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Postby Dexterra » Mon Nov 22, 2021 4:06 pm

Issue #1493: Bully Beef

The Issue

Video footage has leaked from a @@DEMONYM@@ livestock carrier bound for Tasmania, depicting distressed cattle suffering from extreme heat in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Pressure is now mounting from all corners to reform the live animal export industry.

The Debate
1.“I just got off the phone with Maxtopia,” grumbles your Minister for Foreign Affairs. “Actually, it’s the eighth call I’ve taken this morning. The world officially thinks we’re a bunch of sadistic, inhumane tormentors. It’s about time we beefed up our live export standards, with better conditions for animals, limits on the amount of livestock per boat and tough penalties for non-compliance. Unless you want to get grilled by the international community, we need to respond decisively here — our reputation is at stake!”

2. “Ahoy!” cheerfully bellows deckhand Edmund Targaryen, tearing at a delectable strip of jerky. “No need t’ worry matey — the cows on me boat are as cool and calm as the high seas! And haven’t ya heard? Cows are like penguins — they love huddlin’ up for warmth. Besides, ev’rybody knows that meat is more tender if the cows don’ move around. If anythin’, ya should be lettin’ us stack ‘em three high!”

3. “There’s a financial consideration to this too, you know,” interjects bespectacled customs official Kathryn Cesternino, barely glancing up from counting crates of borlottis. “We could do away with the whole distraction of ethical questions if we prohibited export of livestock. Instead, a focus on processing the goods domestically would provide a real opportunity to add value to the product. It’d require investment in infrastructure, but with a little seed funding, we could make a real killing.”

Authored by The Caspian Commonwealth of Dabarastan and The Benevolent Church of Jim the Baptist, ed. Sedgistan

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Postby Trotterdam » Mon Nov 22, 2021 4:20 pm

Rocain Founder wrote:This is in accordance with Trotterdam's opinion, stated right after the post cited above, that Capital Punishment has nothing to do with which option is presented to the user.
To clarify, this isn't actually what I meant. My methodology can't distinguish between different options with the same effect line, so all my data can confirm is that either there isn't a Capital Punishment-based validity on any of the options, or there is, but a nation will always get one or the other and they have the same effect line.

Of course, with your own confirmation of having received option 2 on a non-capital-punishing nation, this is now moot point.

Rocain Founder wrote:I also note that, according to Trotterdam's web site, option 2 never adds the Capital Punishment policy, which I find rather mysterious.
Well, if your original guess about option 2 only appearing on nations that already having Capital Punishment were right, then this would be unsurprising. But apparently it wasn't.

Rocain Founder wrote:Maybe the fact that this option proposes an extra-judicial killing means that it is not considered to introduce Capital Punishment.
That would make sense.

The "Not being able to prove wrongdoing has never stopped us enforcing the law in the past." line makes me wonder if it might have something to do with Corruption? This is not something I can test.

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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:00 am

I did say I will get to it, but yeah, sorry for the delay! I will be doing it on Friday. ^^;

Work's been busy.

Issues Thread 4th in Gen Sec

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Postby Rocain Founder » Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:33 am

That golden-oldie issue #4 has a third option, a variant of option 2. The issue was received this morning by my puppet Cain O-N Dp v1, with no option 2 and option 3 instead. Here is the text of the option, with the difference from the spoiled option 2 underlined.

3. “This is a catastrophe waiting to happen,” says the Chamber of Commerce. “Think of the consequences! Without big business, where do the jobs come from? Where do we get our medicine? Our electronics? Our latest fashions? There are dozens of useless regulations the government could abolish today to make life easier for commerce, and it’s high time they did.”

The replacement of "cars" by "electronics" makes it obvious that this variant is intended for nations which have banned cars (such as Cain O-N Dp v1).


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