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[DRAFT] Put That in Your Pipe

PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2022 12:16 pm
by Candlewhisper Archive
Seemingly obvious given the current Ukraine crisis, but I couldn't find any existing issue about where nations get their gas from, and at some stage in the past it must have seemed entirely reasonable for Germany to be excited to getting more gas from Russia.

Put That in Your Pipe

capitalism, not autarky

Blackacre, an autocratic nation often politically hostile to your nation in its rhetoric, is suggesting it fund the construction of an international pipeline to @@NAME@@, in order to sell you temptingly cheap oil and gas.

"Despite the global drive towards zero carbon, the truth is that industry still needs a lot of gas and oil to prosper," mansplains your Minister of Trade. "Bricks, roads, paper, food processing... you name an industry, they need this stuff. Increasing supplies will drive down costs, control inflation and give the economy a serious boost. Plus, in building closer links with a historic rival we'll start to warm those frosty relations, and likely our own values will make their way to Blackacre as our ties grow closer, making for a more peaceful and harmonious world. What's the downside?"

the price of tyranny is less than 50 @@currency@@ per barrel

b]OPTION 2[/b]
"The downside is that Blackacre is monstrous!" yells Ozna Kzopal, former president of Mireenstapor, a nation destroyed by Blackacre's expansionist conquests. "This brutish nation uses oil and gas to fund wars of conquest across the planet, and by feeding their war chest you will become morally complicit. You should not only refuse this pipeline, you should also be banning all imports from Blackacre until they become a civilised nation."

families that can't afford to turn on the heating are told to bask in the warmth of self-righteousness

"Maybe we shouldn't be so dependent on carbon generally," suggests environmentalist Noah Lottanuffin. "I mean, do we need bricks and tarmac really? Our ancestors did fine with buildings made of wood and loose rocks, and with simpler paths and tracks. That's not to say environmentalism means primitivism -- with modern ideas, there's quite a lot you can do with plant fibres and renewable resources. The time has come to phase out fossil fuel dependency, and to return to a sustainable and more environmentally balanced way of living."

there are highs and lows to a hemp-based lifestyle

"Look, we can easily live without imported fossil fuels while also maintaining modern lifestyles," proposes Kim Jungle, a small man who is playing with some toy rockets. "My dad once told me about this 'Jucheism' where you put self-reliance and autarky ahead of the supposed economic benefits of international trade. It might mean the average citizen will have to get used to living without some of the luxuries of more decadent countries, but you make us proud and independent, and the people will love you for it, even if we have to force them to."

when people are asked what it's like to live in an autarkic state they say they can't complain