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[DRAFT] All Beards Created Equal?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2021 8:14 pm
by Amishire
Title: All Beards Created Equal? I need help with the validity and result for the 1st option. Also the result of the 3rd, and a possible synonym for baroque or maybe not?
[desc.] As you stroll past the @@NAME@@ City expo center, which hosts @@NAME@@’s Annual National Baroque (or other word meaning fancy??) Beard Competition, an argument outside the doors catches your attention.

Validity: all nations

1.“Leader!” says prominent Priest @@RANDOMMALENAME@@, decked out in his traditional religious garb and sporting a thick, grey beard. “This abomination of a contest corrupts the sanctity of our holy facial hair. All beard styling must be banned at once and all men must be required to grow the sacred beard of our religion.” Requirements: no compulsory atheism? Theocracy?
Result: men who can’t grow a full beard are essentially boys. Adds policy theocracy?

2.“Beards are disgusting and honestly a violation of our health and safety!” screams a woman. “Also, most women and some men can’t grow them! Clearly, they are a symbol of dominance over the rest of us by the elite males! Please, my brothers and sisters at the Clean Shave society ask you to ban all beards!”
Result: illicit sellers of toy stick-on mustaches join the black market stage

3. A man with a beard styled into a surprisingly realistic @@ANIMAL@@ exits the expo center. “Leader!” he exclaims. “The Baroque Beard Competition is amazing! It’s not seeing enough publicity though. You should go see it and publicly endorse it so NAME may know about it. @@MOTTO@@.”

4. A short, muscular, heavily bearded man turns out to be a woman, upon second glance. “You should endorse beards, but that’s not going far enough. Too long bearded women have been shunned by society. It’s time we were seen in a positive light. You should encourage this by making all your female family members and associates wear beards, or even better, grow them!”
Result: other nations believe that there are no female @@DENONYMPLURAL@@, and @@DENONYMPLURAL@@ just sprout out of holes in the ground

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:34 am
by Amishire

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:27 am
by Steelfeather Rapture 1
Something about this issue strikes me as subtly nasty, but ignoring that sense for politeness' sake... You know those beards from ancient Egypt where a straight and laced-up beard was used? Try adding something about that for a truly unusual reference that might be worth some +Culture points. I'm not aware of any other Earthly culture having ever done anything like that, though complicated laced beards have shown up in fiction about dwarves occasionally as well.