allow juries again, judicial oversight would be a thing of the past, and malicious malefactors like him would receive a fair trial and wouldn’t be knocking upon your door and threatening you in the hot light of morning.”
  • 832,1 2Many_Big_Nosed_Bigtopians in italics and all names @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 854,1 is a @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 874,2 "I read in Peeps Magazine that" in italics
  • 886,1 issue: "TV show @@ANIMAL@@ the Bounty Hunter was" in italics
    886,3 "catch me - I mean - those criminals." also in italics
  • 888,2 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 898,1 "as @@HE@@ struggles ... onto @@HIS@@ own"
  • 916,4 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 938,3 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 940,3 "@@HE@@ whispers"
  • 943,3 "pressure group Real Love is Infinite." and "and that the good men are never taken." both in italics
  • 983,1+2 @@RANDOMNAME@@
  • 993,1 "That is to say, these potentially life-saving treatments" in italics
  • 1037,1 " one thousand commissions" -> @@CURRENCYPLURAL@@
  • 1045,1 @@HIS@@ neckerchief
  • 1050,issue has @@CAPITAL@@ instead of @@NAME@@
    1050,1+2+3 @@RANDOMNAME@@
    1050,3 "a warden at the @@CAPITAL@@ Correctional Facility"
  • 1055,3 General @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@
  • 1075, 2/3 validity: Has/Does not have Immiration (slight wording difference: "weird refugess" vs. "weird people") -- listed options 3+4 shift by 1 to 4+5
    1075,3 “Yeah, that sounds great and all, except for the part where you expect me to go farming,” complains your secretary while undergoing an extensive pedicure procedure. “Why can’t you let in some of those weird people that are just hanging around the border? They could do the farming for us! They already smell, and I’m sure they’ll be glad of the work!”
  • 1104,1 is not "encourage Flanderlionians" but "encourage @@DEMONYMPLURAL@@"
  • 1132,3 General @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@
  • 1169,3 has the name: @@RANDOMFIRSTNAME@@ @@ANIMAL@@
  • 1193,4 "as @@HE@@ hangs a" (as suspected, gender is also random)
  • 1207,3 it is “Mea culpa, I broke the rules,” not @@LEADER@@
  • 1246, all: names are Mipha/Revali/Daruk/Urbosa @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@
    Funny enough, my Urbosa in opt 4 was a female ("as she herds..")
  • 1283,1 "Paper @@ANIMAL@@"
  • 1284,3 "Not only that, but if anything ever goes wrong" in italics
  • 1306,4+5 validity: 4: has Immigration, 5: does not have Immigration
    “We’ve got a brainpower outage, it seems,” states Deputy Minister of Immigration @@RANDOMNAME@@. “Perhaps the addition of skilled, foreign labor is just what we need. We should maximize our appeal from an immigration standpoint. Let’s offer prospective math teachers lenient visa requirements, generous living accommodations, access to government transportation, and extensive financial benefits nobody could refuse. It’d obviously get pricey, but we’re doing it for our kids, right?”

last added: Apr 2