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[DRAFT] Under Lock and Key

PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 9:00 am
by United States of Weebs
[title] Under Lock and Key

[validity] Invalid for nations that have prisons.

[description] A large group of concerned citizens going by "The Locksmiths" has been bringing up problems with crime over the past couple of days, presumably due to criminals being let free after being initially captured. Their proposed solution? Bring back prisons. In order to settle this matter, your advisor has arranged to have a meeting concerning the issue.

[option1] "We need prisons to get this @@NATION@@ back into shape!" Proclaims @@RANDOMNAME@@, a Locksmith representative, while pushing bast your guards, who are unsure whether to arrest them or not. "The purpose of prisons is to lock away and rehabilitate these criminals, and although it'll increase taxes, everybody will thank you for making this nation a safer place."
[effect1] orange jumpsuits are back in style

[option2] "Can you stop your whining?" Says Joe Pesos from across the room, who owns a large part of the nation's @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ Industry. "Reinstating prisons is horrible for the economy! Just think of the taxes, it'll cripple the entire economy!" he says concernedly. "I have a better idea: How about everything is a fine? The government benefits from all the money made, and the people benefit from not having to pay taxes for these prisons. It's simply the best option." He lights a cigar made out of rolled-up @@CURRENCY@@ as he finishes his point.
[effect2] human lives are apparently worth around 10,000,000 @@CURRENCY@@

[option3] "Y'all have got the wrong idea," says a voice in the corner with a southern accent, as he spits into a conveniently placed spitoon. "We need 'ta get rid of that "court" thing along with prisons. Then, we can just kill criminals on sight for a reward! It'll be just like the good 'ol wild west, and it'll take a heck of a burden off our sheriffs."
[effect3] slams followed by "Objection" are against the law
[validity3] Invalid for nations without a court system.

[option4] "All of you people are overlooking a quick and easy idea." Grunts @@RANDOMNAME@@, a strong believer in using the belt of discipline @@HIS@@ children. "Everyone who breaks the law gets a quick physical punishment. Nobody wants to feel pain, so crime will drop. It's simple, but it's worked for me."
[effect4] police slap citizens for speeding
[validity4] Invalid for nations with Corporal Punishment.

[option5] "I have an idea a better idea." Says Intern @@RANDOMNAME@@, who happened to be passing by in the hall. "Why don't we just remove laws altogether? It may cause a little chaos, but a 0% crime rate would look pretty good for us."
[effect5] laws have become just vague suggestions

This is my first time making a draft, and my first time on the forums, so any and all advice is appreciated.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:14 pm
by Kors
Already an issue too similar to this.