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[SCRAPPED] @@NAME@@ Dead Crisis!

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2024 8:26 am
by Bowmanium Commonwealth
Another attempt at the whole issue-making fiasco. Hopefully this hasn't been done before (I combed quite thoroughly this time, I believe)!

@@NAME@@ Dead Crisis!

Not valid for nations who have banned the use of cemeteries and burial sites.

Issue Description
Bodies are beginning to pile up as every graveyard in @@CAPITAL@@ claims to have no room left for additional cadavers.

Option 1
"The solution is simple," suggests @@RANDOM_NAME@@, overseer of @@ANIMAL@@ Cemetery. "Out with the old, in with the new. Simple as that. Dig up the old fossils taking up space in our cemeteries and replace them. Nobody's gonna fuss over the disappearance of a few four-hundred-year-old boxes anyways."

Effect: Nobody knows where to rebury old bones.

Option 2
"This would've never happened in the first place if we just did it the natural way!" argues your Minister of Subterranean Affairs, @@RANDOM_NAME@@, who is covered head-to-toe in soil and moss. "Caskets take up so much wasted space, not to mention cost a fortunate! Let's just bury people as they are and let nature take its course."

Effect: @@LEADER@@'s front yard is the favorited place to kick the bucket.

Option 3
"This is a waste," huffs urban developer @@RANDOM_NAME@@, sliding a a piece of paper across your desk. "Just sign here and I'll refurbish these wastes of valuable real-estate and turn it into affordable housing for the living. As for the dead, send them to the crematories; problem solved."

Effect: An urn a day keeps the urban developers at bay.

Option 4
"The real waste is what we're not taking for ourselves," proposes @@RANDOM_NAME@@, your Minister of Creative Solutions. "Do you know how many people would steal for a pair of kidneys? Just take what we need and let the families decide what to do with their deceased loved ones afterwards." [Requires that organ harvesting be not compulsory]

Effect: Black market operatives protest that falling organ prices are bad for business.

Option 5
"There is another way..." offers CONSULTANT #5, an artificially constructed office staff. "Freeze corpses in vats of liquid nitrogen until their bio-matter can be uploaded to the cloud and their bodies refurbished into bio-mechanical robots. An immortal future is near, @@LEADER@@." [Requires that AI constructions are considered citizens]

Effect: Politicians agree that cyborgs are the future.

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2024 3:56 am
by Kaschovia
I believe #140: A Grave Problem overlaps almost completely with the premise of this draft. Perhaps try and look for a new angle on the issue, or even explore what might happen in the case that any of #140's options are chosen.

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2024 9:19 am
by Bowmanium Commonwealth
How did I not see that issue!!

I'm mostly frustrated with myself at this point, oh well. I appreciate the feedback and I do like the idea of expanding on one of the issues, so I think I may do that! Cremation in particular doesn't look like an issue tackled explicitly too much, so that may be a good direction.

Thank you! I'll scrap this issue and write a new one that hopefully doesn't overlap.