What does NOT belong in the "Got Issues?" Forum.

A place to spoil daily issues for those who haven't had them yet, snigger at typos, and discuss ideas for new ones.
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What does NOT belong in the "Got Issues?" Forum.

Postby Katganistan » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:50 pm

Got Issues? is a forum ONLY for discussion about the daily questions your nation gets. This forum is meant to discuss those questions, discuss the creation of new questions, and the validity (and listing) of old issues.

    * Technical problems -- "Why is this not working?" or "How do I...?" or, "The forums are messing up and here's the error message I got!"Technical problems go in the Technical Forum.
    * Gripes about Gameplay -- "Why did my region just get invaded!" The Gameplay forum is your friend.
    * Personal Problems -- "I hate my next door neighbor...." I hear LiveJournal or Blogspot are good places for this.
    * Gripes about Other Players -- "That Playah1 is a pain in the butt!" If he's breaking the rules, you need to report it in the Moderation forum. Unless he's breaking rules re: invading and Regional Messageboards: then it belongs in The Getting Help Page.
    * Gripes about Moderation/Administration -- We know you may not agree with us. Come tell us in the Moderation Forum.
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