[Draft] @@NAME@@ House of Horror

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[Draft] @@NAME@@ House of Horror

Postby Verdant Haven » Thu Mar 30, 2023 7:59 am

Been sitting on this one for a *long* time - finally going to put it out for public comment and drafting.

(Inspired by Nigeria's 2014 Ibadan Forest of Horror incident)

[TITLE] @@NAME@@ House of Horror

[DESCRIPTION] Ever since outlawing human sacrifice, whispers have circulated that the practice didn't truly stop – it just moved underground. The rescue of a handful of traumatized kidnapping victims from a dilapidated shack on the outskirts of @@NAME@@ has given those stories the unwelcome ring of truth.

[VALIDITY] Nations that formerly permitted human sacrifice, but no longer do. Has courts. Some corruption present.

[OPTION 1] "What they did to people there... they treated us like livestock!" recounts @@random_name()@@, the only victim so far willing to speak about their experience. "The room was covered in blood, with dismembered limbs lying all about. Influential @@PLURALDEMONYMNOUN@@, even local officials came, paying to have us mutilated and killed for their rituals. You need to launch a top to bottom purge of the government, exposing and removing any monster who holds to the old way, and instituting special courts to prosecute their deviance!"

[EFFECT 1] ultimate spiritual authority is vested in the courts

[OPTION 2] "That sounds awfully expensive, not to mention intrusive," insinuates @@random_name()@@, a local councilmember for the area where the abductions occurred, who seems to be specked with blood. "I'll speak with some of my fellow officials, and we'll conduct this investigation for you. I'm sure we can accurately identify the correct perpetrators, and see to it that they are suitably punished. I suggest removing their tongues, so they can't make any accus... can't... corrupt others to their ways."

[EFFECT 2] prosecution witnesses can offer only wide-eyed silence

[OPTION 3] "You can't change beliefs with laws, and you can't change beliefs with force. Instead, you need to provide time, and an alternative!" declares fortune-teller '@@random_firstname()@@ the Mystic,' emerging with a flourish from behind a curtain. "People relied on sacrifices to commune with higher powers and give them omens. If you fund a low-key campaign to promote the healing power of crystals and the mysterious nature of magnets, people will naturally drift towards this new, bloodless solution."

[EFFECT 3] the government asks murderers to maybe not kill people for a change
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